Kristen Stewart Loves Food Network

by in News, Recipes, January 24th, 2011
Kristen Stewart, lover of vampires, werewolves and Food Network. Image from

In a recent interview with Vogue, Kristen Stewart shared some interesting tidbits: The Twilight star enjoys playing golf and guitar, she’s reading Anna Karenina and her new hobby is cooking. The latter so much so that she’s known for watching Food Network with her signature “frown of concentration” on her face. “I’m such a dork,” she tells Vogue. Stewart did more than talk about her hobby, she prepared lunch for the interview: Tortilla Soup with assorted fixin’s, and pulled pork sandwiches. You can make Kristen Stewart’s Tortilla Soup — she shared her recipe with Vogue — though you might want to leave out the garlic if you’re making it for your, you know, undead friends.

But don’t stop at the soup; whip up an entire Twilight-inspired menu (to serve after dark, of course). Some suggestions:

Vampire Blood Tomato Soup With Muenster Sammies

Stuffed Baby Bellas

Vampire Dip in a Fried Tortilla Bowl

Blood and Guts Potatoes

Vampire Kiss Martini

What would you serve to a Twilight star, or at a Twilight-viewing party?

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Comments (34)

  1. Anne says:

    it would be awesome if she could guest in one of the Food network shows :)

  2. ebrekgunter says:

    I would serve something i call "Draculla Shashlik Skewers" with Roasted Herbed "New" Potatoes and "Werewolf's Harvest Raguot". Dessert is a Red Wine Poached Apple with Raspberry-Vanilla Sorbet and Chocolate Creme.

  3. amira says:


  4. Lauren says:

    Screw that. Twilight stars are rich. They should serve me!

  5. Lisa says:

    Thats cool. I like her a lot.

  6. @KstewAngel says:

    Love Kristen. You guys should invite Kristen to make her Tortilla Soup with Paula Deen. That would be really awesome!!!

  7. Kim says:

    Aww, it's so cool that Kristen's famous tortilla soup made it to the website. I tried it and it's awesome. I added chicken to the recipe because my kids need more protein in their diet and it's so delicious. Thanks for the recipe Kristen. And btw, you are such a beauty.

  8. malorie says:

    I would have to try her torilla soup, as I have been looking for an easy reciepe for a while now… a big fan of food network such as sandra,big guys etc… what would I serve to a star well it has to be my moms egg roll … something that not to many have tasted yet… =) thats what I would serve..

  9. Brian says:

    I hope she cooks better than she can act.

    • Kay says:

      If you're basing her acting just on Twilight you're being ignorant. Melissa Rosenberg can't write a movie script to save her life, nobody's good in those films. Kristen's been applauded for her work in The Runaways, The Yellow Handkerchief and Welcome to the Rileys of late. Not to mention James Woods is waiting for her to film a movie once she's available and can nail down the funding. So Sean Penn, Jodie Foster, Melissa Leo are all wrong when they say she's a great actress? Yeah, ok. Stick to cooking. And btw, her soup is phenomenal. Made it tonight.

  10. Troy says:

    She can cook anything and I'll eat it. I hope her vampire boyfriend appreciates her delicious meals.

    • Elah says:

      Why do you need to mention her personal life? The news is about it. She loves to cook and don't understand why you have to talk about personal things. Do not you know things separate? It's boring to always read: her vampire boyfriend, R / K, Robsten … BORING. She doesn't need to appoint anyone but her. Her "boyfriend" has a name and he doesn't needs to be appointed on news that it does not come out. Has their own and doesn't need to be linked to anyone. It is very boring to read all the same, everywhere. Do people not have a life? ¬_¬

      The tortilla soup is the most famous recipe in the world … Kristen, give us new recipes! We are happy to try them at home.

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