24 Hour Restaurant Battle Bash

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Have you seen the commercials or heard the buzz for Food Network’s new show 24 Hour Restaurant Battle?

24 Hour Restaurant Battle
A Sneak Peek

Host Scott Conant, an esteemed New York City chef and a frequent judge on Chopped, gave a preview of this new reality competition at his restaurant Faustina. As guests toasted with summery cocktails and lined up for pasta, he exclaimed, “It’s hard enough to open a restaurant period, much less in 24 hours!”

Chef/Host Scott Conant
Chef/Host Scott Conant

Judges Karine Bakhoum and Gabriella Gershenson
Judges Karine Bakhoum and Gabriella Gershenson

Catch 24 Hour Restaurant Battle Wednesdays at 10pm/9c, starting tomorrow night. First up: Italiano Battle.

Plus, check out these videos:

Interview with Chef Conant

Go Behind the Scenes

Preview the Show

Italian Cured Meats
Italian Cured Meats
Summer Sippers
Summer Sippers

— Angela Moore, VP FoodNetwork.com

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Comments (16)

  1. ALEJANDRO says:


  2. MAX TUCCI says:

    Give me the challenge to open a restaurant and I will give you a show that will go down in history!! I am ready!! BRING IT ON!

  3. nancy says:

    i can't wait to see the show and scott too!!!

  4. Again advertising a show we can not get in Canada. Hate this happens, would like to see these shows too. Damn

  5. Liz Pereira says:

    Wow, can’t wait to start seeing how this show really is gonna put this together in 24hrs. Location is main key…. My dream is to have my own totally European cafe with a veranda outside to entertain my guests….. And of course an off the hook menu

  6. @javier_haro says:

    Watched my first 24 hour Restaurant Battle tonight! Congrats

  7. I gotta say, that scott guy drives me insane. He just seems so cocky and if he does not necessarily do something a certain way, then its wrong. Def didnt watch this show and have no interest in doing so

  8. Mary says:

    I taped wed nights show and the end got cut off ,so I dont know who won.. "TAPS" or "BISTRO 5474" Can anyone help me

  9. ItsJustMe says:

    I love the show… however, it seems to me that Karine Bakhoum looks WASTED in most of the shows. I've seen her on ICA and she's not like that at all. I wonder what the deal is. I think this show is great.

  10. WillBelch4Food says:

    Our family loves this show…We like witnessing a dream-come-true-meets-flash-mob, we like the time crunch, we like the action, we like each battle's pair-offs (family vs. family, buddies vs. buddies, couple vs. couple), we like the meltdowns and exaltations of team members, we like watching the restaurant visions come to life, we like learning what it takes to make a restaurant work, we like the host, and we've liked the changing rotation of judges. We like seeing folks finally experience what they've long held dear.

    Last night Justin Warner and his girlfriend J.J. Pyle won with an easily marketable novelty concept they called "And Jelly". It blew our minds to discover their idea's value. Its great to have a conversion experience like that as a viewer, and we half expect to see their first franchises showing up in malls in the not too distant future. We still liked the other team, but what Justin and J.J. debuted – warts and all – just had that little extra 'mmmph' to it.

    Let's discuss those warts, shall we…Y'know, drama is part of a viewing experience. And one thing that increases drama is having an antagonist. Justin Warner was self-absorbed with youthful arrogance to the point that he lacked a bit of a social filter. The host described him as a "food snob" at one point. At another point he decided to blow off side orders — or telling his girlfriend. Later Justin informed the world, "I didn't know (J.J.) could be so bothersome." Hey, J.J., if you're reading this protect your share of the intellectual property before things go south with mister pompous pompadour. Get it on paper. You're adorable and you can do MUCH better. In the meantime, congratulations on your shared win.

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