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  1. It seems that this blog has become very personal and personal attacks on people who post isn't what it's supposed to be about. Opinions can be discussed without resorting to this.

    The topic is who won The FN New Star Contest. And who didn't. I don't think we are helping Jeff get a show by being nasty and bitter and turning this into a fist fight.
    He wouldn't want this. He is such a sweet gentle person who likes Melissa even if we
    No one from FN is going to bother reading all the personal attacks here. I'm just saying.

    Barbara in Philly Burbs

  2. luvcookin says:

    Part Two

    You say that I wanted Melissa to win. Actually, I would have been accepting of either Melissa or Jeffrey in the beginning. When Melissa won, I was happy for her. And I too wanted FN to eventually give Jeffrey a show. Now, I’m not so sure. Based on these blogs, Jeffrey lovers appear to be narrow minded, highly opinionated, their way or the highway types. A lot of people would have been happy with either contestant. But the Jeffrey lovers/Melissa haters can’t see that some people enjoy what Melissa has to offer. They can’t see that some people would not have watched Jeffrey. Also, I have asked the following question many times and no Jeffrey lovers seem to be able to answer. What makes you think that the FN would have kept Jeffrey’s original concept of a show? They changed Melissa’s concept. What makes you think they would not have changed Jeffrey’s concept?

    • asunburst says:

      I counted 8 long comments by you luvcookin, all criticizing other bloggers and their opinions. Who died and left you the queen of the FN blogs/
      You have such insight as to our intelligence yet you prattle on and on about the same thing. It only takes one note to say you disagree with us, and you prefer Melissa over Jeffrey. Not 8 long ones in a row counted point by point by you. Such an authority.

      • luvcookin says:

        Actually, my posts were in response to negative comments. I did not prefer Melissa over Jeffrey. I would have been happy with either. And you want to talk about criticizing opinions? Talk to Love2cook. She always has to be right. You can't accept the fact that everyone does not agree with you. I have said very little negative regarding Jeffrey. Yet, if I say something positive regarding Melissa, you people jump down my throat.

        • asunburst says:

          I am so sorry. I mixed you up with Love2Cook. We all need to read the names more carefully. I have seen other similar ones and now I read there are imposters. School can't start too soon for me.
          Again, I am very sorry about my note to you.

          • Lov2Cook says:

            Hi Barb, I went back and and looked at all my comments and they all appear very positive except the last one about Melissa which attracted someone named "luvcookin" who seems kind of rude. Are you sure you meant me?
            BTW, what does it mean when I pass the curser over the place where the avatar goes and it says I'm hiding under a rock? I wish I was more computer savvy and had chosen a different moniker.

  3. Sanita says:

    Luv2cook, I think you need HELP!!!! The kind that you see a professional about! Learn to draw a line between REAL LIFE and a TV SHOW! MELLOW OUT, this is just a TV show that is meaningless in the grand scheme of things! Take a step back and breath slowly and think about what you write and how OFTEN you write!

    • Sanita says:

      Luv2cook,sorry! I mistakenly put in your name instead of Luvcookin who I meant to put in. MY MISTAKE, I APOLIGIZE!…………….Chris…I'm using Sanita's login site…

    • asunburst says:

      Sanita, I think we have all gone overboard. That's what happens when we are so passionate about what we want. But Luf2cook is a bit over the top in judging us all. I just want a good show on FN that I can learn from. I am way past Mom's Home Cooking and $10 a meal. There is a need for more advanced palates and those of us who don't have to count penny's. I am all about saving money, but not to the extent I can never make a tasty meal which teases my palate and pleases it. My family is used to the not so Mom's Cooking 101 and they want me to produce more fun and tasty international dishes. And I love to cook them. I want to get to the meat of using different spices which is surprisingly tasty. I never would have thought of cinnamon in meat until I tasted it. Middle East and East Indian cusine uses spices we would never dream of using in meats, tea and desserts. When is the last time you used Rose Water? Lavender? Jeffrey can help us learn to not be afraid to try them. Just use a bit of cinnamon in your beef or lamb dish next time you cook and you will see what I mean. Cream instead of milk just doesn't cut it for me.

      • Sanita says:

        Hi! I too am way past mom's cooking and cooking 101! Every good Italian girl knows how to cook!!!!! And not just Italian food! I to wanted Jeffery to win. Maybe he will get a show??? I have "Lavender" in my kitchen right now!!!! I use "Herbs De Provence" in my shrimp carbonara. My "Joy of Cooking" book is 30 years old. I have an even older one from my mother! Cooking is my passion !!!!! But I think some of the comments are a little over the top! When unemployment is at a record high, kids are going hungry our nation is in crisis!!! I'm the first one to admit, I Do Not like RR!!!! But I have a choice to turn her off. I just don't like the mean sprited comments. God Bless, Sanita

        • asunburst says:

          Hey Sanita
          I think we are on the same page. All but about RR but that's OK. I finally burned out on her but I have a collection of her easy peasy recipes I use a lot in winter.

          I kinda hate to bring it up, but I did live overseas for 8 years and that was the beginning of the end of my Mom cooking all but the Italian recipes and Mom Mom's Marvelous Meat Loaf as my grandson calls it. Now they expect me make different meals. Some I have done to death and passed on recipes and I refuse to make Humus or Garlic spread again. I am into the meal, not the starters. It's fun to see the kids want my international recipes now. Another one I am tired of making is Puta Pup and Sauce. South African. Lived there and Saudi and Kuwait so my palate now is Middle East, Mediterranean and South African with a lot of British and French tossed in.
          Not bragging, it was our jobs. I would love to see someone who has more than Italian and Tex Mex brought to the table. That is well covered and I like Italian and learned from the best. Italian relatives by marriage

        • asunburst says:

          Page 2
          I am not a fan of Southwest or Mexican food, except for Hormel Hot Tamale's in the can. <G> We make our own Tacos. Enough of the hot peppers. It seems to be a contest to see which cook uses more of the taste bud killers.
          My e mail is asunburst1021@aol.com if you want to talk food Sanita

    • Sanita says:

      After writing this I too decided I'm in need of help. I can't seem to stop blogging. It's ruining my marriage. So it's time I stop this insanity. But I can't seem to stop. I just told my husband I was going to the supermarket and instead I went to the library to connect online on one of their computers so he didn't see me blogging again. How do I stop? People get on here and taunt me and I can't let them get away with what they say. How can I? They can't be allowed to better me in any way. My ego won't stand for it. So I'm going into therapy. I have no choice. What else can I do? But don't worry. I'll keep blogging and let you know what my therapist is saying. Maybe his words will help some of you out there who can't afford to go to one.

      • Sanita says:

        I'm Chris, Sanita's husband! She did not write this (the above comment about needing a therapist! Some low life or jokester didn't have the nerve to use their own name so they used Sanita's name. Between both of us we have MAYBE six or seven comments on all the blogs about the show. WHOEVER IT IS OUT THERE…GET A LIFE!!! …..TO WHOM IT APPLIES!!!!

      • Sanita says:

        Will the real Sanita, please stand up!!!!! I am Sanita and would never write this. Chris my husband and myself have only blogged nine times during the whole competition. So whoever you are at least have the honesty to sign your own name. Any guessers????? Sanita

  4. asunburst says:

    Becky, thanks for your color tidbit. Makes me even happier that our new counter tops are Elderberry Blue. Both DH & I are on a diet.
    I wish we all could have a place to give each other cooking tips etc. I think I could learn a lot from you all. How about someone set up a Bulletin Board for us? I can if you like. I have a friend who is a whiz of a BB Techie.

    Barb in Philly Burbs

  5. kala says:

    I think we are all in agreement that the $10 idea was not good. What surprises me is that the FN did exactly what they told Katie not to do. They kept reminding her that we want to cook healthy but we do not want to hear about it. We also want to cook affordable meals, but we do not want to be reminded that times are tough. Eating good food we prepare ourselves is one of the few remaining luxuries we can enjoy and give to our family.

    Please rethink the theme of the show. $10 Dinners, no, Luxury for Less YES!

    • Foodie too says:

      I love the "Luxury for Less" idea! It might more accurately represent the meals she makes anyway. I think there were quite a few posts arguing that the meal she cooked could be done for 10 bucks.

      • kala says:

        And the worst thing about putting a number to it is, what happens when food prices skyrocket unexpectely between the time the show tapes and it airs? It's a moving target. They are just asking for failure…

        • Foodie too says:

          Yes, that's so true. Plus, every market/region is different with widely ranging prices. Yet, if they promise it for $10, I want it for $10.

          • Foodie too says:

            Even though it's not technically a promise. It's just the name of the show which suggests that at $10 you'll be able to feed a family of 4. I'm all about the technically accurate. Tell me it's $10 and it had better be $10. Not a penny less. Not a penny more. I'm that anal. And it had better work in every region and market or don't tell me it's $10. I mean a promise is a promise, isn't it? If they promise why don't they deliver on that promise? If they don't, I "promise" I'm going to complain until my fingers bleed from typing my complaints. I promise.

          • Fed up says:

            Such vitriol!

  6. Paul says:

    I didn't get to see the first episode, but really wanted to. Can you air re-runs of melissa's show or maybe post episodes on the site please? thank you

  7. asunburst says:

    Re:Lov2Cook said:
    Hi Barb, I went back and and looked at all my comments and they all appear very positive except the last one about Melissa which…

    Hi Lov2Cook
    I am afraid I don't know who is who on here anymore and this is no longer a discussion about FN, Melissa or food. I am not up to this, so I wish you all luck and good wishes.
    If anyone seriously would like to have a forum to discuss food, I can provide one. Let me know at asunburst1021@aol.com

  8. gigi07 says:

    Gosh, based on what I’m reading here there are a lot of identity thieves! People posting as other people, people claiming other people are posting as them. I’m new to blogging. Is this how it always is? Is everyone always this mean and opinionated? Well, not everyone, but several of the people on here seem mean and opinionated based on things they have written and the way they say them. From what I’ve read, there are people here who refuse to look at the other side of things. Can’t there be more than one opinion? I’m scared to share what I thought of Jeffrey and Melissa because I might get attacked by some of these mean people.

    • rickh says:

      Yes you will find people who steal other peoples names and a very few who are so set that they can only see one side and everyone else is wrong, but for the most part the people here and on other blogs are polite, willing to listen and while they may not agree with you will understand what you are saying. The only and main thing to remember is to treat people with the same respect you would like them to treat you with and you will be fine. As for being attacked by the mean people, it could happen, just ignore them if you wish or defend your opinion. The choice is always yours. Other than that good luck, welcome and have fun.

    • luvcookin says:

      Food Network could fix the “stolen identity” problem if they cared to. First they need to get rid of the Intense Debate company. I’m on some other food blogs and those won’t let you register a user name that is already in use. Food Network could do this too. Intense Debate, which hosts this blog, is a joke. It doesn’t matter how one sorts the posts. We still have “posted 5 days ago” then “posted 15 minutes ago” followed by “posted 4 days ago” and that includes the replies. It doesn’t make sense and makes it difficult to follow. It’s almost like the FN doesn’t want people to post since they won’t fix the problem that so many posters have complained about. I think it’s a shame that people come on here and post as other people by stealing identities because they are trying to slant things their way. Too bad they aren’t secure enough in themselves to post as themselves.

  9. Robalso says:

    My husband and I thought Melissa's first show was great and so gourmet for such a low cost! If you take a look back at some of the first shows of the FN "now greats" some of those stars had much rockier beginnings. Melissa is smart and has lots to share and she will do very well. You GO Melissa! I tried the Potato Torte and Salad this week at the same meal and we loved both. The crust recipe is to die for and I will never use another. Until now my pie crusts were a little on the unpredectible side but…no more! That recipe provided enough value for the entire episode. To those who are concerned about too many calories…this is French cooking…which = calories. If you are concerned about fat/calories perhaps you can tune in Ellie whom we also like and we use her recipes too.
    I'd like to second another comment that I'm so glad you have not as yet made her start showing clevage!
    Although we were pulling for Melissa we did like the concept of the show for Jeffrey and we're hoping you may later consider it and him for programming as well.

  10. jay says:

    I gave Melissa's show an honest try. Im sorry, its boring, and she just blends in with the Sandra Lee, Racheal Ray type to much for me. And then about half way through her episode, I once again get upset that Jeffery didnt win. Im sorry, I wont be watching her show again.

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