Star Finale Sneak Peek

by in View All Posts, View Video Only, July 27th, 2009

On the set of the finale, Noah Starr tries to find out who will be The Next Food Network Star.

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  1. mollyandme says:

    Okay today is the last day I am going to comment. I am sure the judges have made up their minds alreay, and I hope as well as alot of you do that they give Jeffrey the job. Suzie and bob hope you realize that we love Melissa, but Jeffrey has all the entegrity, character, and mellowness to bring a really different food network show to us, other than that of Rachel Ray, and Paula Deen, who i see a Melissa to be.
    Good Luck Jeffrey, totally in your corner, can't wait for you to WINNNNNNNNNN

  2. Doris Quisenberry says:

    Most of us want both of them, Jeffery for a male chef and Melissa for the female chef. It would work beautifully, please give them both the shot.

  3. Terika says:

    I will be happy with whomever wins. They both deserve to get this far. I know , I would watch both shows on Tv… But My heart leans towards Melissa. Her personal story touched me, and it proves that EVERYONE CAN COOK and you dont have to be a Culinary trained CHEF in order to be an awesome cook. Go Melissa! Im on your side along with many others. You go girl!!!!

  4. Terika says:

    Tomorrow we will all find out who the winner will be. I dont think this is easy for the judges. Reading most of the posts here, we all like both Jeffrey and Melissa. They both have so much to offer and deserve to be here. How about giving them BOTH their own show??? Congratulations to both of them for making it this far. As far as Im concerned, they are both winner.

  5. JeaN rAYMOND says:

    I am hoping and praying that they send that awful Melissa back where she belongs, at home taking care of the children she brought into this world and also where we do not have to see or listen to her ever again! Jeffery is better at everything, looks better and has class. I hope the judges are going to do what they should do and send Melissa HOME.

  6. Krissy H says:

    she should deff win!

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