Drawing Inspiration: Cute Christmas Cottage

by in Holidays, Recipes, December 5th, 2010
Artist Sharon Mann of Las Vegas, builds a sweet gingerbread house--with graham crackers. Click the image to expand it.

They Draw & Cook The Dish is teaming up with Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, founders of They Draw and Cook, all December to share holiday recipes drawn by artists and inspiring all sorts of seasonal cooking with Food Network chefs. Each day, stop by the Dish for a new drawing and Nate and Salli’s liner notes about the illustrations and the artists. Tell us which you like and why. A dollop of this, a dash of that and some talent add up to interesting ideas in the kitchen. Visit theydrawandcook.com for more recipes showcased as art.

This wonderful hand-stitched design beautifully illustrates a simple version of a holiday classic: the gingerbread house (actually, in this case, it’s a graham-cracker house…details, details!). No shortcuts were taken in doing the drawing, however. The illustration, with such charming and fun details, totally inspires us to make our own edible neighborhood.

Why would anyone buy a prefab gingerbread house when you can make your own version so easily? Check out the artist Sharon Mann’s website to see all her amazing embroidery, crochet and quilted creations, then weave together one of your own.

See more illustrated recipes for holiday sweets today on They Draw and Cook, and check out gingerbread adventures here on FoodNetwork.com:

—Nate Padavick & Salli Swindell from They Draw and Cook.

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Comments (3)

  1. Don H. says:

    Wow this is quite a work of art. All done with a neddle and thread… Now that's talent. Great job Sharon, going to visit your web-site next.

  2. Don H. says:

    Holly smokes, your stuff is incredible. You have my vote…

  3. Charlotte Fox says:

    You are such an inspiration, Sharon. You've been executing this perfect recipe for our family for years and it's only fitting that you would set it to fabrics. I'm, as ever, in awe of your talent.

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