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Today We Celebrate Spaghetti - Image Courtesy Food Network Magazine

Today Is National Spaghetti Day: How will you celebrate? We can think of ways both healthy and classic (okay, and weird.)

New Super Food: Almonds A diet rich in almonds could ward off type 2 diabetes, a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reveals. Good thing dark chocolate and almonds taste so good together – double immunity! []

Salads Make Millions of Women Laugh: If these salads keep making the ladies laugh so hard, they just might get a fork in them. []

Bananas: The Lowest-Hanging Fruit The New Yorker takes a look at the massively-consumed banana. Why do we like these yellow guys so much? They’re cheap, fibrous and full of vitamins. Why we shouldn’t? They lack sustainability here and scientists are now trying to genetically modify them so they’re not prone to a killer fungus. That last part sounds a little bananas, indeed. [ via]

The Kombucha Craze Hits Home: If making your own health-boosting herbal tea (from a colony of bacteria and yeast) sounds appealing, read on over at the New York Post. We just love that they call it “the booch.” []

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