Worst Cooks, Episode 2: He Said, She Said

by in Shows, January 10th, 2011

Anne and Robert are happy to be on the farm...but not so excited to taste the recruits' omelets.

After each elimination on Worst Cooks in America this season, chefs Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine share their candid impressions of the booted recruits with the FN Dish. This week, they bid farewell to Jeff from Robert’s Team and Anthony from Anne’s Team.

Anthony started each challenge strong but always managed to crash and burn, says Chef Anne.

Anne on Anthony: He was totally a mama’s boy. But he talked a good game. He ran marathons; he’s an engineer; he’s a smart guy. He talked about really being passionate, but every time we would give him a challenge, he’d shoot strong out of the box and halfway through he’d crash and burn, get stuck, and never really finish. He said he would go over to his mom’s house every night for dinner and he didn’t have a girlfriend because of it. He said he’s the baby of the family; he never took responsibility for himself. It’s so amazing how people’s behavior in the kitchen really mirrors how they are in real life. And on the flipside, as you see their confidence grow in the kitchen, you see that sprouting to other parts of their life. It’s kind of cool when that transformation happens.

Jeff made a lasting impression on Chef Robert on day one, when he tore chicken with his hands.

Robert on Jeff: This is the guy that ripped the chicken with his hands. He was like survivor man. He thought he was good looking and all the chicks digged him. His station was always a mess. He’d touch things like chicken and then go on to do something else, wouldn’t even bother washing his hands. He did fancy himself a little. Zero cooking skills. He would finish his plates and then eat off the plate. He would taste it with his fingers that he hasn’t washed. I screamed at him one time, and he says, “I’m tasting my food.”

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Comments (66)

  1. tomuchsalt says:

    couldn't wait for this season to start this is one of the best reality competition shows out there!! good job guys love your channel !!!!!! one thing ……Anne you are as addicted to salt as Paula D is to butter.
    keep up the good work thanks

  2. Anne'sajoke says:

    Chef Anne is going to comment on behavior in the kitchen reflecting on real life? She says Anthony would get halfway through and then crash and burn, and not finish. She also says he ran marathons, and is an engineer. Doesn't seem to me that the kitchen reflected at all on real life, he has a great job and has finished marathons, don't think he got there without hard work!!! And good for him for eating with his family, it is admirable to see that some people still have family values!!! Way to go Anthony!

    • luvcookin says:

      The point is a grown man should not have to go to mommie's house every night to eat dinner!

      • jai says:

        if you have a great family background why not go to mommies house for dinner .

        • luvcookin says:

          Because at some point you need to grow up and be responsible for yourself. Sure my grown children come to my house for dinner, but not every night!

        • westwingpotus says:

          There's a difference between going to mommy's house for dinner because you love mommy and want to spend time with her and going to mommy's house for dinner only because you can't feed yourself otherwise and mommy is still just your built-in personal chef even though you're an adult. it woudl be nice if he to mommy's house for dinner and actually cooked dinner FOR HER once in a while.

    • Momof3whocancook says:

      The point is that a capable, intelligent adult man should be able to cook at least a simple basic meal. The fact that he admits to eating at his parents house EVERY NIGHT is beyond strong family ties and values. That's a dependency issue not a cooking issue. Hopefully his mom will do him a big favor and teach him how to cook. Who's going to cook for him when she is gone? Giving him the skills to cook and care for himself would be the greatest gift of love she could give him. Then with all his smarts and success I'm sure he would get more self confidence and snag a great girl!

  3. dgc2656 says:

    During the Pork Paillard demo segment Robert Irvine is telling Jeff just how long to cook the pork and how to cook it, but once Jeff is on his own, all of the hands on learning goes out the window and he turns in shoe leather for food. They are getting rid of the right people, the people who can't follow simple directions. Additionally there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that viewers never see, and I'm sure part of the reason people get booted is because of attitude. Boot camp at the Culinary Institute of America is $2100.00 for five days worth of training and you have to pay for your own hotel in addition to the training fee. So these contestants are getting a great deal if they just pay attention and follow directions.

  4. lisa says:

    I think she has said that she likes to wear skirts because being a chef is such a male dominated profession, she likes to remind herself and everyone else that she is female… she is girlie!

  5. Bill says:

    I think Guy Fieri…I mean Chef Anne is stretching it when she says people's behavior in the kitchen mirrors their behavior in real life. Anthony is a stand-up guy who has definitely taken responsibility for himself and his family, which, by the way is the main reason eats dinner with his elderly parents on a nightly basis. This show has nothing to do with cooking and everything to do with keeping on the loudest, most obnoxious trainwrecks for as long as possible – in short – it is just like all of the other reality shows we've all seen. Bottom line is that Guy Fieri's twin is miserable and mean-spirited and I'm done with this show.

  6. virginiatrailschristine says:

    Such a fun show! I want to know how anyone makes it to age 60 without knowing the difference between a scallop and a scallion. I loved Priscilla saying "I don't even know what a scallop is." How does that happen? And how about the girl who has never eaten pork that's not bacon or a hot dog. Where does Food Network find these people!

    • Kelly says:

      I am 41 years old and althought i know the difference between a scallop and scallion until about 5 years ago i never saw a scallop i would not have been able to identify it in a seafood shop….but the upside to that i now know and love to eat them…so i am glad i found out what they look like….lol

      may priscilla will find out new things she likes as well on this venture…….

  7. Luz says:

    Oh my God, I literally cried watching the first episode of the show… I was so surprise there are people in this life that don't even know how to fry an egg…

  8. JimS says:

    I think there's way more screening of 'worst cook' contestants before they ever get to the first show, with criteria that has little to do with cooking ability. I have a tough time believing that for 2 seasons running, there's been 1 black, 1 asian, 1 older woman, 1 stay-at-home mom, etc.

    • dgc2656 says:

      You're absolutely correct, these shows are cast like all entertainment is cast. The goal is to appeal to the widest group as possible in order to get as many viewers as possible. They will also boot off the least appealing contestant over a more appealing contestant if both are performing as bad as each other. Reality shows are the least costly of all entertainment to produce.

    • Leslie says:

      Seriously?! That's the only thing you focused on? Can we stop thinking about everything in terms of race, or age? Can't you just enjoy the show because you enjoy a good challenge by 12 eager to learn individuals without looking at race or age or work status????? Stop over analyzing the show and just enjoy it or change the channel.

  9. Renee says:

    I want to know how to nominate my daughter for next season. She literally can't boil water. She is getting married next year and I'm worried they are going to starve to death. Her fiancée is just as bad. Help!?

  10. Alberta says:

    I love this show and learn a lot just from watching it. Am rooting for Anne to win. Would love to see you do more night time shows.
    I think Priscella should be next to go-she makes me nervous-can't believe she taught school.

    • Kelly says:

      give her a chance i am sure some of her nervousness is due to being on national television i am not so sure i could be calm on tv and i can cook. I might would be a mess as well…lol maybe in time she will calm down but being a sugarland resident myself i personally am rooting for her.

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