After the Confetti

by in View All Posts, View Video Only, August 2nd, 2009

Watch what Jeffrey and Melissa had to say directly after the confetti fell on The Next Food Network Star finale set.

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Comments (209)

  1. ZQinFLA says:

    FN just churned out another show I wont watch…Not so much because of Melissa,but because it seems like every other show on FN. We want something NEW. A show that exposes us to things we've never heard of or thought of. A show that we would wait for week to week with anticipation. I think Jeffery could've achived just that. There are enough shows for moms looking for a quick idea, but almost none about exploring food.

  2. carol says:

    I think think the judges got it wrong. Melissa is boring and don't think we will watch her for 30minutes. Maybe you need to let the public pick who they think they want to watch. Jeffrey had something new and more interesting. You let the best one go.

    • mattic says:

      I don't get your argument. If you look at the polling on the website Melissa is ahead of Jeffery. So what public are you talking about? Isn't the public voting for Melissa over Jeffery?

  3. Dorothy Grimes says:

    saw first show, was terribly disappointed. What is "paris" every other paragraph? nothing parisian about the meal. also, noticed how teeth or popping eyes were prominent. At times, it was pop-eyes all teeth. I tired of Rachel's "yummy" and "yummyness." I won't be watching Meilissa [a/k/a rachel] again. At least w/Jeffery it was a genuine secret ingredient. BTW 4-step meal was not original. I am 78+ years and learned that from my Grandma. Susie, how could you remark that ". . . it was brilliant."? To paraphrase Kate Gosselin ,what planet are you from? Oh yes, family in front row – dead-giveaway. Pun intended with giveaway.
    Fans are intelligent.

    Dorothy Grimes

  4. EllenG says:

    Could someone tell me why no matter when I check this site Sue Attkinson's comments are always the first ones with comments from days ago and nothing new in them.

    • luvcookin says:

      Hi Ellen,

      That used to irritate me too. Now I just go to the last page of comments and start there. I think the FN still has some kinks to work out with the site.

  5. Lindy says:

    Where are my comments going? I keep posting and they don't show up. All I see are the same comments.

  6. Sammy says:

    I'm glad Melissa won. Period! Jeffery's a putz!

  7. Frances says:

    That's a little harsh to judge someone you don't really know anything about except what you've seen on TV. She won't be filming everyday for an extended period of time. They film a lot of shows in a short amount of time and then she is back home. Many working moms can find the balance and she probably has lots of support from other family. Who knows they may travel with her.

  8. dottie says:

    WAS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO BRING UP THE SUICIDE OF MELISSA'S MOTHER…How much do you know of her past to be so jugmental. Boy, people know how to be cruel when they don't get their way of having the arrogant Jeffrey win!!!

  9. Laura says:

    Melissa may tape her show in Texas- I don't think she lives in WA, but in TX. Many Moms work and raise children at the same time. Maybe, optimist, you should change your monniker!

  10. DIANE says:

    I think it was uncalled for that Melissa brought it up in the first place!

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