Ask Susie – Episode 8

by in View All Posts, July 24th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 8? Now you can ask her!

Susie will pick a few of the best questions entered in the comment section of this post and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 31.

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Comments (929)

  1. Rosemarie says:

    The final 2 were the right 2. When Jeffrey got done with his show, I wanted that sandwich so bad. When Melissa got done…….not so much. Jeffrey was my favorite. I'm a great cook, I wanted someone who could actually show me something.

  2. Karen says:

    Jeffrey's premise of "Ingredient Smuggler" was intriguing. I often wonder what to do with unfamiliar ingredients, particularly if I have to buy a jar of something and only use a tbsp. So I was disappointed that Melissa became the NFNS. $10 Dinners? Puhleeze.

  3. anthony says:

    To answer an earlier question, yes, I felt that Tyler Florence came across as particular dour and snarky – especially in the scene where poor Jamika made the mistake of offering a tip about re using marinade. The situation was stressful enough, and his way of pointing our her mistake was to ask her something about "is this before or after you make people sick? She made a bad judgment call and didn't deserve to be addressed so sarcastically on national TV. Sorry, but Tyler has lost so much of his appeal recently – seems like the honest, likeable guy has been replaced once again by a "Star". I don't care if this IS TV and we have to play it up, if we use the real star as our model, none of this atrocious behavior would exist – would Julia Child ever address someone in this way? I think not and even if she did, she at least had the goods to back it up. That kind of behavior is not Tyler's privilege. Same comment goes for Alex Guarnaschelli – she just seems so perpetually annoyed. If I want to watch annoyed and snarky people, I could go to my office.

    Final comment – I am pleased that Melissa won. She worked hard, shared a lot of herself, took the criticisms and turned them into victory. For those who feel she told her stories to garner the sympathy vote, think again. I think the personal touch is missing in so many ways today, and I thought Melissa's sharing those things with the public was inspirational – she really did something great after personal tragedy. Said it before and I will say it again – she has something to teach or at least remind us. For example, her "four step chicken". I already made that – and funny thing is I already knew it. It is something my mother, who always worked and balanced that with raising a family as a young widow did many times over. I just needed to be reminded of the simplicity and flexibility of the dish.

    Final item – question for Susie – I know why I preferred Melissa, but what was that little, deciding factor for the judges – or at least for you?

  4. Kathy says:

    Love Food Network – Love, love, love Next Food Network Star. Watching this seasons show I loved Melissa from day 1. After seeing the finale and the show that was produced for her, I cannot wait to watch her every week. I have already marked the day and time and it will be taped in case I forget go out. Can't wait to get all of her recipes and ideas. You defintely picked the right one for this Next Food Network Star.

  5. Renee says:

    I was pleased with the choice of Melissa, but then I saw the totally lame title for her show–$10 Dinners. You already have eating on the cheap shows. What you don't have is all those great tips and suggestions Melissa gives to people who don't have the time or interest to spend hours on end prepping, cooking and cleaning up a kitchen that all the gourmet stuff requires. I was so looking forward to a show of tips and suggestions with simple recipes that I can do on the fly. Instead, cheapo eats. Not my idea of helping Melissa's show succeed.

    There aren't many FN shows I watch regularly, primarily because they're either foods I don't/won't/can't eat or the foods are simply more than I have time to deal with. One thing you could do, with all FN shows: stop with the constant pork, dairy and salt! Once in a rare show, fine. But I just about gag when I see chefs grab a big handful of salt and toss in a dish. And none of them ever offer the soy alternatives to dairy products for those of us who can't eat dairy. As for pork, let's just say I can't stand that greasy nasty stuff and you've got several chefs who never seem to cook anything without it.

    OK, rant over. Just get Melissa's show back onto the tips and suggestions and I'll probably be a regular viewer.

  6. Doris says:

    Why are you only replaying the negative comments of Jeffery? Are you trying to convince us that you made the right choice? I do not think that you made the right choice, Melissa is fine but she is too much like what we already have enough of. Jeffrey is a fresh type of cook that I was looking for…..I am sooooo disappointed that he was not the winner. Those percentages of voting doesn't convince me. Melissa will be fine but too much of the same. I will watch Giata and get just as much information as many of the others that are similar. My husband can't miss Giata. Thanks for letting us get a glance of her baby……adorable.

  7. joanne says:

    iam very dispointed on whom u pick for the next food next work star i will never watch her show, , turn her offf """she is a big fake, she is phonie she thinks she will get rich, she never talked about her husband does he work or stay at home with all those kids. she can not bring anything that we dont already know about cooking. debbie could bring some different foods into out lives. down with melissa………..

  8. janandnick says:

    I am disappointed that Jeffrey did not win. Sorry but I am not a fan of Melissa and will not watch her. When I watch Food Network, I get inspired to get in the Kitchen and Cook. After watching Melissa and all of her mass confusion, I just want to take a rest. She really tires me out. Sure would like to know what the difference was that made you choose her over Jeffrey.

  9. voaguy says:

    Dear Susie: Did the final challenge really have anything to do with culinary skills, or was it all about presentation? Both finalists, it seems to me, took the easy road. Jeffrey is such a skilled chef and he makes — a steak sandwich (albeit with an unusual condiment)? And Melissa's pan fry/deglaze/reduction/butter thickening belies her claim of originality. That's a technique from cooking kindergarten. I definitely think there was something missing here.

  10. Elvis says:

    IMHO I feel Melissa used the sympathy card when she told us about heer suicidal mother. Thanks but I don't tink I want to know about her private life that much. Personally Jeffrey was light years ahead of Melissa in the competition. If he doesn't get his own show I think I'll never watch this show again. If I was a sponsor I would have pulled my ads from your network. Melissa used poor judgement on many occaisions, whereas Jeffrey was always a classact. He never tried to play games with the viewers or the judges the way Melissa did. Please give him his own show.

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