Susie’s Answers – Episode 8

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Comments (234)

  1. optimist says:

    Melissa is no stay at home mom. It's quite a commute from her home in Kirkland WA to the studios in NYC. What a great mother! She abandons her kids to chase her own dreams. Perhaps she can tell us where she got that awful set of teeth so that we won't go near her dentist.

  2. Margui says:

    I really wanted Jeff to win this competition. This man has experience as a chef and I hope he has a show in Food Network or in other channel. The loser of a competition many times ended up to be the winner. For example: Jennifer Hudson (lost in American Idol, then turned up to be an Oscar winner and more popular than the winner of that competition. The same thing happened to Susan Boyle from Britain's got talent. That's is my wish for Jeff.

    Why Melissa won? Because she was the underdog, making the judges have bias toward her through the tragic story about her mother suicide- Ok, it is very sad– but it was necessary for the judges to hear a sad and horrible ending? or the fact she had no culinary background means to slap everybody in the face because she is not a chef and the others study so hard to be one. I though she was humble, but she is full of pride.

    I'm not going to watch her show. She make me tired mentioning her kids every single second. Other chefs have kids, but they are not constantly mention them. Enough of drama queens.

  3. Roger says:

    Both of them were great.

  4. DB from Chgo says:

    I miss Emeril and as much as I disliked Batali, Molto Mario was a good cooking show

  5. Miswesterner says:

    I am glad I didn't have to make the choise. I think Melissa will have a great new show, but I wish I could see more of Jeffrey. Bring him back and Michael, too. I loved them both.
    Why must some of the judges comments be so negative and hurtfull. The judge that said that Jeffrey's dish was an insult to Italian cooking was way out of line. Other "reality" shows have judges like that but I would hope that the Food Network is above that.

  6. marianne says:

    Jefferey would have been my choice for the next FN star, his show would have offered something different to the booooring stay-at -home -mom scenery.Since the beginning, I felt that Bobby Flay never really liked Jefferey, perhaps he might have felt that if another guy wins, his popularity would go down.

  7. Winnie_O says:

    Jeffrey would have brought new ideas to FN – I don't need to see another Sandra. I would prefer learning about a new ingredient than another way to cook chicken or noodles. Melissa may bring her ideas and recipes to the FN but I don't really want to see/hear them ~ too much of that already!

  8. Mel says:

    *********************PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE***********************

    You are missing the point.

    Ten Dollar Dinners for Four, Sounds Funky But Think About It For A Minute.

    How much are we talking about spending on a weekly basis, ten dollars a meal times *X* meals per week comes out to what??

    Lets see now, Monday to Friday thats (5)
    Saturday, Sunday thats six more being generous.

    So we have Eleven Meals *X* Ten = $110.00 dollars a week for food, now what can we come up with spending that kind of money per week?

    But if we add in Breakfast and Lunch for Monday-Friday lets see now thats (10) more meals = $100.00 more per week totaling $210.00 per week or $840.00 per month.

    I would think spending that kind of money, on occasion a special meal could be made that meets the criteria of all the nay sayers,

    Nobody and I mean Nobody cooks that many *GOURMET* meals per week so there can be the average meal on occasion.

    • Mel says:

      I liked the Survival Guide Title also but that was Alton’s idea just to shoot a Demo, as was Jeffery’s Ingredient Smuggler, had he won, his show would have been different also.

      Lets remember Melissa’s shows are already shot and in the can.
      Just waiting showing, with the first one this Sunday and going for Six weeks.

      Remember this is a **Summer Replacement Show**

      The Fall lineup is already shot and just waiting their scheduled airings.

      They will now see how these shows are received, change the format if needed, do some tweaking as necessary, Melissa wants to be successful so she will work to make that happen.

    • Mel says:

      Look at how many different show styles Guy has had, I’ve lost count of Bobby’s different shows, Paula’s on at least her 3rd or 4th format.

      Most all the other Women have just one show style and they haven’t seemed to want to branch out.

      Rachael has had at least four different shows, with 30 Minute Meals being the staple, Since the contestants have been on Rachael’s Morning Show I been taping and watching it she cooks entirely different for the most part on it.

      Her production Co is producing the new Daisy show on Food Network if I’m not mistaken, shes talked about that a while back on her daily show.

      Now should Jeffery get his own show I Vote Yes.

      What or how the format will be is anyone’s guess but we won’t see it should it occur, until after the first of the year.
      How it could be blended in is variable, a Fall Show doesn’t make it, insert here, Mid Season Replacement very likely.

      Right now it Promote Melissa’s Time so any shows of the runners up will be on the back burner until at least mid season, that’s when Adams show started being promoted.

  9. applestycx says:

    Yes ,Jeffery's pilot sounded interesting and yes, some of the ingredients may have been difficult to locate locally, but, both points are useless to debate. Whether we liked or disliked Jeffery or Melissa's pilot or even the POV they had during the competition doesn't matter. FN had a concept ,they were looking for someone to do the show they had already picked. They were not picking one of the pilots or the POV of the contestant.

  10. Ann says:

    I want to see the last 2 episodes in full — recap are BAD! iI was on vacation. You kept Adam G around so keep Jeffery too!

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