Loving In-Season Meyer Lemons

by in Recipes, January 30th, 2011
Meyer Lemon-Cranberry Bundt Cake Bake up Meyer Lemon-Cranberry Bundt Cake while Meyer lemons are in season.

Meyer lemons are ripe and ready, in peak season now. Do not wait, they have no mercy for procrastinators – whether you have a collection of Meyer lemon recipes stashed away for the season or you want to try your favorite lemon recipe with this alternate citrus fruit, this is your chance, now is the time.

The famously allusive Meyer lemon is thought to be a cross between an orange and a lemon, so they’re sweeter and less acidic than your normal run-of-the-mill lemons. Look for them in grocery stores and produce markets – they should stick around until early Spring. And if you can’t find them, go ahead and cook up some regular lemon dishes and sweets (just add a touch more sugar to compensate) – all citrus is beautiful this time of year.

One Secrets of a Restaurant Chef: See Anne’s thoughts on these special citrus fruits, as she whips up a Meyer Lemon Curd Tart.

Meyer Lemon Recipes to Try:

More Lemon Recipes:

What are you planning to make with Meyer lemons?

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Comments (2)

  1. Fran says:

    I will NEVER buy Meyer lemons again…. My friend and I bought a bag of lemons and made our
    lemon pies (different recipes) neither one of our pies turned out . The filling never set up .
    When we were cooking the filling it thickened nicely . We guess since the lemons are half
    lemon and half orange is why it didn't work . The bag of (five) sells for $4.00 .

  2. Deb says:

    I have just tried my first bag of Meyer Lemons and I found the rhine to be offensive smelling – and I love lemons! Not a fan of these. Is it just me?

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