Get Healthy in 2011 With Bobby’s Help

by in View All Posts, January 5th, 2011
Get Healthy With Bobby Flay
Get Healthy With Bobby's Tips

You know the drill: New year, new you.  But why go to extremes in January, then leave your goals in the dust before Valentine’s Day? This year, make small changes instead of over-the-top resolutions to stay healthy all year long. We chatted with Bobby Flay about how he changed his habits to lose weight and feel better.  Get his start-the-year-right advice, then check back here and on our Healthy Eats blog for new tips every Wednesday.

Why did you decide to change your eating habits?

I just felt like I could be in better shape. While I wasn’t overweight, I felt like I needed to get my body back into shape and to be healthier. I knew that when I had been healthier in the past, I felt better about myself and about my day-to-day.  It helped my day-to-day happiness.

How did you accomplish your fitness goals?

A couple ways. Hard work at the gym, and on the road, so to speak, you know, running. And then just making some smart choices when it came to eating. They’re both important and you need to do both. Anybody will tell you the same thing, to exercise and eat well. It sounds like a cliche, but if everybody did that, we’d have a much healthier country.

What’s your personal philosophy on healthy eating?

It’s more about what not to do as opposed to what to do. Here’s what I do from day to day:

  • Avoid processed foods. I don’t eat fast foods or processed foods, when I can help it.  Instead, I eat things that have been prepared by hand.  Even if it’s in a diner, I know what it’s something that has been prepared by a person as opposed to a machine.
  • Nix huge portions. I don’t eat as much as I used to.  I try to eat about 2/3 of what’s in front of me when I go to a restaurant, and about the same amount at home.
  • Make every calorie count. I don’t eat just to eat things. If something doesn’t taste really good, I won’t eat it. I want my calories to count.

What are some techniques and tips for making healthy meals that are full of flavor?

You know, fat is always tasty. Cream, butter, all of that tastes good. So without those ingredients, you have to use great sources of flavor.  I use a lot of chipotles, a lot of Mediterranean ingredients, fresh herbs, dried spices, and savory things like onions and garlic that have lots of flavor but very little fat. See Bobby’s top-5 healthy ingredients >>

For hundreds more healthy appetizers, weeknight meals, desserts and healthy tips from Bobby, Giada, Alton and more, visit

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  1. donkol says:

    my son is in boy scout. I would really like a tv show about cooking foods over a campfile

  2. Dee says:

    We camp in the winter and boat in the summer……would love healthy campfire recipes. Hotdogs and hamburgers are all played out!!!

  3. Lisa D says:

    I have three words for you "Hell's Kitchen Throwdown." You and Gordon get teams and compete.

  4. food luvr says:

    Can u make me look better????

  5. food luvr says:

    [polldaddy 4368956 polldaddy]


    Check out the poll

  6. Sandra Marant says:

    It seems that when I click on healthy recipes, they are full of dairy products and cheese. I have high cholesterol, Healthy recipes for me don't include those . Cooking shows are you listening?

  7. Linda Trader says:

    Please please get a show on how to cook for dietary restrictions. I love cooking shows and would love to cook the items I see BUT my husband is diabetic with high cholesterol and my sister in law has celiac with allergies to eggs, milk and soy. Family dinners are very difficult. I'm down to organic meats and salt and pepper on fresh vegetables.

    • LCH says:

      I also have diabetes and a very stretched budget! One thing that has helped me you may want to try is a product called True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange. It's a way of adding flavor without all the extra things I can't have. I buy the product here locally but if you can't find it and want to try it go to their website they have recipes that are good and I believe they sent me some free samples to try when I first heard about them a few years ago. I love to use it on vegetables for an added zing – good on chicken breast and great in water. Many uses, no calories or added fat, or sodium.

    • Linda says:

      Same here . . . the cooking shows rate #1 in our house and my husband thinks he can cook like them however he too is a diabetic with high cholesterol. Our daughter has problems with lactose- dairy is out-
      HELP -someone on FoodNetwork must have similar problems.

  8. joe says:

    I think his show is great! I like the way he seems to never win his throw downs! But his recipes look real good!

  9. MARY says:


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