Why Bake Homemade Brownies?

by in Holidays, Recipes, February 16th, 2011
Outrageous Brownies
Bake Ina's Outrageous Brownies for the ultimate share-able sweet.

Sure, lots of brownie mixes are good, especially when dolled up with special touches. (Paula, Giada and the Neelys all have short-cut, dressed-up mix recipes.) So why bother baking from-scratch, homemade brownies – measuring, melting and mixing with precision? Your brownies will be different. . . in a good way. Just browse recipes and start making choices: cakey or fudgy, bittersweet or semi-sweet, melted bars or cocoa powder, nuts or no nuts, chips or no chips? In a crowd of boxed brownie taste-memories, yours will stand out from the crowd. So get baking!

Outrageous Brownies
No need to halve a brownie recipe -- leftovers travel well and are always appreciated.

Our Top Brownie Recipes:

  • Ina’s Outrageous Brownies (pictured above)
  • Alton’s Cocoa Brownies
  • Smore Brownies
  • Ina’s Peanut Swirl Brownies
  • Ellie’s Slimmed-Down Brownies
  • Nigella’s Triple Chocolate Brownies
  • Bobby’s Peanut Butter Caramel Swirled Brownies
  • Short-Cut Brownies:

  • Paula’s Toffee Brownies
  • Chocolate Brownie Crunch
  • Giada’s Espresso Brownies
  • What’s your favorite brownie recipe?

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    Comments (8)

    1. Fran says:

      I love making homemade brownies with my children, and I have a very easy recipe for brownies. It seems like just as much work to make them from a box. Either way, brownies still warm from the oven are so delicious!

    2. Rosemary says:

      Thanks…I needed inspiration for a chocolate dessert to take to a social gathering tomorrow. Homemade brownies here I come!!

    3. bdreamer says:

      idk, i really like the ghirardelli mix!

    4. The Jr. Chef says:

      Great blog with tasty pictures! The brownies are making my mouth water. :-D Please check out my blog pickyeatersolutions.blogspot.com, I am just starting out and could use a few pointers. Thanks! :-D

    5. Dorthey says:

      You cannot compare brownies from scratch to those from a mix! Regardless of how good a mix brownie may seem, you are really comparing apples to oranges. In a blind taste test scratch beats the best mix every time!! It is so worth the effort! You don't know what you are missing.! Impress your family & friends. The extra effort = love which is the perfect secret ingreident to any recipe.

    6. Nicole says:

      Just the other day, I felt like eating brownies and didn't have any mix on hand. So I browsed the foodnetwork recipe collection and realized I had all the ingredients in my kitchen. I followed Alton's brownie recipe and they were so good and so easy to make. I knew exactly what each ingredient was as opposed to some un-pronouce-able, preservative filled ingredient X. My family was so impressed they "wolfed" down an entire tray of brownies that evening. They think I am amazing for making them homeade brownies. With props like that, I will never do the box thing again.

    7. Linda says:

      Hi, Pat and Gina Neely, I love you guys, you guys are so funny and yall work so great together but why do you guys only have one show now, instead of three????? That is not fair to me and anyone who watches you guys….. Please come back on the air three times unless you guys are on vacation then I understand….. Love You Guys see you soon on TV…. Linda@ Basketsofjoy2006@yahoo.com

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