Aarti’s Self-Portrait in 2 Minutes

by in View All Posts, August 27th, 2010

Watch now as Aarti shares the top five adjectives she’d choose to describe herself (I guarantee a couple will surprise you) and lists the music she’d include in the “soundtrack of her life.” Plus, discover her one can’t-live-without-it ingredient….

And speaking of signature ingredients — what’s yours?

Tune in for Aarti Party Sunday at Noon/11c

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Comments (54)

  1. Jan says:

    I think she is a breath of fresh air! Poo Poo on those negative remarks. Sorry if that offends those with sentive ears! She seems so genuine and down to earth. Keep up the good work, Aarti, I will be definitly be watching as I love foods from India.

  2. shirley rehmani says:

    I think it's about time we had an East Indian personality on the show and lot's of people enjoy Indian food but were to intimidated by all the ingredients to try it themselves. I enjoyed watching Aarti ,way to go girl! Keep up the good work I'll be tuning in every week.

  3. Misty4me says:

    Aarti…you were SO engaging and professional on your first Sunday cooking show. You are very unique and you make the recipes sound easy to make and delicious. I'm going to make your chicken and bread pudding tonight!!! You are absolutely the best Food Network Star….do not listen to negative comments…some people are never happy and you come from the real world. You bring joy to your viewers.

  4. Stan Barrett says:

    All my friends are raving about Aarti's new show. I can't wait to see it! I just returned from India and am eager to infuse my cooking with the amazing flavors of this region. Great looking set, especially the french range. I hope to visit FN when I am in NYC.

  5. Tina Hutton says:

    You are critisizing her because she is definitely better then you, educated, polished and a food star. Rachel Ray uses quite a few words in her show but no comments? The greatest religion in the world is to be kind, noble, and fair to other human beings and if you cannot teach your kids those attributes, you have accomplished nothing in your life.. The world is changing and it is about time that we change our global ethical behavior and be fair to other human beings…there is always a redemption. Thanks..

  6. Karen says:

    I loved both episodes of Aarti Party, and I'm making the Sloppy Bombay Joes right now. Its a great idea to ease us into the flavors of Indian cooking with these American-style recipes. I've tried some Indian cooking, and it is somewhat daunting to me.
    I think Aarti is fabulous – I LOVE her personality, her giggle, and her whole approach. She sounds so professional already.

  7. My daughter and I watched the whole season of Food Network Star and we LOVED Aarti from the beginning. We loved her first show and we loved her second show. We are so excited for her and we are already buying the spices she is using. Great job Food Network!!! You got it right!!!

    • suzan says:

      aloha- me too i also did watch the entire food network star when aarti was on that food contest and she did made to the final too. i like her first season of her cooking show and now i will be watching her seond cooking show on foodnet work.

  8. docmarie94 says:

    Love love LOVE Aarti party! She is so bubbly. I love her personlaity, easy going. I think an everyday woman can relate to her unlike the Giada’s on the network who are so fake with their put-on Italian accent. This lady has lived in MANY places, hence the accent. Aarti- We wish you all the best on the show and continue infusing our kitchens with the lovely aromas of Indian masalas :-)

  9. cec says:

    Sharon, speaking of giddy and silly, who can be more giddy and silly than Sunny Anderson. I stopped watching her because of it.

  10. zuzel casado says:

    aarti ,I am reading all coments thats every body wrote about you , I RESPECT all opinions , but i love your show and your recipe , ,i love the food from your country, we need more information about the spices you used , and where we find this .. for next week i want make the pork in bbq suace ,because my family love pork..keeping do your good jobs , we are follow you , good luck.susy.

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