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  1. Mary says:

    I think most of you are way, way off base. I loved her first show, printed several of her recipes to try later and got some good tips -keep bacon frozen! I had not done that but have now tried it and I can keep bacon longer. Sounds like a few embittered wanabes out there. Loved the potato torte and the tips on pie crust. Keep it going Melissa!!

  2. charliegirl says:

    I like her new show and I like her. In the past, when I have started a new job, I was nervous and had a steep learning curve. I think some of the comments are a bit harsh. Let's give her a chance to settle in and find herself. I am looking forward to learning more from Melissa. I wish her great success.

  3. Lov2Cook says:

    Something is messed up on this blog. I actually got a note in my email stating I was using foul language. I don't see the message here. I left this blog 3 or 4 days ago because of the troll lurking amoug us here. Watch out bloggers there are usurpers here.

  4. UNNAMED says:

    Food network has been degraded by selecting Melissa over Jeffrey. Bobby Flay detected some strong competition from Jeffrey. VERY DISAPPOINTED, WHAT WERE THE JUDGES THINKING, GUESS WHAT, THEY WEREN'T. UNNAMED.

  5. Nancy says:

    Melissa cooked 3 ck/breast for four people under $10? she made potatoe pot pie without veggies, or scollop potatoes with a crust, and created a "BIG" name for it. she created glazed carrots that I have been eating for 40 years. regular meals adding spices she likes. which by the way, most would have to go out and spend a fourtune to get. nothing to get excited about. my family of four eat like she cooks would be starving. repeats "here we go, ok, all right" drives me to drink. speaking of drink, she doesn't ever suggest a type of drink with the meal or a bread like with the $10. mealspoonfull of meatballs, on cousscous. Jeffery was happy, exciting, makes you want to jump in and join him. my opinion

  6. DoctorSheryl says:

    Today, 20 September, Melissa's show was not on. No explanation. On last weeks' show it was pretty obvious that she is pregnant again . . . is this why? Brian Boitano's show (on after hers) was a rerun as well. Was there only a six episode deal for both?

    Please explain FN.l


  7. DoctorSheryl says:

    DEAR FN:


    IT IS OBVIOUS TO ALL BLOGGERS (AND TO YOU, THE FN) THAT THE DISSATISFACTION OF THE VIEWERS OVERWHELMINGLY, IS DUE TO THE CLICHE PREMISE OF MEAL ON $10. Melissa has so much more to offer than this. She is a professional, a mom, and a talented cook with diverse experience and hints to offer . . . let her run with that! Several bloggers have mentioned "Luxury for Less" (ie. less time, less money) — something like that would be eminently appropriate. Not to mention it should silence some of the vitriol of the armchair viewers w/little to contribute but negativity about $10.

    Hang in there Melissa. Good luck on your pregnancy.


  8. tsutton says:

    I've been searching around the Food Network Site to see why there were no more episodes of Melissa D'Arabian's show. I'm glad to see that she'll be back in January. With the economy as it is, it's great to have some low cost recipes that are simple to make. I've made the orange chicken, which was a bit hit and the braised pork which was amazing. Wish she was coming back sooner.

  9. Jean says:

    I loved Melissa's show and can't wait until she is back. Her recipes were easy to duplicate and delicious. By the way, where does she get her blouses? I love the style and the colors.

  10. Judy Lease says:

    I love that cute little thing! I don't care how old or lame her receipes are to some they're very inventive and delicious. I think her new show is great. I watch her every time I can, and that is very is very often. She's a keeper!!!!

  11. Foodie too says:

    Good Grief rosesherwoodhead!! We think exactly alike. I absolutely positively agree. It's magnamamus that we're of the same mind because like you food is my specialty. I can cook food better than most people I know. Sometimes I even laugh at the people on the food network knowing I can do 100 times better. But this blog at least convinces me I'm not alone in my thinking.

  12. Chetf says:

    The pullout section featuring the 50 summer salads has been a lifesaver on days when it is just too hot to turn the oven on! Last night we made the Watermelon Feta Salad featured on page 108 of the latest FN Magazine. It was totally refreshing – creamy and utterly delicious! I can't wait to check out the rest of the no cook recipes on foodnetwork.com

  13. Chetf says:

    I don't appreciate you implying that I'm involved in an incestuous relationship!!

  14. Chetf says:

    Since when is deer sperm a condiment?

  15. Chetf says:

    What's the matter with my comments? Are yours so much better that you have to belittle me that way? Geez, lighten up!

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