Susie’s Answers – Episode 8

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Comments (234)

  1. Fabia and Lee says:

    My husband and I are confessed Food Channel groupies. We watch , and use many recepes everday and during times with guests. ,

    We are both not buying the Mellissa choice, I find her to have nothing in common with a "stay at home mom". While her cooking seems to have interest, I think she comes off as insincere, she really is a working mom, who has had a couple of yrs off, now is back to work with a very young family. Not the same thing , I also think most woman will see the referance as not holding water.

    She lost me at" I clawed my way up the corporate ladder"..

    Not a stay at home type of thing.. Jeffery is what he said he is..too bad you guys missed the boat on that one.

    Although we love most of your Ladies. in your posse.. we will probably pass on this show.

  2. Sunny says:

    I am a working mom with a teen, and when I get home, I am exhausted. If I watch Rachel Ray, then I have some driving force that makes me want to get up and make dinner quickly, but with Melissa, I cannot say the same. I do not have the energy, nor do I want to exute any energy into thinking about making each meal $10. Sometimes, dinner can be a little less, sometimes more, but her idea is just boring and unappealing. I don't like her personality at all. I'm really tired when I get home and her voice, the creepy and inguine and stiff smile are the last things that I want to see. She just gets on my nerves. I was dissapointed beyond words can describe; as long as Melissa is on the FN, I won't be tuning in at all.

  3. julie says:

    I would like to have the recipe for the pastry Melissa made that impressed the crowd on the last episode. Any chance she might deliver that on her new show?

  4. Linda_S says:

    Thanks for the comments on the finale and for answering our questions week after week, even in the face of some of the rudeness.
    I liked both finalists but preferred Melissa and I am very glad she won. It makes me sad that some of the folks who are passionate about their favorite can't be civil to the winner. She was so gracious to Jeffrey even when it was obvious she thought he was the winner, you would think his fans could offer her at least courtesy.
    Again, thank you for two winners at the end. I have already tried some of Melissa's recipes and followed her tips with great results and I am far from an inexperienced cook. I am looking forward to her show and will be watching or taping every episode.
    I hope you do get Jeffrey into a show. He had some great dishes and an interesting POV.
    Linda S in SC

  5. trudy says:

    I would have liked a tie. I know that that is not possible but I certainly hope we will see Jeffrey on the Food Network sometime in the near future. He was wonderful.

  6. Joan says:

    Please advise what the wonderful spice Jeffrey Saad put on the steak.

  7. Ralph Poole says:

    This sums it up.
    Melissa is a stay at home, mom, COOK with no talent.
    Jeffery is a CHEF. Bad choice in picking Melissa. You have lost a fan.

  8. Mary Rose says:

    Don't think you picked the best person for the next network star. Jeffery would have been the better pick. Melissa turned me off with her cocky smile. Every picture of her is showing her teeth. A half hour of looking at those teeth would drive me up a wall. Will not be watching her show. As a rule your contestants weren't as good as Bravo's top chef candidates. The Best show on Food Newtwork is Elton Brown.

  9. Joan Kapin says:

    Very poor decision to eliminate Jeffrey!
    He would have been another class act on FN.
    I tune in to learn more innovative recipes, not 15 more
    ways to make chicken on a shoestring.

    Melissa is dull, her 'perkiness gets on my nerves,

  10. dkg2u says:

    I really really want to know where Susie got that dress for the Episode 8 Susie's answers video. HElp!

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