NYWFF: Afternoon with Next Food Network Stars

by in View All Posts, October 12th, 2010
Melissa and Aarti Cooking Demo
A cooking demo with Melissa and Aarti, Photograph by Tom Censani

The New York Wine and Food Festival brought Melissa d’Arabian and Aarti Sequeira, the two newest Next Food Network Star winners, together for an afternoon of cooking demos.

Melissa made fish stew with halibut (see her halibut skewer recipe). Arti talked about dal, a traditional Indian dish – see her recipe.

Indian Dal
Aarti's Everyday Red Lentils
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Comments (26)

  1. MissyB says:

    I like both Melissa and Aarti–and every recipe I've made from Melissa's show has been a big hit with my picky eater husband. '

    And as a southerner who could claim membership in the Daughters of the Confederacy and the DAR, I have to say that my grandmother would have been horrified if I ever used the phrase "Us southerners would not eat the food she cooks."

    No southern woman who has been brought up properly speaks ill of another person. My grandmother would say that everyone (even Yankees) are doing the best they can and it would be unkind and exceptionally ill mannered to speak openly of their shortcomings.

    My very Southern husband as well, loves every recipe of Melissa's that I've cooked. The mark of a good Southerner is the ability to recognize good cooking of any kind, period. As we say–True Dat!

  2. Diana says:

    I love both of them very much and have had a lot of success with many of their recipes. You ladies are doing a fantastic job, keep it up!!!

  3. trisha porter says:

    WOW. some people are so petty.And i resent the fact that the womans grandmother said Evan northern people try, Not to racist. I like both of the food network stars , There very fortunate and people are just jealous.Yes iam a very proud Northerner, Sorry i dont enjoy devouring sticks of butter in my mouth.Have a good day, Trisha porter

  4. Gabbey says:

    what happened to Aarti's show–I caught the first few episodes and now her show doesn't appear t/b on??!!! I enjoyed her show very much!

  5. gslgal says:

    I followed both gals on Next FoodNetwork Star and was pulling for both to win. I watch AArti more since she was on Sundays. I enjoy Mellisa and Aarti's cooking and good luck to both.

  6. Ann says:

    Food Network is trying its hardest to promote Melissa, but they need to get that she isn't credible and has no presence. I understand they have to save face but now that Aarti is successful, they don't need Melissa anymore. Does anyone really watch her? I have yet to read any good reviews of her show. Isn't that why Food Network had to add the next season's Food Network Star to the demo so that maybe they would sell tickets to the whopping 50 people audience? Sorry, just don't get it.

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