Susie’s Answers – Episode 7

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Comments (413)

  1. Elda-El Paso, Texas says:

    I never believed for one moment Melissa would be the next food network star. Gimmick! Jeffrey has the training and the appeal he needs in order to be on television.

  2. dlreed says:

    food network made another error in picking a finalist.
    Melissa is soo empty! I know I will not be watching her show.
    She has nothing to offer . I hope they will give Jeffery a show,he is interesting and a likeable guy you want to know.

  3. Mom Kerr says:

    Hello, Jeffrey should have won!!! Melissa is sweet, but not all of us have a busy life style. My six children are adults. Food Network
    already has great shows. I wanted to watch and learn a new world
    ingredient every show, that got me excited. I have always believed that all people of the world are alike when it comes to foods. Same
    but different….biscuits to some,fry bread to others. Darn I wanted to watch Jeffrey's show!!! Sharon Kerr, Fayetteville, Arkansas

  4. kdoodah says:

    I am so happy Melissa won, her dishes really seemed to impress the judges (where is that cookie recipe of hers?), and it seems like you could make them for your family or any guests. Jeffrey was great too, but I would most likely only use his recipes for certain people/ special occasions, who has time to go search for the secret ingredient? they are both great and likable but I think Melissa will really inspire more people to expand their everyday cooking recipes and gain more confidence in the kitchen.

  5. lili says:

    What a huge mistake choosing Mellisa as next food network star,her pilot was not even good, comparing to jeffrey , the guy was very enjoyable to watch, and learn a lot from , to be hounest i get very anoyed watching Mellisa, and her for step recepie for her piolet was very stupid. I was looking forward to watch Jeffrey show , so i am very very disapointed now !!

  6. Diane Perry says:

    Melissa is good for harried women trying to cook after a day at work or chasing around a bunch of kids. It's Melissa to the rescue. But, Jeffrey brought excitement to the kitchen. What would he do next? Where has he travelled to and what has he eaten while there. His pilot was like the intelligent, thinking person's version of Bizarre FOODS WITH andrew Zimmern. I hope FN finds a show for Jeffrey. His POV is fresh while Melissa's has been done again and again…Sonny Anderson, 5 ingredient meals, the cooking healthy woman with short hair, the skinny woman who makes one thing and uses it in 4 meals. They are all the same! And they are all female. I want to see Jeffrey and learn from him. BAD CHOICE, GUYS!! For SHAME.

  7. Rossemary C. says:

    Once again the network had an agenda…Jeffrey has a distinct point of view with various spices and a mid eastern flt which is sorely missing on the Network. melissa's chicken was sooo must be made in millions of kitchens daily. It's the l;ook…cute..blonde..etc. get over it and try to be more diversified in your offerings. Please find a spot for Jeffrey..preferebly at 4pm.

  8. Mary Jane Butkus says:

    I find Melissa very hard to watch. She talks too fast and smiles too much. I think she probably is a great cook but she does not have star quality. I will watch her show to see if she improves, if not I'll skip her show. She actually has a very annoying personality and thinks she's better then she really is. She comes across as phony.

    Jeffery is more natural in front of the camera and would have been my choice as the winner. He's much easier to watch and seems to be genuine.

  9. Thanks for this wondrous post, I am glad I detected this site on yahoo.

  10. Richard says:

    Agree. Debbie's challenge WAS much easier.

    BUT, I think Susie has a smug attitude because she knows something we don't. It's almost like somebody right before Christmas teasing about a gift that they MAY or MAY NOT have gotten for someone. Of course she can't TELL US what's in that present that we'll open this Sunday….but my gut feeling is that it's going to be an eliminated Debbie Lee all wrapped up in a pretty pink ribbon.

  11. mary says:

    I agree..Debbie was favored and given a much easier task. Look at how the cost constantly called Melissa the wrong name. I am very disappointed myself in how Debbie has been allowed to lie.

  12. SueAtkinson says:

    Hope you are right!

  13. SueAtkinson says:

    from your blog to the judges votes I hope

  14. CookSan says:

    I have used many of Ina's recipes and most of them are great. However, I never use the same amount of salt that she does. But some of her chicken dishes, salmon, pot roast, were excellent. I recently made her granola, it too is delicious.

  15. judy says:

    She is an awesome cook. A little too upscale for me tho. I don't think we need to comment on her weight-its a cooking show

  16. Michelle says:

    Ina got her show because of her best selling cookbooks & her very successful food shop. Her recipes are very dependable & turn out great. The photography is especially good — it really focuses on the food, less on Ina during preparation. She balances the food with details on entertaining in many different scenarios, but without "tablescapes" or elaborate decorations.

  17. Carra W says:

    I don't inderstand the need for such vitrole! If you don't like a particular host, don't watch. I love Ina. I've tried many of her recipes and find them to be delicious. I would like to better understand the process timewarner used to collect the data warranting such strong statements? Has she/he actually tasted something Ina cooked or perhaps, did he/she lack success when he/she tried an Ina recipe.

    By the way, timewarner, have you heard of the Barefoot Contessa? Look in your gourmet store.

    Relax and peace be with you. c

  18. Wordsworth says:


  19. Carmellasue says:

    I don't know who you think you are but if you think that you can cook better than Ina than why don't you have your own show? You made a nasty comment about her size. How dare you. Ina is sweet and has many people who love her for that. As far as how shecan cook……. I have made many, many of her recipes and they are all wonderful. I own all of her books. Why don't you get a life other than to be nasty. Does it make you feel good to be nasty especially to those that don't deserve it? Oh and by the way, this blog is about TNFNS………. Idiot!!!!!!

  20. Sue Atkinson says:

    I like Gordon Ramsey-the chef you love to hate (and never work for…) Love to see him on an episode of Iron Chef. Thanks for your suggestions.

  21. timewarner says:

    I would never buy her books. I don't like the way (when she speaks) she slurps. And yes I have tried her recipes and I also dont like how she says to """use good vanilla or """use good oil. What does she think we use. Also, why does she cook for all those single men.

  22. kathy says:

    You are forgetting the rest of the chefs on FN say exactly what she said. When she speaks, it is very calm and you can understand it. All of her recipes are great and easy to make. Who cares who she cooks for. Quit being jealous about it.

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