Next Iron Chef Journals: A Look Back

by in Shows, November 17th, 2010

Read our eliminated rivals' journals for a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to compete on The Next Iron Chef

We started with 10 rivals in Los Angeles. Five went on to Las Vegas. Now it’s down to the last two standing. Marco Canora and Marc Forgione will battle it out in Kitchen Stadium for the title of The Next Iron Chef this Sunday at 9pm/8c.

To put this exciting and exhausting journey in perspective, take a look through the eight eliminated rivals’ journals from the competition. What was the thought process behind the dishes that won challenges—and those that sent rivals packing? Who drew lifelike sketches of their plates and who took meticulous notes? Flip through the pages of the chefs’ red Next Iron Chef journals to see.

Chef Tsai’s Journal (Eliminated Week 7)

Chef Tio’s Journal (Eliminated Week 7)

Chef Caswell’s Journal (Eliminated Week 6)

Chef Chauhan’s Journal (Eliminated Week 5)

Chef Estes’s Journal (Eliminated Week 4)

Chef Dumont’s Journal (Eliminated Week 3)

Chef Pagan’s Journal (Eliminated Week 2)

Chef Kirschner’s Journal (Eliminated Week 1)

Check back next week after the final battle for a look at those last two journals: One from the runner-up, and the other from our newly crowned Iron Chef.

Who will win it all: Marc or Marco? Catch the finale of The Next Iron Chef this Sunday at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (37)

  1. Mona says:

    Judges have gushing all over Canora since day one. Why bother to watch???

  2. sandra reyes says:

    iron chef forgione

  3. Mona says:


  4. sandra reyes says:


  5. Rachel says:


  6. Juan says:

    I just wanna say two very remarcable things:
    1. Chef Tio look really hot with that hair, she can poach my Moi whenever she wants… and, with that said,
    2. Go Chef Forgione… s#ck it Canora =P

  7. MindSet30 says:

    Hats off for chef Forgione i knew you wounld do it!!! and much, much repect to chef Tsais!!! I wounld have loved to see u and Forgione go for the title!!! you still tha man tho!!! repect's to all!!! Great show!!!

  8. aidan says:

    It was a long long adventure for all those chefs . Although, I saw the last show tonight and and Happy to know that Forgione won it all!!! Canora is an awesome chef and to see 2 Italian chefs go after the Title, Thats amazing!!!! They both have respect for eachother and They showed good sportsmanship!! Congrats to chef Forgione!! cant wait to watch u on Iron chef America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Greybeard says:

    I saw an ad for another FN show two weeks ago and noticed that chef Forgione appeared in it. It seemed curious but then I realized that he would probably be the winner. Sure enough, he won tonight. A curious slip up by FN though I never did see that ad again so they must have realized the mistake they made…

  10. Henry says:

    Ming Tsai talks about The Next Iron Chef – He has so much charisma and charm. Tsai is already extremely funny. He should have been an Iron Chef from the start. Food Network used him to get tv ratings. The show was fixed from the start. They wanted someone from New York, someone with a European background to replace Batali. Ming Tsai deserves better. I want to see what other chefs such as Alton Brown or Michael Symon has to say.

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