Next Iron Chef Journals: A Look Back

by in Shows, November 17th, 2010

Read our eliminated rivals' journals for a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to compete on The Next Iron Chef

We started with 10 rivals in Los Angeles. Five went on to Las Vegas. Now it’s down to the last two standing. Marco Canora and Marc Forgione will battle it out in Kitchen Stadium for the title of The Next Iron Chef this Sunday at 9pm/8c.

To put this exciting and exhausting journey in perspective, take a look through the eight eliminated rivals’ journals from the competition. What was the thought process behind the dishes that won challenges—and those that sent rivals packing? Who drew lifelike sketches of their plates and who took meticulous notes? Flip through the pages of the chefs’ red Next Iron Chef journals to see.

Chef Tsai’s Journal (Eliminated Week 7)

Chef Tio’s Journal (Eliminated Week 7)

Chef Caswell’s Journal (Eliminated Week 6)

Chef Chauhan’s Journal (Eliminated Week 5)

Chef Estes’s Journal (Eliminated Week 4)

Chef Dumont’s Journal (Eliminated Week 3)

Chef Pagan’s Journal (Eliminated Week 2)

Chef Kirschner’s Journal (Eliminated Week 1)

Check back next week after the final battle for a look at those last two journals: One from the runner-up, and the other from our newly crowned Iron Chef.

Who will win it all: Marc or Marco? Catch the finale of The Next Iron Chef this Sunday at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (37)

  1. TheUnknownTruth says:

    I am a lover of Iron Chef America and I watch the show practically all the time! While many people love Chef Tsai, as he IS a talented chef with many honors, I found him quite overbearing in this season. I was rooting for Chef Forgione all along because he wanted to cook with pride and dignity as well as show the world that he has an identity as a chef! He was in the shadow of his father. He was a chef that has the talent and the will to make the finest dishes even if he took many risks – I am so glad that he won!! Plus, I love his mohawk!

  2. dee says:

    both IC final 2 were GREAT but it seems that Bobby Flay padded the deck in favor of Forgione with his remark about his father so sad Flay had to deminish a good win ! Cheif Canora would have done VERY WELL AS AN I C said all the judges zoned in on one comment and none had an original thought about his food . Possible Flay should have not commented on Forgione's daddy and let him have a clean Victory

  3. nyb4la says:

    Although Forgione was not my personnel fav, I am so glad he beat Canora! Obviously we don't have the ability to taste the food, nor do we have smell-a-vision to tempt our palates, however, we do know who we prefer to watch in competition! Forgione by far is much more likable than Canora….so yes, I am glad that Canora lost!

  4. smh says:

    Thank goodness Chef Forgione won. Chef Canora was whiny, arrogant and mean-spirited (based on what was shown in the episodes). My favorite remains Chef Tsai.

  5. Chefette says:

    Out of the two finalists, I'm glad Forgione won. Canora is a bit much to watch and appears arrogant to say the least. During last nights battle, Forgione appeared cool as a cucumber and put out the best food he's done through the whole competition. Canora's food was not risky and honestly, his turkey dish looked awful and not IC worthy. Not the two I would have liked to see as finalists, but, I think the better chef won!

  6. Brenda says:

    I stopped watching the night that Chef Caswell was released and the judges didn't have the guts to cut a second person as they were supposed to. I have seen good people not win on shows when it was obivious that the show needed either a female or a "other than white" to win. I do not watch "Big Daddy" because of it… he didn't even have an idea for his show and the network people had to put it together for him while the other 2 each had a show outlined. Watching "The Neeley"s" is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

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