Aarti’s Self-Portrait in 2 Minutes

by in View All Posts, August 27th, 2010

Watch now as Aarti shares the top five adjectives she’d choose to describe herself (I guarantee a couple will surprise you) and lists the music she’d include in the “soundtrack of her life.” Plus, discover her one can’t-live-without-it ingredient….

And speaking of signature ingredients — what’s yours?

Tune in for Aarti Party Sunday at Noon/11c

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Comments (54)

  1. Carolyn Woodson says:

    You are delightful. So full of flavor! I'll be watching and taking in your recipes:)

  2. monic a. raj says:

    congrats, I tried pulled pork with mango BBQ sauce, It was fantastic, the guests ere licking their fingers.

  3. the cake lady says:

    Aarti Party is the best new show on Food Network in a long while. Aarti's personality and presence are as engaging as her recipes. I record her show and watch the episodes when my life needs some extra sunshine!

  4. Irishsparklemom says:

    I have watched your show a few times, very interesting to say the least. I have to tell you I love your set kitchen, it is adorable, I am looking to open a cupcake and pastry shop soon and I have printed out as much of your set as possible and I have DVR'd it to so I can show my contractor.

  5. Mamimomo says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your shows! I can't tell you how excited I was to learn that a show featuring Indian cuisine was going to be on Food Network! I tried and tried to make Indian food, but it turned out so bad. As your shows continue, please continue to educate us Indian food lovers on the in's and out's of Indian cooking. I know I will be your very best student!

  6. Alva Smith says:

    I could watch your show all day! Love it!

  7. mary ann bendzak says:

    Where's Aarti? She is no longer on my Food Network on Sundays at noon. I saw the ad where she said she was being sent to New York to cvover something. Hope nothing's wrong. Her cooking has added new flavors to some of my OLD dishes.
    I also noticed that Tom (Vaseeki?) , the runner-up on TNFNS, has been brought on with his own show-Outrageous Food. Very strange. He's a talent but I hope he's not replacing Aarti.

  8. martha says:

    Where's aarti and the party. hurry back. and if the other food network challenger gets a show, why not the health guy. he was great too!

  9. suzan says:

    aloha- i like arrti a lot the way how she speaks too.i'm glad that she has her own cokking show on foodnetwork.i do watch her show a lot every week. and i like her cooking too.

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