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  1. Linda_S says:

    I found someone who taped the show and was willing to share. My power went off just before the show aired. I thought I'f missed out!
    Excellent potato-bacon tarte. Delicous, easy and inexpensive, just as she said. Great tip on cutting the bacon.
    I'm looking forward to the culinary travelogue to Morocco. Who said Jeffrey has a monopoly on that.

  2. rickh says:

    For all you Melissa fans I thought I give you a helping hand with a cookbook right up her ally:


    • Chetf says:

      She did GREAT!! And her food was delicious looking. As always she had a lot of great knowledge to share – I loved the idea of freezing the bacon and cutting it across the strips!!! She also made me feel like trying out the dough. Hers is perhaps one of the few shows that make me actually want to make the things she makes the same day.

    • rickh says:

      I use to think I was the only one who used this nickmane but it seems like someone else is also using it now. I would never put something like this regarding Melissa's fans as i am and will be a big fan of hers from the start of the show.

      The first rickh

      • rickh says:

        The first rickh

        Dude I was here first!! What are you trying to do?!! confuse things?!! Cut it out already with the name stealing!!!

        • rickh says:

          Okay I will play your game. As there are people here who know the rickh nick from the foodstar blog, they will know the answer to these questions.
          1. Where does your wife come from?
          2> What was your career?
          If you are the first then you know these easy questions.

          • rickh says:

            I knew you were playing a game. Well buster! It's not funny! And I won't play your stupid games. If you want to post as me, go ahead. There's nothing I can do about idiots like you. I'll keep posting as myself and hope people will know where I'm coming from. If you want to just confuse things there's nothing I can do about jerks like you who turn theses blogs into a free for all for every moron out there. We'll just have to post with the same name since you don't have the courtesy to use another name knowing I was here first.

          • rickh 1st says:

            You are the one playing games as anyone who has followed the blogs, here and on Bob's blog regarding the show would know what I have said about the simple questions I asked. So go back to your parents basement or your room or where ever you crawled out of and leave the adults alone. Anyone who did follow is welcome to ask any question regarding my questions or anything I have said on the blogs and lets see who can answer. I will answer as rickh 1st

    • Linda_S says:

      That is an inappropriate comment. Is there some reason you need to be ugly to people who like Melissa? I am very disappointed in the maturity level of some of the people who come here to comment.z\\
      I like Melissa and her food. I've been cooking since I was a very tiny child. and I still find interesting things in her show. I think a lot of you made up your minds you wanted to sink her because your favorite didn't win.. I don't like the winner from last year but there are many who do. SO he has a successful show and good for him. I hope he stays on FN.I just watch something else when he is on. I wish some of you could offer Melissa the same sufferance.

    • Chetf says:

      You people are absolute idiots!!!!

  3. Sharon says:

    I really wanted to like her show but had to turn it off halfway through because she was just so boring.

  4. Lov2Cook says:

    All of Melissa's tips are so lame and old. The salad dressing needs a 1/2 tsp of honey and really well aged basalmic to pull it off…..Too tart! Kids won't touch any of this stuff. The dessert was disgusting and FN won't even publish the comments. The torte was not something even she wouldn't feed her own offspring, considering how unhealthy it was. AND 10$??? Is this a joke?

    • luvcookin says:

      Part 1

      "All of Melissa's tips are so lame and old."
      – Really? I had never heard the tip regarding regrowing green onions.

      "The salad dressing needs a 1/2 tsp of honey"
      – Your recipe for the salad dressing needs 1/2 tsp of honey. Her recipe did not.

      "Kids won't touch any of this stuff."
      – And you know this, how? Do you know each and every kid? You don't know my kids. Do you know Melissa's kids? Or are you over generalizing?

      "The dessert was disgusting and FN won't even publish the comments."
      – That is simply not true. Comments ARE posted about the dessert and they are all positive.

      • luvcookin says:

        Part 2

        "The torte was not something even she wouldn't feed her own offspring, considering how unhealthy it was."
        -Really? And again, you know this how? Do you know her? Her children? Have you shared a meal with them? Did you ask her? Please share. Additionally, please check your sentence structure. Based on your comment, she would feed her children this dish.

        If you don't like her show, don't watch. I think it would be safe to assume that everyone does not watch or like every show on FN. That's why we have the freedom to change the channel. Why do you feel the need to come here and comment? I can't speak for anyone except myself, but if I don't like a show, I simply don't watch. I don't feel the need to go to a website and rant about the host or post untruths.

        • Lov2Cook says:

          4th, My screen states there are 27 comments on this dessert but only 6 are showing up. My sister replied to this recipe with a gentle negative with one star and it was not allowed. The rest of the comments don't add up either.

          5th, well you caught me! I was in a hurry & not aware I was posting to the sentence police.

          6th, while you did not enlighten me with an opinion on it. There is no way the average cook could accomplish this meal for $10

          7th, This is a blog. Everyone has an opinion and on a blog they also have right to express it. So you could follow your own advice and if you don't like the way a blog is beginning ……. Don't read it.

          Yes, I wanted Jeffrey to win because he had new ideas and was inspiring. You wanted Melissa. So be it.

    • Lov2Cook says:

      Sorry but I don't linger near my computer waiting to ambush bloggers not agreeing with my thinking and waiting for comments on my pearls of wisdom so I'm somewhat tardy in my reply. I stand by all I said.____1st, I've heard all of her tips before thus far. Perhaps you missed it on another show.____2nd, if you'll read the comments on the salad dressing you'll find the main complaint was tartness. The reason Melissa's may not have seemed tart to her was the age of the basalmic. As we all know, the older the vinegar the sweeter. Honey will help this. I'm sure hers was expensive AND well aged. My cookbooks having this recipe state this and I have over 700.____3rd, my children and the children I know would not go for these dishes so in this case I may be generalizing but the torte has way too much fat content for the average child or adult.____

      • Lov2Boast says:

        Hi Lov2Cook,

        I'm enjoying blogging on here. My favorite part is reading the insightful comments of people like you who would have us believe you "know it all." It's so impressive you have over 700 cookbooks. My worry is that the time spent reading said cookbooks and keeping yourself so busy "getting the last word in on these blogs" leaves you little time to spend in the kitchen. While your claims would have us believe you're open minded to opinions and cooking views in general, my take from your words is that you are rather closed minded and haughty as to your views.

        Yes. This is a blog. And one about cooking/eating food. Do we have to be "force fed" your "tart" honey-less bitter tasting views? When will you and those like you who insist yours is the finality on all views get over yourselves and truly show you have an inclination to accept other views and opinions. Including those you do not agree with? You never will. You will still have to get the last word in. You will respond to this opinion, no doubt. Because you need to be right. Or at the very least "understood". You people can't stand being seen as less than clever in your opinions.

        So keep on posting here Lov2Cook. I find your opinions, if not enlightening as you wish them to be, rather amusing and at times silly.

        May you always see yourself as the perspicacious person you wish to be seen as.

        Your sister in blogging,

      • luvcookin says:

        Part One

        Thank you so much for enumerating your response. I’m not sure I could have followed otherwise!

        It’s fine that you stand by your comments. I would not expect anything less. As you stated everyone has an opinion and they also have right to express it. However, it seems that when a poster’s opinion differs from your opinion, you feel the need to tell them they are wrong. You can’t accept that everyone does not agree with you.

        While I did not share my opinion as to whether the meal could be put together for $10.00 in a response to you, I have shared that elsewhere on this blog. I did not feel the need to rehash the point. I will say here that if one determines the cost of a meal the correct way, then the meal could be accomplished for the amount stated.

      • rickh says:

        3rd, my children and the children I know would not go for these dishes so in this case I may be generalizing but the torte has way too much fat content for the average child or adult.____

        By whose standards? In my family we do not see a problem, others here see no problem. If you or your family think there is a problem, that is fine but it is still an opinion and will have supporters on both the pro and con side, but do not presume to speak for the average person, because no matter what side you are on you will probably be wrong.

    • Sanita says:

      I owe you an apology! I mistakenly put a comment in with your name when I meant to put in "Luvcookin" NOT YOU! That person has like 130 blogs which in anyone's book is a bit in excess! They need toget a life! Again, I'm sorry if it caused you any hurt feelings! Most Sincerely, Chris… I'm using Sanita's LOG-IN…

    • Lov2Cook says:

      Chris aka Sanita :^) Not a problem. The lady keeps accusing everyone of what she is most guilty of. Me thinks she Is she "Love2Boast" also? When luvcookin said talk to me about criticizing I burst out laughing. I thing I've posted no more than 10 time thru the entire 9 weeks. ____Actually my intent was to help those who found the dressing too tart or tangy. Honey really does help if you're using cheap basalmic.__Cheers,__Lin__

      • luvcookin says:

        "Actually my intent was to help those who found the dressing too tart or tangy."

        Your intent, which is apparent, was to criticize Melissa. You can't get over the fact that your precious Jeffrey didn't win or that everyone in the world does not agree with you.

        And I'm not Love2Boast. There's actually more than one person that doesn't agree with you.

        • Lov2Cook says:

          Your intent is to criticize me it appears. Please drop this as your are treading very close to harrassment. Perhaps you need to look for help as someone earlier suggested.

          • Lov2Cook says:

            You seem to be proving my theory about always getting the last word in. Why won't you shut up already? You're making your intent loud and clear and it's not what you claim it is. By the way, I'm not who you think I am. I may not be who I say I am either. But I do really enjoy replying to the bumptious bloggers' comments. Comments like yours. You constantly claim what your aim was in a comment but when one reads the comment the only thing that comes through is the pomposity. For me it's the joy of the hunt. Finding the hubris and popping your bubble. You and people like you, so need to be heard. It must be therapy for you to post here in what must be an overly drab life. But I will challenge you. I will mock you. I will reveal to the other bloggers just what a wind bag you are. Either you people need to learn to write and concisely make your point or you've got to get over yourselves. Otherwise stop posting. Your arrogance is showing far too much. And obviously it is your turn. I trust you will not be able to keep silent for your MUST be the last word.

    • Chetf says:

      You don't have to insult people because they don't agree with your view. Especially in that foul language. It's only an opinion!!

    • DoctorSheryl says:

      Dear Lov2Cook:

      If you use good quality Balsamic (that has a natural sweetness), this salad dressing ROCKED. The soy sauce "secret ingredient" was a surprise and worked well.


  5. roma says:

    We watched her new show with optimistic joy. We wanted her to succeed and still do. The concept of 10 bucks seems limiting for a family size of 5. As annoying as Debbie was when she'd drop her catch phrase, "…because I'm Korean", so too is Melissa's "it's yummy!" That was one too many, ad nauseum. She proved to be a quick study during the competition, so I'm sure she have the wrinkles ironed out soon. Best to her and your new show.

  6. Tracy K says:

    I couldn't find her show for the first episode because the name was changed. I'm sorry I missed it, but my husband and I loved the look of her four step chicken recipe on the final. We made it and it was delicious. We are looking forward to her upcoming shows and have made it a series recording so we don't miss any more.

  7. vera says:

    I wanted to like Melissa's show, but it was really not good. Jeffrey got criticized for not being clear about his concept for a show, but his show was different from anything on Food Network.
    I hate to say it but Melissa is like a bad version of all of the good shows on Food Network. She gave very incomplete directions for the pie crust. She made a salad dressing no child would like, and she was hyper as can be.

    Also there is no way that recipe is $10. Besides all of that, it was loaded with tons of unhealthy fat, cholesteral and sugar. i would not want my kids eating that.

  8. The survey pretty much sums it up about how her show was recieved.
    What do you think of Melissa's first episode?

    Eh… (46.0%)
    Love it! (38.0%)
    Jury is still out (15.0%)

    Barbara in Philly Burbs

  9. L Sor says:

    It was so-so. My husband swears he saw Melissa several years ago as a "back kitchen helper" on Emeril. Does anyone have any information if Melissa had any previous connections with the Food Network or any of their TV personalities?

  10. pifbuddy says:

    Hi people just wanted to be aware there is imposter's on here who try to use other people handles names or likeness and steal avatars, there is one particular person who has used 4 or 5 different names and he likes to stir up trouble and thinks he is a whiz at doing this stuff, since the moderators will do nothing about it, I decided I would, no I am not who I say I am, I go by some different names such as chetf, cheftt, richh, and others, so do beware of liars like me.

    • So what are we to take away from this pitbuddy aka chetf, cheftt, richh, and others?
      I can't even see this dang place in order. Firt place I have been that has 5 days ago then 1 hour ago next. It's really hard to have a discussion with anyone on here as when I come back I won't see you again. Prolly wont see me. I just get notices in e mail, it's the only way I can halfway keep up.

      Barb in Philly Burbs

    • Perplexed says:

      An imposter on a blog is nothing new. That's what people do on these things. My answer to that is to have a better set of priorities. I suppose these blogs could be fun. But I've noticed most are an exercise in who has the better opinion. I guess I'm not as intelligent as most of the minds on these blogs. If I was I would probably spend as much time on these things as some do. Respecting Melissa's cooking and instructional skills, I'm going to formulate an opinion based on my experiences and personal preferences. Nobody here, regardless of their attempts at persuading me otherwise, will be able to penetrate that. So to me it's all just silly and futile attempts at being heard by someone. Imposters are part of the landscape of these blogs.

    • Chetf says:

      I don't appreciate you implying I'm involved in an incestuous relationship!!!

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