Susie’s Answers – Episode 7

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Comments (413)

  1. Sheila says:

    Jeffrey should be the winner. He has been himself through-out the entire process and never did the crying or frantic confusion of Melissa. Melissa is a phony with her stay-at-home mommy crediability. How do we know she cooks every night! She was in the business world so her home-body stuff is just recent and she has no real past history tips that would merit be called "cooking knowlege". She is a recent mom, recent (possibly) stay-at-home mom and how could anyone who really enjoys cooking become so bouncing off the wall when posed with a cooking problem…real cooks find cooking their element and settle down in the kitchen not become a taz-type devil when food comes at them "too fast & furious"…again Melissa is a phony with her bleeding heart "my mother being a single mom" story. Life is life, Jeffrey may be "vanilla" as you call him but maybe everyday people are and it would be good to come home a straight-forward cook and none of the Melissa hipe.

  2. felina says:

    I for one think that it's time to learn to love people just the way they are. I LIE! I am not proud of it, but i hope the world doesn't crucify me because I do. And if anyone of you say you don't lie, then you are liers!!! Point is, all three of the finalists are capable of doing a show, but only the people who are NOT self righteous can watch them all.

    • Wordsworth says:

      Felina, I agree with your first sentence, but I do have a question. Do you have any idea why you lie? It's usually not necessary and the truth will always come out eventually anyway. I've known and met alot of people who just enjoy lying to see what they can get away with. They more often than not find out the answer is, "not much." As for your rule that self righteous people "cannot watch them all," that's very seldom got anything to do with what people do or don't watch. It's about entertainment, the person at center stage and on FN, the cooking education that many are seeking. Most of us regular folks don't have time to go to culinary school, so we learn from the chefs on FN. If the teacher turns us off, we drop the class, just like in college. A lack of integrity is often a turnoff, not because the person is "self righteous, " but because they just don't like the feeling of being lied to.

  3. Penny says:

    I hope Melissa wins. I would definitely watch her. She seems to be a great cook and has a lot of practical knowledge to share. Jeffrey would put me to sleep. He may be a good cook, but his personality puts me to sleep. However,I would watch him as a guest on Melissa's show.

  4. teresapay says:

    Over the years, there have been excellent cooking shows on many networks, but I think what you are looking for here, is a way to take the pulse on what would be the next "hit" for TFN. Reality shows are getting old in my book, love Gordon Ramsey but the rage is getting old, HUMOR, on the other hand, never goes out if style. I agree that I would like to see Michael Symon in a different setting, he and Mario have such a wonderful sense of humor, maybe a "round table" humorous setting where cooking solutions, styles, tips and more are discussed or demo'd? Of course, I am just one person, but I do have to agree that Giada is boring!, Rachael's voice grates on my nerves and I change channels on both of them immediately. Guy is great, and I think he keeps things fresh. The Neelys seem repetitive and the whole, "stay at home mom" thing, I don't get it, a working mom has time constraints, etc, being home all day is more challenging because why?????

  5. susan says:

    As a feminist from the 70's, a wife, mother, and an educator, I am going to make a comment that I thought I would never make. While Melissa is nice and knows how to cook, I think there are enough shows with a female home cook (Ina, RR, R Miller, etc.), so why do you think I need another?

    Secondly, she has 4 kids under 4. Who has been cooking for them for the last month, at the very least? I am not saying she should not go for it, but as Barbara Walters once said, "We can have it all, but just not all at the same time." It is an illusion to think otherwise, in my opinion. Think Amy Finley. Melissa is in an enviable position that most women are not in: she has lots of options. Fine. To imply that she is a stay at home mom, making delicious meals for her family seems a bit questionable at this point. She is not doing it all.

    Susie, aren't you just a bit afraid that you are going to hire another Amy F.? 4 kids under 4-anything can happen to tip over that apple cart! Unless she has the cooking show in her home, there will be sacrifices.


    I love the show and watch as much as possible. I like both of the last two but I would like to see Melissa be the winner. I think she would be a good host, and make cooking fun. I love to cook and after watching the network I try all kinds of new foods.

  7. judy says:

    I am getting tired of the same old, same old shows. Rereun after rerun. I would like some fresh faces. Enough of Paula and Giada and Rachel for a while (I love them tho). Guy is the best. Love Ina too. Don't care much for the Deen boys
    Like both finalists would watch either one. Don't watch as much as I used to. I was an addict. Shows are just getting boring

  8. Carra W says:

    These comments are really therapy for the fans. The situation with Debbie revealed how little our voice is considered. Clearly, Debbie should have been removed much earlier. It irks me to think others may have succeeded had she been removed. We are left with the "survivors"……not necessary the best.

    The real process should be to vote like Dancing with the Stars. There could be a system where the judges have 50% of the votes and the viewers have the other 50%. Then, the NFNS contestants would be picked in part by those who would watch them while still giving those investing in the NFNS some control.

  9. carol says:

    I like Melissa alot! I would definately watch her a show. I'm a busy mom too and would love great recipes that I can get on the table fast. Someone has to remember that we dont work in five star restaurants and dont always have access to high end ingredients.

  10. tlc says:

    I'm so glad you are down to my favorite two. I actually like Jeffrey more, he seems to be very interesting. I want to know more about him. I also believe he will bring food that is not so mainstream. I've seen the basics over and over and am ready to move on to more challenging and unfamiliar foods. Your current line-up is kind of stale for me, as a long-time viewer. However, two new favorites of mine are Anne Burrell and Sunny Andersen. They bring a wonderful new freshness in food and technique. Although I do like Melissa a lot, but find myself insulted by her tag as a stay at home mom, like it's terribly difficult. Of course it is, (I've done both) but, it is so very heart-wrenching to HAVE to leave your children with someone else and HAVE to go to work AND manage a home and family. Now that's a real challenge. Wouldn't we all like to stay at home and watch our kids first events, walking, talking, etc. When she says this, the connection and credibility is not being made, it makes her appear as a spoiled wife who is able to do as she pleases, work or not. So I hope she feels blessed and does well, but my hope is ultimately in Jeffrey!

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