What is Bobby Throwing Down?

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We recently spotted Bobby Flay in the Food Network kitchens shooting Throwdown. You know the beginning of each episode where he trains with his sous chefs, Miriam and Stephanie? Well, we caught them in the midst of culinary boot camp for an upcoming Throwdown and managed to snap a couple pics for your guessing pleasure.
Throwdown2 Since Bobby hasn’t surprised his next suspect yet with a Throwdown, we can’t disclose what’s behind the blurred circles. However, we would love to hear your theories on The FN Dish! What dish hasn’t made it on the show that you think is worth “throwing down”? Here’s a list of past Throwdown dishes to help you out.

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Comments (11)

  1. Trish says:

    Empanadas ?

    They are a little tricky to make but would make a good Throwdown.

  2. Carrie says:

    CANDY! I want to see a great candy throwdown. I spy lettuce or herbs or maybe basil on his cutting board though. And a mixing bowl…..and lemon……….. maybe some sort of dough? Pizza dough?

  3. j-hoe says:

    Miriam is hiarious… one of the quiet and very funny elements of this show.

  4. Rachael Lehman says:

    I think this “thwodown” (as Bobby says it) is a very arrogant idea, naturally Bobby’s personality–cocky.

  5. Lana says:

    I think the Pad Thai has been my favorite Throwdown, mostly because Nongkran Daks is just so completely adorable. The Chocolate Bread Pudding was a good one too. Bacon-infused Creme Anglaise? Freakin’ brilliant … I’m just sayin’ ….

    What would I like to see on Throwdown? Umm, Chicken Salad Sandwiches. Man, there just ain’t nuthin’ like a good CSS, moist and crunchy and *slobber*, and ain’t nuthin’ worse than a bad one, ya know?

    I’d pay money (what little I have) to see what Bobby would do with it. And you can tell him I said so, too.
    *toothy grin*

  6. Dan S says:

    Rachael Lehman, you do not seem to watch the same throwdowns I watch, Bobby is anything BUT arrogant! He always seems humble when he wins, and besides, if you read his website “ask Bobby” he mentions that even when the people “lose” they win because their business increases because of the national exposure. He takes THEIR trash talk in good humor and of all the throwdowns I have watched there was only one person that agreed, then asked what was it he just agreed to. That guy won, and frankly would have been emotionally crushed had he lost, he also did not seem to know who Bobby was. I think it might have been one of the early ones.

    guess: Shepard’s pie

  7. luvcookin says:

    Thanks so much for providing a link to info on Miriam! I just love watching her on Throwdown! Now give us info on Stephanie!

  8. Dan S says:

    looks like it was for the Taco throwdowns, fish and or puffy tacos

  9. Becky says:

    How about some Indian food — tandoori chicken, or chicken or lamb tikka masala, or (YUM!) samosas? For a regional dish how about hoagies (submarine sandwiches if you’re not from Pittsburgh)? I’m making myself hungry!

  10. Leigh says:

    Well, I'd hate to spoil the suspense for everyone, but I guess I will have to in order to add some insight to this question.
    I heard straight from the horse's mouth, ( He's more of a Siamese Fighting fish & an Emperor Penguin put together, if you ask me.) that he is currently filming some comfort food Throwdowns that will air sometime in September. So think high calorie foods! I also heard that another ultra special Throwdown is going to take place between a radio DJ & himself at Bobby Flay Steak sometime in October.
    Now, for those that don't want to wait until then, these the names of some upcoming Throwdowns: Country Captain Chicken, (Yes, it's sort of an Indian dish, don't ask.) ,& Lobster Club Sandwiches. Happy guesssing!

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