Aarti’s Self-Portrait in 2 Minutes

by in View All Posts, August 27th, 2010

Watch now as Aarti shares the top five adjectives she’d choose to describe herself (I guarantee a couple will surprise you) and lists the music she’d include in the “soundtrack of her life.” Plus, discover her one can’t-live-without-it ingredient….

And speaking of signature ingredients — what’s yours?

Tune in for Aarti Party Sunday at Noon/11c

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Comments (54)

  1. Chris and Liz says:

    We watched each and every episode during the competition. We were thrilled that Arti won. Last week we were so excited by the simplicity of the presentation that we went shopping after the show and made the chicken and uggly duckling salad recipes. Took us 3 stores to find the clelery root, but we were determined! The recipes were easy to duplicate and the outcome was perfect! There is a great Indian breeze here in North Attleboro MA!

  2. Celia says:

    This was our first time my family watched The Next Food Network Star and half my family (which is really big) wanted Aarti to win form the beginning! I was so nervous for Aarti the last episode that I couldn't bear to watch the T.V. When she won everybody was yelling and cheering! I think Aarti has the greatest personality! She is so fun to watch and the recipes she makes, makes me want to get in the kitchen and start cooking them with my friends! I can't believe that people are actually giving her negative cements! Don't listen to them! They are just jealous of your awesomeness! Keep up your amazing and incredible work!

  3. Patty Gabrisch says:

    Dear Aarti, I so enjoyed watching you each week on The Next Food Network Star. Congratulations on your new TV show! I have watched the first two episodes and look forward to many more. I will be adding your recipes to those that I cook at home.

    Warm regards.

  4. Courtney says:

    I loved watching you on The Next Food Network Star and love watching you on Aarti Party! The chocolate-ginger pudding pie looked fabulous. Keep on cooking, Aarti! :D

  5. cecilia says:

    Aarti, Congrats! I love the clothes you wear, sharing with us your cultural. The bright colors on you look terrific. I was happy to see the flower in your hair on the second episode. I also like the art graphics with the little bird. You are so cheerful and have a great smile. – just cute as can be. I wish you were the gal who lived next door. Your spices are very interesting to me. Love to learn more about the Indian cultural. I'm sure the Food Network ratings went way up when won! Good luck to you! +5

  6. AprilAE says:

    Aarti, I watched you win and was so happy for you. Your show is a delight! You are a breath of fresh air. I am enjoying watching your shows now, I record them. Learning about new spices too, so cool. Keep on smiling that beautiful smile and all that you do. Best of luck in your new career!

  7. Claudia says:

    Aarti~You are a breath of ofresh air~ I love watching you on Aarti's Party & think you add so much spark & realism to the show. I love the clothes & flowers you wear in your hair. You are as cute as a button & make cooking fun~I was so glad you won & was rooting for you from the beginning.
    I love the fact that you are so REAL & aren't fake like alot of them are!
    Please stay true to yourself & don't let your fame take over!
    You bring Indian cuisine to a new level & exemplify great food & culture~ Thank you Aarti for your sweetness & kindness on the set~Love your cute little laugh & british accent too! You Rock!!!!

  8. Dee Reno says:

    I love you and your reciepes. Thankyou-Thankyou-Thankyou- I cant wait to see your new episode this week. I am learning lots from you. Your totally awesome….

  9. Maria says:

    AartiI Your receipes are fatastic. I love Indiana food, and I'm so glad now we have someone that can teach us how to cook it. Stay true to yourself. You look so happy and peaceful. Keep up the beautiful work you're doing in the kitchen. Stay focus on your sanitation practices in that kitchen. There are so many on T.V. now that really can't see what they're doing like not using proper handwasing, or santizing the cutting board. I have color coded cutting boards for (fruits, meat, bread etc, etc) they're great.

    • Happyass3 says:

      Indiana food? Don't you mean Indian food. What does fatastic mean? I know what fantastic means but not fatastic. Does it mean that her recipes will make us fat?

      • luvcookin says:

        Yep, Happyass3, I've noticed that most of Aarti's fans can't spell correctly. What the H*** is Indiana food? And what DOES fatastic mean? I've noticed that most of Aarti's food has tons of sugar or honey so maybe fatastic means that her food will make you fat!

        • Sue says:

          Sometimes people forget to proof read for spelling errors before hitting the enter key! I thought we were commenting on Aarti, NOT on peeps comments just to be mean. Aarti was my only choice this season. She was way ahead of all the others in the personality department and keeping me interested in her cooking.

  10. Nella73 says:

    I was so happy that you won, I did not know about your Cooking Episodies of Aarti party before the Food Network, which I just saw and LOVED them, and your blog made me cry and laugh, so you have this incredible potential to inspire people in such a fresh way!!!…and I think: this is what love and passion for things do!!! make you good at it, and make others to love it as well …. THANKS!!!!

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