Cupcake Wars: 170 Cupcakes and Counting

by in Shows, March 16th, 2011
Candace and her cupcake wars colleagues, fellow judge Florian Bellanger and host Justin Willman.

Whew! What a season! Let’s see… 13 episodes, 13 cupcakes per episode. Then throw in a few more tastings after giving comments…that’s over 170 cupcakes tasted in Season Two of Cupcake Wars. By the way, did anyone notice I was pregnant? Seven-and-a-half months pregnant, to be exact. You’d better believe my little baby is going to have a passion for cupcakes!

And what a range of cupcakes I tasted. Everything from the standard red velvet to an exotic oxtail cupcake. We had pros like Hollis and Chloe return, and they baked cupcakes that made Florian and I swoon. And then there were first-timers who got spooked by the clock (remember the unfrosted vanilla cupcake?). Don’t forget the cupcake that never even showed up on the table… our first disqualification ever.

Season Two of Cupcake Wars was full of drama, surprises and wonderful creations. As we gear up for Season Three, I can only expect our contestants to be more prepared and more driven to win. But…how many more times are we going to see bakers get tripped up by kiwi? My best advice for the next batch of contestants: Do your homework and learn what we judges do and don’t like!

I can’t wait to see everyone for new episodes this summer. Until then… stay sweet….keep baking… and keep eating cupcakes. XO, Candace

Craving more Cupcake Wars? Check out behind-the-scenes videos and try your hand at winning cupcake recipes from Season Two.

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Comments (8)

  1. M. Cox says:

    I am a huge fan of your show. Why are the bakers/contestants allowed to let their long hair fling all over the place? I think they should either pull it back or wear a hair net.

  2. J. Hurt says:

    I watched one of the episodes where judge Florian stated that isomalt was inedible and will make you sick. I don't know much about isomalt so i did some searching and found that in huge quantities it can go through you but it is completely safe to eat. Why did he state that if it wasn't true. That contestant was cut and i feel some had to do with that statement.

    • letter says:

      J. Hurt, that's completely untrue. I watched that same episode, and Florian's exact words were "It's not edible, but it won't make you sick, it's just not edible".

      I mean, I know he has a foreign accent, but to hear the exact opposite of what he says it a bit ridiculous.

  3. R. Denton says:

    The contestants are fantastic! The only actual talent on the program. The guest judges are ok. The regular host and judges are ridiculous. Candace is a snot and should be thankful to even have a job, nobody can understand Florian and his equally snotty remarks and the host is the worst. I would watch the show more if they changed the line up/hosts. In fact they should do auditions for it and replace those people.

  4. M.Miller says:

    I always wonder the same thing, Cox! So many women go on the show with long, loose hair and it makes me cringe to watch them bake. It also decreases the credibility of the show as a serious event when such a basic kitchen practice is ignored. Despite that one issue, Cupcake Wars is definitely my favorite Food Network show! :]

  5. emugsy says:

    Candace, My daughter and I love to bake and we watch the show all the time!! I would love to see a cupcake wars for mother/daughter bakers!!! We're not professionals but we have created some crazy cupcakes :)

  6. Jackie says:

    you should totally do a cupcake wars themed "candace's baby shower"!!!!

  7. Linda says:

    My best friend and I are avid watchers of Cupcake Wars and enjoy discussing the show afterwards. One question, however, which has been bugging us is: "what happens to the 2nd place contestant's 1000 cupcakes"? That is a lot of cupcakes to just throw away. Anyone out there know???

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