A Trip Home for Pumpkin Patch Treats

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Caramel Apple
A trip home to my parents’ farm, Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Nebraska, was all about family, friends and great food. I spent most of my weekend mingling, catching up with my pumpkin patch family (including 500+ part-time, seasonal employees) and trying to eat everything in sight.

Vala's Cinnamon RollsFarms aren’t usually known for smelling good, but when you walk into Vala’s you’re greeted by the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. (When the craving hits, try Cinnamon Rolls from Food Network Magazine for a similar homemade version.)

The coffee house is named after me, since I started it years ago. Bragging rights, right?
Vala's Coffee House

Working your way around the farm, two can’t-miss, signature treats are caramel apples and kettle corn, foods I crave all year.

Dipping Caramel AppleHere’s a fresh apple being dipped into a cauldron of perfectly melted caramel. To make caramel apples at home, check out this recipe: Perfect Caramel Apples. And don’t miss our toppings bar.

Funnel Cake
Like many festivals, fried foods are sure-fire favorites. I’ve spent hours and hours in front of Vala’s fryers, making funnel cakes, potato ribbons, French fries and onion rings. Yumm! Food Network’s Spider Web Fritters make a great homemade goodie, if you want to fry up your own Halloween treat.

Root Beer
The most popular drink on the farm is Vala’s own root beer.

And you can never go wrong with a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie. Check out all of our devilish desserts for Halloween. Or, you can also try a pumpkin main course, like Paula’s Pumpkin Baked Ziti or Rachael’s Pumpkin Penne.

Kettle Corn
Munching my way around the farm, I was amazed by all the Food Network fans I ran into (people I never would have guessed liked cooking and/or Paula Deen). And even though I work for the Web site, everyone had the same request: “You should bring Food Network to Vala’s!” I don’t know about that, but I did bring a backpack full of Vala’s food back to New York City with me. You really can’t beat the kettle corn! Once I run out, I’ll rely on Paula Deen’s caramel corn to get me through until my next trip home.

Kirsten, Web Editor

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  1. I love Vala's too! And I get to remember Kirsten when she was a little girl and I worked with her mother Jan who was a school psychologist at the time. I am always so inspired how Tim and Jan overcame all obstacles and fought to create their shared dream of the Pumpkin Patch. Would make a great book!

  2. dhea says:

    I noticed the fudge was not mentioned. I love love love the fudge! I like the post very much as it contain very informative in nature.I like to eat the pumpkins as it smells very tasty shown in the given post.

  3. april says:

    Vala's is the best place in nebraska. I love to take my kids there..They have the best time and I enjoy seeing them smile the whole time were there. Thank you for the wonderful place

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