After the Confetti

by in View All Posts, View Video Only, August 2nd, 2009

Watch what Jeffrey and Melissa had to say directly after the confetti fell on The Next Food Network Star finale set.

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  1. Thank you so much for picking her. I liked Jeff well enough, but with the economy as it is Melissa is so relevant right now. I am not one that enjoys cooking much and do not have an ease in the kitchen. We are unable to afford to eat out at this point and so I am having to cook more at home and I can really get inspired by watching Melissa. I have learned lots from her just from being on this show that I am so super excited to see a full half hour with her, I can only imagine what tid bits and goodies I will learn from her! So, thank you so much for choosing her, I was so rooting for her to win!!

  2. mm, scottsdale az says:

    FN did it again……..a total repeat of last season's failure. Lisa Garza (from last season) and Jeffrey Saad showed a style and sophistication sadly lacking on any FN shows. FN either doesn't realize, or refuses to acknowledge that there are people watching who's interests are broader than bringing their entree's in under a certain dollar amount or cooking for or with children. I'd love to know about things like exotic ingredients to use in everyday dishes (like steak sandwiches!) and chic table settings. I can't be the only one……….

  3. Susan says:

    Congratulations to Melissa. She displayed such grace and showmanship on the finale. Melissa complimented Jeff a couple of times including the thought that they both win. He never once returned the gesture. As was already noted he did not explain what harissa was where it came from. However, I would love to try his sandwich and I'm sure he will show up on the FN at some point. Melissa worked very hard to take in the judges comments and critiques and she absolutely rose to the occasion. It took me 3 years to fall in love with Guy and thanks to DDD I am addicted. However, I do not find that happening with Big Daddy yet I think Melissa is a welcomed addition to FN. That is of course in addition to Daisey! love her mucho!

  4. Karen says:

    I watched the entire season with great anticipation that Jeffrey would take the crown. I was extremely disappointed and shocked Melissa won. I WILL NOT watch her show. One Rachel Ray is enough on FN. Jeffrey seemed to have a genuine passion for food and grabbed ALL viewers, not just stay at home moms like Melissa seemed to focus on. Watching a cook prepare food and describe the different flavors as they use the ingredients is something Jeffrey was great at. Guy, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, Emeril and many more great chefs on FN are awesome at this and make FN the reason I watch. Melissa is not one of them.

  5. peter says:

    I like both Jeffery and Melissa as they both seem like great people. I wish they both were rewarded with shows. However, my girlfriend and will not watch Melissa, butt would definitely watch Jeffery. Melissa seems like a wonderful person, but she's hard to watch and there are already so many shows with a similar concept. Jeffery's concept was more interesting and he is definitely easier to watch.

  6. LG_in_LA says:

    I agree with what Jeffrey told his friends and family at his home finale party last night as to why Melissa won. See his comments at What a classy, cool guy! I honestly think we will see him on TV with his own show very soon – I certainly hope so!

  7. Jan says:

    CONGRATS to Melissa and the FN for a GREAT choice! I have a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics and taught Foods, etc for years, and I have learned something every time I have watched her! If people would quit criticizing and actually listen to what she has to say , they would realize she has a gold mine of tips that none of us have thought of! Her chicken demo was not all HOW to dredge, etc….but the 100 ways to change it up! I love watching the chefs, but sometimes get intimidated with their dishes, etc….and maybe simplicity is what some of us need to get excited and the quick easy tips to get "cooking" again and trying new things! I am so excited for her new show! THANKS judges for listening to your viewers!

  8. Lauren says:

    Oh great, the blonde next door superwoman soccer mom, what a draw for FN. Drop the confetti, play the music and maybe we won't notice the bland trite gruel FN is dishing up as new and innovative. Unlike the poor little Oliver who had no choice, I will not be asking, "Please, sir, I want some more."

  9. Ben Hamptom says:

    I cant believe you chose the Sara Molton wannabe cooking chikcen over the everyman Jeffrey! I would never watch Melissa with her shrill voice and same ol recipes. I was looking forward to looking forward to Jeffreys' new ingredtients and man's approach to cooking. FN made the safe and wrong choice on this one. I hope you guys give Jeffrey the show he deserves and that Melissa is only on the air for a couple shows…………

  10. Dll says:

    I would perfer Melissa's show to be 'Kitchen Survival' instead of $10 meals — just more fitting, and unique. It sounds like she is competing with Sandra Lee. You make the right choice – Jeffrey's stuff is too hard to find, and really not for the common people – JMO.

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