Top 10 Cherry-Picked Recipes

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Cherry Claufoutis
Fresh, sour cherries are the star of this Cherry Clafouti from Food Network Magazine.

Fresh cherries are at their peak May through August – don’t miss them! Debating between sweet and sour? Sweet cherries, like deep-red, heart-shaped Bing cherries, are most often eaten raw, but can also be cooked. Sour cherries are smaller and tart – they have a little too much pucker-power to eat raw but they’re the cherry of choice for cooking and baking (you’ll find them in canned cherry pie filling).

Find fresh cherries at your local farmer’s market or supermarket right now. Look for a bright color – they should be bright and glossy with plump-looking surfaces. If you’re cooking up a bowl-full, check out our cherry pitting tips.

Recipe ideas are endless, but here are our top 10 Food Network recipes that will keep your summer sweet – or sour.

  1. Cherry Claufoutis (pictured above)
  2. Cherries Jubilee
  3. Cherries
    Cherries Jubilee uses sweet Bing cherries.
  4. Cherry Pie
  5. Cherry Pie
    It's the perfect time of year to bake an All-American Cherry Pie.

  6. Cherry Cooler
  7. Cherry Cooler
    Add pureed cherries to tea for a refreshing summer sip.

  8. Cherry Cobbler
  9. Giada’s Blended Cherry Mojitos
  10. Food Network Magazine’s Cherry Pie
  11. Cherry Pie
    Food Network Magazine uses sweet cherries for this classic pie.

  12. Bing Cherry Phyllo Rolls
  13. Italian Donuts With Cherry Sauce
  14. Cherry Ricotta Cheesecake

Check out Cooking Channel‘s take on sour cherries and recipe for Sour Cherry Galette. Plus, Sparkling Cherry Juice from Healthy Eats.

What’s your favorite way to eat cherries?

– Nya Hendricks

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