Ask Susie – Episode 8

by in View All Posts, July 24th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 8? Now you can ask her!

Susie will pick a few of the best questions entered in the comment section of this post and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 31.

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Comments (929)

  1. jozeyann says:

    Seemes liked Melissa had it from the get go – front & center in the picture of all the contestants. Do we really need a blond, annoyinglt cheap imitation of Rachel Ray. I like Rachel. She doesn't talk down to us like Melissa does. I will not watch her – but I WOULD have watched Jeffrey.

    Also, Kelsey from last year was too annoying too. Whose idea was that, to give her a show??

  2. Nuther Vueyer says:

    If I post my thoughts of the outcome of this contest will I be savagely attacked by others who don't share my view? What is up with the nasty contrary remarks here? Come on folks, there are varying opinions just like there are various types of foods. Let's respect each other's opinions without lynching those who disagree with our personal views.

  3. robint says:

    I am happy that Melissa won, but I would have been happy if Jeffrey won. Personally, Jeffrey's style of cooking is much more like my own – I really like finding new things and trying them out. I sure hope he gets his own show, too.

    As far as last year's winner, Aaron didn't appeal to me that much. He seemed too much like the Neely's. BUT I must admit I love his new show – less BBQ and more interesting ingredients and flavors. He is better on camera than I expected too.

    I hope both Melissa and Jeffrey get good producers and changes made to help them succeed. Both have excellent skills, personalities, and cooking points of view that will appeal to large audiences!

  4. Alexs says:

    What happen with the Food Network Star the last year?????????

  5. herb princess says:

    Why not have both Jeffery and Melissa do shows? Bob, you say there's no room for two, how about getting rid off Flay, and Ray, Lee, and some of these new people who have no "on air presence".

    Isn't it interesting that probably James Beard and Julia Child would not have been chosen. Their on air presence wasn't that of others of their era.

    Some of us like to watch people cooking good food, not mugging for the camera, inventing cutsie words (yumo, delish) (can the woman talk without murdering the language?) And can she cook anything besides pasta? How about having an actual cooking show during the week in the evening? Novel idea for a food channel, huh?

    I would even watch (and have to listen) Emeril again. At least he cooked.


  6. JohnWinNC says:

    I was torn between Jeffery and Melissa. Both pilots were excellent and offered a different point of view. In the end, I liked the ingredient smuggler approach the best. When Jeffery introduced the new flavor and made the sandwich from it, I wanted to do the same. For me that made the difference. Either person would have been a good choice, though. I hope that you can offer Jeffery another opportunity.

  7. tabiez says:

    What was up with that decision? Jeffrey had a totally
    different Idea and yet you went with the same old show concept!!!
    I would have loved to watch Jeffrey cooking with new ingredients.

    Did Melissa win on a pity vote, announce to everyone about your
    tragedy, so you can win !?

  8. Sarah Hahn says:

    All I can say is WOW. The last episode of food network star had me on the edge of my seat! Melissa and Jeffery have been two of my favorite contestants throughout the entire competition, and I was so excited to see them make it to the final two. Melissa’s 4-step chicken was easy to make and full of fun cooking tips. Jeffery got me excited about using his smuggled ingredient and had my mouth watering by the end of the demo. I wish both of them could have won, but in the end, I was pleased that it was Melissa. Will Food Network be signing Jeffery up for his own show sometime in the near future? And could you please post his mouth watering sandwich recipe?!

  9. hcross says:

    Susie, I think the right choice was made. As interesting as I would have found Jeffrey's show, it simply isn't practical. I don't have time to drive all over town to find his smuggled ingredient. And I also wouldn't want to buy an entire tube of harrisa just to make a mayo. I would like to see his show as maybe a "limited edition" kind of run, something that runs for a short time during the summers. I wouldn't expect to make anything he features, but it would be informative.
    I do have a question about timing though. Why do you not give the winning contestant a time slot on Sunday evenings when they've already been on? I've already blocked that time slot out for the last few months and would be much more likely to watch her show. Sunday's at 11:30 (central time here) is a terrible time. There's lunch, there's church, there's family, etc. I don't have time to watch her show. I had this same problem last year with Aaron. We really rooted for him and were really excited for his show. Now we haven't seen a single episode because his show was on at such a bad time. And then we kind of forgot about him. Now I won't be able to watch any of Melissa's shows and I was looking forward to them. I just don't understand the reasoning behind this and it frustrates me. We cheered for Melissa all the way through and now it's kind of a let down.

  10. Tori says:

    What was the ingredient that Jeffrey used in his mayonaise spread on the final show. I have looked up Hurizo but cannot find it!

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