Justin Bieber Ice Sculpture: Pretty Cool, Right?

by in Behind the Scenes, News, March 3rd, 2011

Justin Bieber ice sculpture by Ice Brigades
Ice Brigade ice sculptor extraordinaire Randy Finch chills out with his Justin Bieber ice sculpture.

Baby, baby oh: Ice sculptor Randy Finch, star of Ice Brigade, chips away at massive blocks of ice with cool tools and an artist’s hand. His latest subject? Pop star rock star teen star everywhere Justin Bieber. Happy 17th Birthday, Justin! Nice haircut, Biebs. Up next: Selena Gomez. Maybe. Never Say Never.

Tonight at 10 pm ET, watch as Randy and his crew head to Michigan to design an entire lounge–complete with a working bar, sushi station and pool table. Cool stuff.

What celebrity would you most like to see as an ice sculpture?

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  1. jocuri says:

    In a couple of terrible secs, teenager idol Justin Bieber created his legal representative Roy Black's job a heck of very much harder.

    Bieber, who was pulled over by the police in Miami Beach on Thursday for drunken driving, resisting police arrest and driving a vehicle without a genuine license, decided it would be wise to spill his bravery to the Miami Beach Police Unit.

    According to Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez, through his police arrest, Bieber "made certain statements that he had drank some alcoholic beverages, as well as he had been smoking marijuana and utilized a few prescription medication," before being behind the wheel of a yellowish Lamborghini.

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