Eat Lunch Like an Iron Chef

by in Shows, November 22nd, 2010

marc forgione slab bacon
When we visited Chef Marc Forgione at his restaurant (in secret!) shortly before his winning moment aired on The Next Iron Chef, we wanted to see him in his element: Back in the kitchen, cooking. But Restaurant Marc Forgione is closed for lunch, so the laid-back, mohawked chef asked what he should prepare from the menu. We got back to him with this proposition: “Just make yourself some lunch. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy—whatever you’d normally whip up.”

The resulting pork belly and pickled apple sandwich is so addictively delicious, we had to share Chef Forgione’s recipe with you. Iron Chef Forgione’s recipe, that is.

Chef Forgione's late-night lunch: The B.A.D. Sandwich

Check out the making of this sandwich and get a tour of Marc Forgione (the restaurant). Plus, read our exclusive Q&A with the newest toque in Kitchen Stadium.

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Comments (27)

  1. Arlene Lederle says:

    I am so happy Chef Forgione won the contest. He is superbly relaxed when he cooks a very enviable capability. Great recipes and lots of fun to watch. Congratulations! Arlene

  2. Teri says:

    Nicely done….rooting for you all the way! Congratulations!

  3. Edie says:

    I thought both Chefs were wonderful and Congratulations to Chef Forgione. WELL DONE

  4. cheryl tucker says:

    I was rooting for you! Congratulations!

  5. julie kogelschatz says:

    good job well done jupoooooo……

  6. Richard says:

    well no point in watching the rest of the Next Iron Chef here in Canada now that you have told us who won!!!

  7. Cae Marie says:

    Congrats!!! The best chef won!!! (although I still love Ming) I can't wait to see what great things are in store for Forgione, I hope he gets promoted as much as Symon and that this turns into more shows for him. Would love to see more of Garces…I don't think he is being utilized enough!!!!

  8. Ivette Maymi says:

    Congratulations Marc!! You were very impressive!

  9. jane Husmillo says:

    I really wanted to see Ming=Tsai win!! I was really bummed when he didn't at least get to the final round! He has been such a fabulous and unique chef for so many years! After watching 'till the end I still feel the same about Ming Tai! Cudo's Ming!

  10. Karen Markham says:

    I was so glad Chef Forgione won! I thought it was great that his competitors were so supportive at the battle in Kitchen Stadium. It showed great professional support! I recorded it and watched again the next day! I had never had the oppourtunity to see an Iron Chef competition before and was not only entertained, but inspired to be a better cook for my family! Congratulations Chef Forgione! Next time I am in NY, I would love to visit your restaurant! Best wishes for the future!

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