Susie’s Answers – Episode 5

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Comments (269)

  1. Susie Loved the show format with the switching items and the way the stars handled the missing things and the changes thought milissa did a great job with the peppers after Bob talked to her she slowed down and did a great job, was really disapointed in Jimikas attitude after her items where switched but she caught on and did a good job just wished she could have calmed down sooner she had the sparkle that it takes to hold your interest for a show as well as dose Milissa she will do a great job for you and she has a lot in common with thw home cooks that will be watching her. Yourdoing a great job I worked as a dietary manager and I hated interviewing people but I’m sure that was a lot easier then the job you all have to do.
    keep up the great job you all do don’t envey you a bit.

  2. Cher B says:

    I don’t understand why Debbie is still there. Susie are you not reading all the comments your “watchers” are saying? We will not watch Debbie! She is boring, and I have found her not interesting in the least! I would love to see Melissa or Jeff win. I so agree with Cindyloo. You feel like you have known Jeff & Melissa forever, THEY HAVE A CAMERA FACE & PERSONALITY. Please don’t waste the time to give Debbie a show because I know it won’t last. at lease with the comments above, no one will watch her.

  3. Karen Neuman says:

    I wish Debbie would stop mentioning that she is Korean! It’s getting pretty old. Otherwise, she is kind of fun to watch. A couple of times, she has let her group down, though, so I’m not sure about her character. Jeffrey is just too laid back for me, not particularly fun to watch, although he seems like a good cook. He also does not seem to have leadership skills. So I think Melissa will be my choice, she is enthusiastic, offers new tips and responds well to criticism to improve her performance.

  4. Joanne K says:

    I think you should play back you videos and listen to yourslef.Do you think that snaping noise/swallowing is atractive?

  5. Connie says:

    I really like Jeffrey and Melissa and would watch either of their shows. Debbie has proven herself to be a conniving liar who would probably throw her own mother under the bus. I would never watch a show hosted by her.

  6. Kate says:

    Did not think I would like Melissa, but she has won me over. She's got my vote! Jeff is my #2 choice. But that Debbie has got to go, like so many others have already said, I too will NOT watch Debbie. I can barely stand to watch her now.

  7. cincinnati says:

    I agree with Tracy. Debbie should GO!!! I watch food network alot with my cousin. We have decided with the constestants you have left WE WILL NOT WATCH THEIR SHOW!!!! After watching last year and enjoying Big Daddy come into his own, we don't understand how you can keep Debbie and get rid of Jamika or Michael, even though he had a hard time with the camera. Debbie may be a good cook because she is "Korean" and food network does not have a Korean host but her attitude sucks. She has been about herself since the first show.

  8. Anne says:

    I can't say it any better than anyone else, but,,,, why is Debbie even a part of all this? Is the FN not really the class act we thought it was?

  9. Soralee Cook says:

    Iam a big fan of the FN,these contestants are the worst .Who ever wins will never last on the network.I know I will not watch..Soralee

  10. Suz says:

    Either you are making Debbie out to be a lair or she is one. If she is the lair you keep showing, then why is she still on? If she is not a lair then why is the shows coming across that she is?

    I cant believe the show. If next years is anything like this year and last year my house will not be watching it. Talk about being jerked around. I used to love to watch Bobbies show but after this years next food network i don't care to see him on anything. The show is not about good food and good hosting, its about let see who we can jerk around and who can take it the best. The last show was just a little to much. How dumb. Who thinks of this stuff? Like the one person called it "survivor". Lets see who can survive and still be happy. I don't blame Jamekia, I was just as Pissed as her. Then you had the nerve to judge them. Maybe some one should have judged Bob's face when Jameka said she was pissed!!!!!!!!!

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