Worst Cooks, Episode 5: He Said, She Said

by in Shows, January 31st, 2011
NFL star and food enthusiast Kris Jenkins wasn't a fan of the game-day fare prepared by Kelly and Jen.

After each elimination on Worst Cooks in America this season, chefs Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine share their candid impressions of the booted recruits with the FN Dish. This week, they bid farewell to Kelly from Robert’s Team and Jen from Anne’s Team.

Assigned to make both potato pancakes and corn cakes, Jen was in "pancake hell."

Anne on Jen: That party challenge, every time, is a tough day. That’s the one on the first season where Jenny Cross had her big crash and meltdown; and that’s the one when I cried. Jen came in and she would start off really well in the challenges, and then she’d take a big fat nose-dive. She had no confidence, and she didn’t seem very happy. She’s a surgical nurse. I would always say to her, “I want to see happy Jen. I want to see strong, confident Jen.” And I think towards the end, she had a little bit of fun with it. By the end, when she left, she told me, “thank you, you made happy Jen reappear.” She wrote me a really sweet card with a picture of her family. She was really sweet and it was hard to send her home. She started to peek open but she never could let herself go to get there. She couldn’t deal with the pressure of it. I bet she handles stress fantastically in the operating room. This [cooking] is like surgery; you have to learn how to do it. And here we are, giving you an opportunity to learn how to do it.

Kelly feared cooking meat, but in the end she went home for her vegetarian black-bean fritters.

Robert on Kelly: Kelly wouldn’t touch meat because animals are her friends. She kept calling them her friends: “I don’t want to eat my friends.” But she butchered the chicken and actually did a really good job with it. She started to do better. In the Game Day Challenge, Kelly added too much liquid to a black bean fritter and they wouldn’t fry because they were so soft; they were so wet. She didn’t season one thing. She couldn’t put out enough food. Neither did Ty, but all the football players liked his food, so that’s what saved him.

See what Kelly and Jen are up to in their exit interviews. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Worst Cooks recruit in our Fan Vote, up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (27)

  1. Lisa says:

    Cannot believe Jen went home last night. she was clearly doing better than Kat. Kat was a wreck in every challenge! Can't figure out Chef Anne's reasoning. We will miss her.

  2. Dennis says:

    Jen being a nurse should be better at remembering details. I can't believe somebody that old and education can't remember simple directions or be better a time management.

    • Lisa says:

      You' re kidding right…one has nothing to do with the other. I work with Jen and she's an amazing nurse. She can handle patients, doctors, phone calls etc. She went to school for that. She has experience at that. 75 minutes to prepare 60 apps with no experience would be tough for anyone.

    • tail11 says:

      Cooking is no different than trying to learn the piano or riding a bike. You make mistakes, you fall off. You have to keep practicing over and over before you become accomplished.

    • Kennon Treibs says:

      It is totally different iin the kitchen. There are a hundred things going on and you have to do 20 with the pressure of cooking for people for the first time and possibly going home. I am sure with more confidence she will be better in the kitchen, but if you dont know what you are doing it can get to you.

      • tail11 says:

        I agree with Kennon. The folks on the show have a lot of pressure on them and they are learning new and different things along the way. I'm sure Jen is a very skilled and detailed nurse – which is a learned process. They have a TV crew, chefs giving them instructions, and a timer to keep up with. That is not a normal learning atmosphere where it can get overwhelming and intimidating.

        There are "naturals" in life that pick things up quickly and can execute. By looking at the contestants dishes that landed them on the show, they certainly are not naturals in kitchen. These are the people that get picked last on the cooking team.

        Food for thought.

    • Dana says:

      I don't think that someone who can not form grammatically correct statements has adequate "skills" to give opinions on age, education or time management… Just saying …..

  3. Mandy Adams says:

    UGH! Can't believe Kelly went home!! That's alright, hopefully she will get fan favorite!! WE LOVE YA IN VA KELLY!!

  4. Not a Happy Guest says:

    I think the desicion on who to eliminate was wrong on both sides. When watching elimination it looked like the chefs were judging the recruits on that one day not the whole thing. Ty should have gone home because he has not one a challenge and has been in the bottom before. Sending Kelly home was the worst thing he could do. Jen did do worse than Kat in THIS challenge, but I mean come on really Anne why not send Kat home. She stinks!!! She hasn't cooked anything good since episode 1!!!

    • Ron says:

      Elimination is based on that days challenge. It doesn't matter if you won all the previous challenges, if you do bad on that days challenge, you lose. It's like saying Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France 3 previous years, so he should be the winner this time too even though he wasn't as good this race. Common sense.

      • ALMOST Happy Guest says:

        Ah, no it is isn't. Atleast it wasn't last season when Jenny had her breakdown, but Chef Beau believed in her and let her stay. I still don't know what Anne sees in Kat, Ty did have some skills!

  5. Jeff says:

    Just curious. How were contestants on this show choosen and is this standard for most cooking shows? Wondered how it was advertised seeking contestants

  6. tail11 says:

    Big kudos to Kelly! Being a vegetarian and having to cut up a chicken and cook meat when you are an animal lover has to be conflicting. Way to hang in there Kelly and tough it out. Sorry to see you go!

  7. Kennon says:

    Kat food as actually turned out pretty good, and confidence will settle nerves. Jen had one week she didnt plate everything, she didnt add her chicken this week, no seasoning (in week 6) and no one liked her food. She has seemed to get worse each week. I think thats what chef saw.

    Ty is a much better cook. May not have won one yet, but usually safe, except this week. And remember that a lot of the people at the party liked his food

    • Joe says:

      Hey Guy, We haven't even seen episode 6 yet, what are you talking about. Your post is all wrong. Yeah, her food wasn't good this episode. But, last week her food tasted just fine …just watch the show on TIVO. Get your story straight. Jen has Always got her food on the plate, and that ain't the case with Ty. Vegetarian girl should have been safe, too. 2 bad choices by the Chefs this weekend , do love this show, though.

  8. Danielle says:

    I was shocked that chef Anne picked Jen to go home. Jen was clearly focused and organized. All of the recruits made mistakes on that last challenge. They were all frazzled. Jen was quiet but serious. Was this a challenge about who could learn to cook or who was the loudest and most flamboyent?
    I found the comment about Jen's age ridiculous.. If Jen was old, then what does that make Chef Anne and Chef Robert?? Jen was consistent and steady through the show – she never gave up. Even Chef Anne commented that Kat gave up.. and wasn't Kat the worst "chef" that chef Robert "gave away". Just makes me wonder what criteria chef Anne was using to make her decisions – because it CLEARLY was not cooking skills alone. I am sure going to miss seeing Jen!!!

  9. Jay says:

    I agree with the previous comment. Jen was great. She seems like a "Real" person. She was quieter than the other contestants and serious, but does that mean she wasn't happy??? No it, meant that she was taking what she was doing seriously. She seemed like she had a great heart and was a nice person. and the way she cut that chicken was perfect!!!!! Bring Jen back!!!!!

  10. Danielle says:

    Yes, I like it!!

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