Ask Susie – Episode 8

by in View All Posts, July 24th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 8? Now you can ask her!

Susie will pick a few of the best questions entered in the comment section of this post and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 31.

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Comments (929)

  1. sharon says:

    I agree. What place does "racial" have to do with any of this? Seems to me that racial is usually brought into the picture when something is negative, and the racial card is played.
    I would love to see the show do a total reversal and bring back a couple of the contestants who were sent home for a final challenge duel. That might really be exciting

  2. ogomezmontes says:

    But should also have integrity.Debbie has shown she lacks it.One lie is passable but two shows in a row lying is too much.Also her Miami debacle and trying to blame everybody but herself is unforgivable for a tv program hostess.

  3. ogomezmontes says:

    Why my reply was deleted?.I told the truth.Debbie has no integrity.She has lied twice and blamed others for her missgivings.She should not have a program on tv.I personally will not watch her program.Period.

  4. SueAtkinson says:

    Good point-well said!

  5. Cheft says:

    There have been several post about the fact tha Jamkia was black and the network was predigest by not allowing a black to win this year, I tried to post, that it only had to to due with cooking skills and it did not matter, if your were from the north south east or west, you were still an American, it got deleted just like this probably will. That is why I post that comment.

  6. dostacos says:

    I think when Jamika was "pissed" and said she would BRING IT ON, they saw a person that would NOT be a team player or someone they wanted to deal with.

  7. SueAtkinson says:

    Hi Bill, have tried Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Explorer, I can open some, not others. Do me a favor, see if you can see the replies on one I wrote yesterday that says: "Thanks for restoring my faith…". Also, when you posted your poll, it was visible, mine you have to dig in to find….any thoughts? Thanks! Sue

  8. Bill_Kos says:

    It's funny, the post you're talking about indicates 2 replies, but only one is visible. Something happened there.

  9. SueAtkinson says:

    Rachael from FN Dish says they are still working out the bugs in their new system-thanks for your help!

  10. Bill_Kos says:

    Rachael Ray?

    Tell her I love her broken spaghetti risotto with wild mushrooms!

  11. teresapay says:

    If you are so educated, why do you need to resort to personal insults to make your point? An "Educated" "Non-Moroni" SHOULD be able to clearly express their point of view with a little more class. Apparently, you are also dense as the objection isn't that you are entitled to your point of view, but rather that to attack Jeffrey personally for his appearance which he cannot help rather than constructive criticism for his food related characteristics shows a lack of CLASS!

  12. Lov2Cook says:

    You must be a relative of Melissa's. Why so much anger? We love Jeffrey here and we are all college grads. Stop with the insults.

  13. Lov2Cook says:

    PS: If you are the type of viewer Melissa would attract then that's one more reason to hope Jeffrey wins.

  14. evers says:

    You do not understand the bill of rights. Freedom of Speech refers to no censorship by the government. The government. Not Food Network. They can censor anything they choose to censor. Freedom of Speech as protected by the constitution has almost nothing to do with a blog. Unless you threaten someone on a blog and then you may find out that threats are not protected speech anywhere.

    I think Jeffrey is great. As is Melissa.

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