Susie’s Answers – Episode 7

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Comments (413)

  1. Ro Ro says:

    I think Jeffry did a wonderful job…I'm a home cook from a french & italian household for the past 50 years..I find his dishes to hard & running around to follow…..Please,Please give us Melissa's the home cook that doesn't use 3 pounds of butter 25 eggs,& seasonings that don't cost a fortune!! I love Ina but I cannot drive down the road to a farm stand & get a fresh duck,berries,wine & whatever!!! GO MELISSA

  2. DGP says:

    Give Jeffrey and Melissa their own shows.

  3. Sharon says:

    Yes, I have watched all episodes this year and have found it quite interesting. I amdelighted with the last two standing. My favorite? Melissa! Why? Yes she is a Mom and a home cook but how many millions are out here in TV land are in the same category. I would have been intimidated meeting all of the chefs as she has been. I, too, am not a chef, only a grandma that has worked all my life and is now interested in cooking and baking. Jeffrey is fine but I wish he would either style his hair or wash it more often. Pretty greasy to ME! ANYWAY, I HOPE THAT MELISSA WINS! I THINK SHE WILL BE THE GEM OF THE NETWORK. Surely will be watching Sunday night.

  4. Florece Cairns says:

    Do Melissa and Jeffery know ahead of the sunday night show who is going to win?

  5. Joan says:

    What surprises me most about the "The Next Food Network Star" is the vetting process. It's really hard to believe these contestants were the best of the best of all the applications you received. All the crying and back-biting — it's like high school. These people do not have the star quality of Bobby Flay or Paula Deen, not even close. Pick stronger contentants and you'll have a better show.

  6. Olivia says:

    Sadly, I have seen the writing on the wall the past few carefully edited episodes: Melissa is the winner. We saw her go from modest to egomaniac in record time. Her stories don't jibe and she is extremely annoying. I will NOT watch her show (as I do not watch the over-the-top Guy Fee- EDDIE. Maybe FN is trying to appeal to a younger crowd and wider variety of viewers, but they are losing me. Gordon Elliott should have kept himself on with "Door Knock Dinners!" One of my favorites, now long gone…..

  7. smileyface says:

    Glad Debbie has FINALLY BEEN ELIMINATED!!! She did not have the honesty and just said what she thought the judges wanted to hear and I would not want to watch her show. It was not fair Jamieka and others were eliminated in the previous weeks at her expense. Jameika obviously has a beautiful prescence, likable personality and a distinct culinary point of view that is real and not forced. I hope the FN rethinks and brings Jameika back with her own show.

  8. GrammaCarol says:

    If they both can't win then it needs to be Melissa who does! Jeffery is great, however he tends to cook very spicy foods. A lot of people cant eat that kind of spice and young kids dont and won't eat it!

  9. wiltech says:

    From the moment I saw Jeff in the very first episode, I thought he would win.

    He has a presence that is comfortable, relaxed, kind of quirk and a great sense of humor. He thinks fast on his feet.

    Watching Melissa would frankly up set me. It's not just the hyper-bubbly thing, but I sense something more visceral about her.

    I agree with Bobby Flay when he asked her, "Where did all this fire come from?" and You're scaring me today."

    She gets wound up and she is scary!

  10. Sue Nicklaus says:

    Can't wait for the finale tonight. I agree that the last two standing are the best choices. I like both of them very much but I do love Melissa's recipes and she certainly does "light up the room". I love all of FN's chefs and look forward to the newest star. I told my family and friends that if I ever end up in a Nursing Home unable to speak, to please write Food Network on my forhead and make sure that I have my own personal cable TV at bedside turned on FN at all times. Horrible thought but at least it would be tolerable. Thanks, Sue Nicklaus

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