Susie’s Answers – Episode 5

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Comments (269)

  1. Darlene says:

    How disappointing last night’s episode was! Food Network is a family network and many children watch these shows and dream to be a star when they are grown and treat some of the network stars as mentors and idols. Why on earth would Food Network want to give them the impression that if you are good at what you do it is okay to lie, be selfish and disrespect authority? I was appalled that for the second or third time, Debbie was caught red-handed lying and it was overlooked. It is a shame that we will have to block Food Network programs if she is chosen as the winner and exudes that kind of behavior. Not characteristics I want children to think are acceptable!

  2. Lynne says:

    I fail to see why my other comments were not posted. Perhaps I had too many properly placed punctuation marks.

  3. Kathy Kirk says:

    I love Melissa! She was right when she said that many home cooks will identify with her because she is one of them. I love Rachel Ray, and Paula because I feel like I can cook the “regular” food that they cook. I don’t want another “guy” cook that doesn’t have a clue what it is like to come home from work, take care of kids and try and get a quick/good meal on the table for the family. Give us a REAL cook who knows what most of us are about. The people who watch the shows that involve gourmet foods or time consuming recipes with odd ingrediants are going to go out an pay for their meals at a restaurant anyway…not stay home and cook them!! Love this show and this network, but would really like to see a “housewife cook” not a “star”. Thanks….

  4. Cindyloo says:

    It keeps being said Debbies so good on the the camera. I say if shes so good on the camera why is it she’s so uncomfortable for the majority of us to watch.Not only does she lack integrity shes just not personable. Jeff or Melissa pull you in . You feel like youve known them forever. You want Jeff to come into your kitchen and show you everything he knows. I just cant get enough of his cooking knowledge. He leaves you wanting a few more hours of just him. Mellissa seems like the girl next door. someone you would invite over with several good friends just to hang out and learn about good cooking. Debbie I would never watch her. She has no integrity, I f your integrities shot you have nothing to give.

  5. I love to watch food network, but as working Mom with a part-time job, and 2 kids, I find it hard to learn how to fix a simple dinner from most of the shows on the network (i.e. Iron Chef, Challenge, Chopped, etc). I would love to see Melissa win, so I can put to use some of her tips and recipes. I think she is great!

  6. Lawrence Myers says:

    Looks like the fix is in… Can’t believe that Susie is more enamored by Debbies on camera ability than her ethics. I promise you that I will never watch a show with DTK as it’s host.

  7. Michael McDonough says:

    Dear Susie,
    You should have got rit of debbie last episode. You caught her with a huge lie and did nothing no thing it’s like rewarding a dog for bitting the owner.

  8. Michael McDonough says:

    how do you get on the Food Network besides The Next Food Network Star?

  9. Linda Laskey says:

    Out of all of the finalist, I would definetly watch Melissa. Hopefully, she will be the one selected. If Jeffrey wins, I would also watch his show. There is just something I like about him.
    As for Debbie, I would turn the channel immediately. First of all, she needs to do something with her hair (looks like it will fall into everything she makes); second, I would not watch anyone who cannot take responsibilty for their actions.

  10. Millicent D Tarringt says:

    It's a pity, really, that this show has such high concept with such disappointing results. The only real star the show has ever developed is Guy Fieri (pardon me, "fee-eddie"), and he's unwatchable with his disreputable hair and dead-common demeanor: He's the apotheosis of white trash.

    You really missed the boat a few seasons ago when the adorable Adrien Sharp was sent home: When Adrien smiled my nephew Nigel (an infallible judge of that sort of thing) got quite giddy, and he wept bitterly when Adrien went away.

    Julia Child, where are you when we need you so?

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