12 Days of Cookies: Facebook Fan Cookie

by in Holidays, December 11th, 2010
3-in-1 Sugar Cookies
These 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies from Food Network Kitchens are our Facebook fans' pick.

12 Days of CookiesIt’s time for 12 Days of Cookies, FoodNetwork.com’s annual cookie swap. Each day visit us here on the Dish for a peek at new holiday cookies, party-planning tips and top techniques for rolling, spooning, slicing, baking and decorating delicious sweet treats to give – or keep – from favorite Food Network chefs. Then visit Cooking Channel’s blog for great takes on holiday baking from Cooking Channel chefs and Food People alike – cookies by the dozen to celebrate all season.

You can roll them, you can slice them, you can cut them in at least a zillion ways with cookie cutters or even a knife. And once you have your shapes, 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies, made extra sweet by the addition of orange zest, are the ideal vehicle for the really important stuff: the icing. Frost them in as many Royal Icing colors as you care to make, then use sanding sugar and other decorations to create a cast of thousands for the holidays.

Get Food Network Kitchens’ recipe and check out dozens and dozens of batches in 12 Days of Cookies for more sweet ideas. Then tell us what you’re baking.

Melanie Rehak, author of Eating for Beginners, has been baking cookies since she was old enough to climb onto the kitchen stool. She and her family are partial to Zimtsterne—cinnamon stars—for the holidays, but love cookies of all kinds all year long.

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  1. joao mota says:

    gostava de saber como faço para participar num concurso com outros chef

  2. jeri says:

    What did Joao say? I understand some Spanish, from taking it in 8th grade(c 1970) and living in Bakersfield. If possible I would like to hear (see) the comment in English. I understand the need to keep culture, but this is the USA. Please, if possible, post in English and Spanish. Thanks. By the way, the Spanish language is just as important as the English language. A lot of English words are from Spanish origin, but go English in the USA.

  3. Looking Out The Window says:

    I really wish before they started the 12 Days that they posted a pantry/shopping list. It would be great for those who shop warehouse bulk stores and those of us who live in rural areas who don't go to town every day.

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