Star Finale Sneak Peek

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On the set of the finale, Noah Starr tries to find out who will be The Next Food Network Star.

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  1. Ivette from Miami says:

    You need a female on your line-up who is a mom, can run a household, and can cook easy to replicate dishes. I don't know ratings, but would go out on a limb to say that maybe most of your audience are females AND moms, AND want to cook nice things for their families. Melissa fits this perfectly, like a glove. Her show should be on between 4:00-5:00 so we can come home from work, watch, and cook along with her.

  2. faithful viewer says:

    It is almost impossible to choose between Melissa and Jeffrey.
    wouldn't it be wonderful if this year's contest turns out to be a tie?
    think about it.

    • FN Lovers says:

      No!!!! no tie please!!!! Melissa could make a meal out of anything, and Jeffery on the other hand could only cook with chillis and mexican food!!! Yes, i like him, and he seems like a nice guy, but hey, give him a shampoo comercial! Hes got great hair! SO VOTE FOR MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!! SHE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

  3. mollyandme says:

    I have been posting alot about who I think should win. I am just a Jeffrey fan, he is such a great cook and has so much to show us a viewers. Does anyone agree, that there are so many women on the food network, its time for a guy to show us some more ways to cook. Enough Rachel, and all the other fast talkers, give me Guy, or Bobby anytime, I always watch both of them.

    Jeffrey stay positive, outgoing, and happy and I know you will win

    • Tina says:

      I agree. I like Jeffrey the best. I think it is still better to have some training as a chef. I like his demeanor and his integrity through all of the challenges.
      I hope the food network gives him a shot at a show anyway. They have done this in the past.

    • luvcookin says:

      I just went to the main page of FN. If you look at the "talent" there are 12 men and 14 women. Almost equally split. For me personally, there are alot of them that I don't watch for various reasons so I think it is good for the FN to have so many different types of shows and different personalities.

      Ideally, both Jeffrey and Melissa will get shows. I like them both and feel that each has something different to bring to the network. If the FN would get rid of shows like The Secret Life of… and Unwrapped and all the challenges there would be room for both of them.

  4. D. Quisenberry says:

    Please keep both of them, each is great in their own right. We need another male that can cook such wonderful menus. melissa is great too……..please, please give them both a show.

  5. Victoria A. Vasquez says:

    I agree I would watch Melissa cooking show should she win the next foodnet work star next sunday. She has what it take to keep the fans entertanined. Victoria A. Vasquez

  6. Melanie says:

    I like Jeffrey well enough, and his food may taste great, but I like Melissa's spirit in addition to the food she's created. I bet more home cooks watch Food Network shows than chefs watch them. I think I'd be more inclined to watch her and to cook the food she creates. I'm certainly more apt to buy nice chicken breasts than sea scallops; high-quality chicken is a splurge. Many of us are on a stricter budget because of the poor state of the economy and the higher food (and other) costs. And to get high compliments from a French chef about your pastry! My my! I admire you, Melissa. You're already a fabulous person in my book. If you do win, I hope you stay in the television kitchen and don't end up with a travel show, tasting restaurant food. Best of luck!

  7. Cooking Mom of 6 says:

    Melissa and Jeffrey are both fun to watch. As a mother who keeps working to improve the quality and taste of the foods that are prepared, I can relate to Melissa. Also find I'm more inspired to step up and be more risky in creating in the kitchen after seeing her take a similar approach and expressing that attitude. They seem to get along really well as competitors. Any thoughts of a combined show for them? They both seem equally qualified. Could be a new twist for the Food Network.

  8. Tina Lee says:

    I like Jeffery the best. I think he will appeal to more veiwers because the reason we watch these people on the Food Network is to get inspiration and learn cooking techniques. I have learned alot from watching some of the shows already. I don't think there are as many stay at home Moms as there are Moms who work outside the home. I don't want to be reminded over and over that Melissa is a stay at home mom. I want to be entertained and tantalized by something different. That's why Jeffery would be the better choice. I would love to see some of his international dishes and get recipe ideas from him. He is calm and focused and likable, plus very talented. Melissa is too bubbly, and can't boast to be a stay at home mom anymore if she wins. But I give her congrats on making it this far in the competition.

  9. elkins_71 says:

    They should have kicked Melissa off she is annoying as can be. Debby or Jeffry should have the spot. They are already putting way too many idiots on that channel. I used to love that channel and watch it like it was a god but now I just tune in to watch my favs. I will be mortified if Melissa gets the show. It will be like another Robin Miller with her bug eyes except it will be with teeth. You want a good cook with no culinary background do a food network special with home cooks and then vote so we end up with someone like Paula Deen….NOW there's a cook we wanna watch….she's a keeper.

  10. FN Lovers says:

    Yeah!!!!! Debbie is gone!!!! her facial expressions were soo funny …
    she would be so happy and then say, " Oh I'm sorry…. I will try next time." But her big smile would just slide down her face to nothing. ZIPPO!!! My daughter and i were so excited when they said debbie your goin home!!! I wonder if debbie will ever use capers again?
    GO MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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