Susie’s Answers – Episode 6

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Comments (527)

  1. Sue says:

    It's really sad that Jamika shows her emotions so readily because when she smiles, she lights up the room! We just cannot imagine the stress of what all of them are going through. It's easy for us to judge them when we are sitting in home without bright lights, people talking to us all of the time, cameras in our face, the sun beating down on us, … With the stress of the show, it was just too much for her to think about smiling when she was frustrated and stressed out. If she could get her emotions under control, I think that the viewers would have embraced her and watched a show by her.

  2. Sue says:

    Melissa has been a surprise being the underdog from the beginning by not being a "real chef". How hard is it to prepare food that looks appetizing, is nutritious, and that get kids will actually eat? Ask all of the struggling parents! I feel that Melissa could develop a Food Network following. Jeffery can definitely cook, but I'm not sure that he has the charm to draw in enough viewers with his own show. If he wins, I hope that I'm proven wrong! Debbie. But, being an experienced Toastmaster, I was EXTREMELY impressed when they sabotaged her and she reacted with humor and professionalism. I doubt many of us could have shined as well as she did under that kind of pressure! She continues to struggle with speaking before thinking–or what the viewers are considering habitual lying. She does have the energy and very good camera presence; but I with so many viewers frustrated with her "lying", I'm not sure she would be able to get viewers to even watch her show if she were to happen to win.

  3. Celia says:

    Hi Susie.

    I am sure going to miss you, Bob and Bobby when 'TOP CHEF LAS VEGAS" begins on Bravo. I don't remember any ethics problem on Top Chef and the judges have said that they do not watch the "behind the scenes" footage before sending someone home.

    NO WAY will I watch any show that features Debbie the Korean. I can't stand even watching your promo's with her on.

    I don't understand why Debbie Lee is still in the competition. For the drama? For our enjoyment? For her "expertise"? Don't know. Just am sorry you have not given our opinion (99% of the commentors) the respect and consideration it deserves.

  4. Sheri says:

    I relate to Melissa, a home cook. Well, Rachel Ray is a home cook and wow what a personality. I feel the same way about Melissa, plus I like the way she puts foods together. Is she as bubbly off camera as she is on?

  5. Mary Bodine says:

    I wonder why the judges and the FN is so in love with Debbie. She stands and lies to their faces, in the last challenge, she said one thing at the cooking site, then another when the judges was reviewing the finalists. And the judges called her on it but when she said didn't lie, they just let that go over their head. She lied to the judges twice in that challenge alone, not counting the other ones. I am tired of hearing about her Korean hertiage, I am American Indian and very proud of that, however I don't repeat it every other breath.

    And when they did the challenge with Iron Chef Simon on live T. V. . Her sabatoge was the easiest, everyone should have been sabatoge the same way then you could have compared them fairly. How you did it was comparing apples to oranges.

  6. R Pellegrin says:

    I will not watch Debbie because she lied twice and Melissa makes you want to be to much like Rachel Ray. I would not be able to get past five minutes.

  7. Yvonne says:

    Susie says we do not see all the deliberation and I agree with that. It can't be just a quick one minute critique and they have the answer. But I do know I have seen enough of Debbie to know I do not want her to be the winner. It doesn't take long to figure her out. Hope she is not the one. Here is a big "shocker" for an ending to the show. Tell Debbie they made a big mistake and bring Jamika back and let her go away!!!!! Now I would watch that!

  8. mommy42 says:

    i cannot BELIEVE that debbie is still in the running! are you people really that crazy? she has lied since day 1. is the food network really looking for another star or just some kind of reality ratings? fn is programmed in my television as one of the favs–it will quickly be dismissed if she has won this competition. enough soy sauce already!

  9. hecate754 says:

    From what others are saying on the other blogs, Jamika is in tonight's episode. There's also an incidence of sabatoge, geez what a surprise could Debbie be part of that?

    Bottom line: It is we viewers who ultimately decide who wins and it's done via our viewship. I don't care how much FN likes Debbie, I will not watch her! lf she has a show, it won't be seen in this household, if she's a guest on another show, I will turn that program off.

    As for the perky, cutsey that the shows have become, I don't care for it and find myself changing the station. Bring back the back to basics cooking. That's what made FN good.

    Folks have been commenting on RR's show and how she uses so many prepped foods. A lot of folks go to Cosco or BJ's and buy in bulk that gives you the prepped food @ a reasonable price. An alternative is to make them yourself. The new resealable vaccum bags work really well and aren't that expensive. Using those helps save time and money. A few hours a week and you too can have the prep work taken care of.

    I certainly hope tonight is Debbie's last night!!!!

  10. hecate754 says:

    How come when l try to respond to Debbie's posting the adminstrator deletes it?

    I still say Debbie staged that accident with Michael!

    When given a task to collaborate on, she barely did anything, instead, she concentrated on her own dish driving the bus over her partner.

    The assignment was to work as a team and do a cocktail party, instead, there's Debbie doing her thing while the others did what was to be done. Wasn't her task to be the expediteor? yet that was overlooked.

    Last week's episode, she was given carte blanc on all of it. My opinion is she was going to get off scot free.

    lf she makes it to the finals, it will only say FN has lost their values.

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