Next Iron Chef: Catching Up With Jose Garces

by in Shows, October 29th, 2010

Chef Jose Garces's winning moment on Season 2 of The Next Iron Chef

Chef Jose Garces won Season 2 of The Next Iron Chef, and this Sunday he’ll join the judges’ panel to critique the efforts of our current rivals. We caught up with the newest Iron Chef about being in the rivals’ shoes just one year ago and what he’s been up to since his big win.

If there was one moment during The Next Iron Chef where you could have a do-over, what would it be?
“Honestly, I wouldn’t do anything differently. Even my missteps were important, and learning from them was what helped me get to where I am now.”

What was your least favorite ingredient to tackle during NIC?
“I enjoyed all of the different ingredients, because the challenges presented by unfamiliar ingredients are a great way to drive your cooking skills forward.”

How did winning The Next Iron Chef affect your career?
“Winning The Next Iron Chef was a real dream come true for me. I’ve always approached cooking with a focus on ingredients, and learning to work with the ‘secret ingredient’ in Kitchen Stadium has been invaluable to my ability to innovate and update my techniques. I also love the platform that Iron Chef America provides for teaching. Cooking is a communal event, not something you do all alone, and it’s thrilling for me to be able to do it on such a tremendous stage.”

What was the most nerve-wracking moment of your first battle as an Iron Chef?
“The most nerve-wracking moment for me is the final few seconds before The Chairman exclaims ‘Allez cuisine!’ The adrenaline rush is palpable and it really charges me up for the battle ahead.”

Relive Jose’s winning season and catch his guest-judge appearance on The Next Iron Chef this Sunday at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (11)

  1. Guest says:

    The only thing that I want to catch up with him, is the announcement that he has retired from Iron Chef and acknowledges that he can't cut it. (No pun intended)

  2. First, let me say that Next Iron Chef is pretty much the only show I (ever) watch religiously. But since we only watch the chef, not eat the food, I enjoy Iron Chefs who are fun to watch. Chef Symon is a joy, because he loves what he's doing. I'm sure Chef Besh was a fine cook, but if he'd won (and it was so close), the series would have been cancelled by now. Nice guy, I'm sure, but he's not a ham like so many Food Network chefs, which makes him so boring to watch.

    Tsai is fun to watch, and everything he makes is beautiful. Which is really nice, because we are VIEWERS not tasters, remember? Remind your judges to please describe how the food tastes, not just whether its good or bad or whether they liked it or not (are you listening, Donatella?).

    Canora is warm on camera, and I assume from how the editing is handled that he will win. Italian food? Really?? So boring. We're in the recession out here. We eat spaghetti, etc., every other day. I'm sick of it, and Batali had that covered years ago.

    As for Garces, if Mehta had one, he would have had three spin off shows by now, because he was a delight to watch, and loved what he was doing. Garces is just nervous, quiet, and boring.

    If anyone at Food Network cares, feel free to email me. I've written a fairly in depth analysis of what seems to work out here in the heartland on Iron Chef three times, but your ads keep reloading the page and my comments get lost. Good luck Chef Tsai!

    • Magg says:

      you nailed it ! ….if the network only cares ..

    • The JillyBean says:

      I loved Mehta, ice cream and all. He was pretty fun when he had been a challenger a on ICA a couple seasons ago. I have to say I was stumped by Garces win. And I no longer watch ICA, Garces is boring and Batali is gone, Cora seems to be gone. Garces did in two shows at once for me. I have no idea what kind of kool-aid people are drinking at FN, but they should seriously consider changing their choice in beverage.

  3. Wendy says:

    I think Chef Garces is wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed his thoughtful comments as Guest Judge last night on The Next Food Network Star. Jose has been a great addition to the Iron Chef staff.

  4. Guest says:

    Jose Garces seems to be a great chef.
    Why all the negativity in the comments? :(

    Looking forward on reading Twilight_site's analysis on IronChef.

    • The JillyBean says:

      He's a chef, not a tv chef. The difference is that if you want to be a tv chef, then have some personality. Watching him is like watching a line cook at work. B-O-R-I-N-G. Absolutely no repartee.

  5. donna thomas says:

    'Guest', and 'Twilight'…..shame on you. Chef Garces went through a grueling competition, and WON! Show some respect. My daughter and I happen to like the strong silent type! Lastly, Jose is easy on the eyes…..dark, and handsome!

    Go Chef Tsai!

    • Guest says:

      Speak for yourself and shame on you, Donna!
      Read my comment again before labeling me as not showing respect to Chef Garces….

  6. Leti says:

    I have to agree with some of the comments regarding Chef Garces. I don't see him fitting in as well as the other chefs on the show. I felt he shouldn't have won last season. I commend him for his judging this time around but being critical of Tsai's plating only after Simon mentioned that he could beat him on the show seemed a little "not Iron chef like" for my taste. Maybe he should take a tip from Tsai and wear a bandana or something, have you seen how much he sweats in front of the camera?

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