Ask Susie – Episode 6

by in View All Posts, July 10th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 6? Now you can ask her!

Susie will pick a few of the best questions entered in the comment section of this post and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 17.

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Comments (1,009)

  1. Kathy says:

    I have to agree with a number of other people here that, at least from what we were shown in the episode, the TV challenges did not appear to be at all equal. Debbie’s seemed to be the least intrusive and/or challenging. I’m concerned that the winner, a person numerous people here (myself included)have said that they would not watch, has already been chosen. I’m sure this series was filmed a while ago. Your comments to hang in there and reminders that we do not see everything seem to be re – enforcing that Debbie has won. Bob’s comment in his blog that Debbie is clever and talented enough to figure out how to get into the finals also seems to allude to that. If it is true that she has won, then I think you may have done her a huge diservice by not televising some of the filming that would show us the better side you all seem to say is there. Given the strong feelings expressed in this forum, if she has won, then you (FN) may have sabotaged any chance for success she would have had.
    My personal choice for the next star would be Melissa. I love her energy (and to someone else’s point, HAS Anne Burrell ever watched her own show?!!). I enjoy trying new things but with work and a family I also have to keep it real. I feel the dishes she has made are interesting and do-able. And I love the fact that I have learned some new things from her already. I like Jeffrey but he seems just a little too laid back for me. I would like to learn more about Aisan cooking, just not with this host. I will wait and see but as each week goes by it is with admitedly less optimism that you will produce a winner that I will chose to watch.

  2. Here’s the deal: I love Melissa, but the soccer mom demographic has been filled on the FN, i.e., Ina, Sandra, Giada, etc… Jeffrey is cute, but boring… Don’t know what viewers he’d bring to FN… Debbie is so good on camera it’s amazing… She’s the only one to fill a demographic hole on the network… FN doesn’t have an Asian culinary point of view… Debbie fills it… (P.S. Bobby Flay was so cranky in Episode 6?)

  3. luvcookin says:

    Why the format change?

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Get rid of Melissa, she has already shown that she cannot do the work without the help of others. Sooooooo, why is she still around? Like I have said before, if she should win, will she cry throughout her show when things do not go just right? Wake up Melissa this is the real world and everything is not always perfect. Go home where you are always safe.

  5. russgladden says:

    Jeffrey is my second choice, but he is lightyears ahead of Dishonest Debbie. I have lost so much respect for her on these shows that I'll never be able to watch her if she wins. Suzie, I know we don't see it all, but quite frankly we see enough. She has to go. My votes are with Melissa.

  6. 1Sheri says:

    I know shows are all about ratings, but there has to be some integrity in what you are doing. I'm speaking of "Debbie", who is competing on the show. I have children and grandchildren watching this program, even the grandkids cannot figure out why a person can make complete lies and still be on your show. First it was the fact she said she was too busy finishing and plating everyones dishes in the Florida segment, and then she lied about the capers, not once, but twice. If the Food Network is keeping her on for the "hate" factor, you are winning, but everyone I know is seeing through that and you need to let her go. Besides, we are all getting tired of the "I'm Asian!" factor. Here is a clue for her, everyone knows she's Asian. Please do the right thing for the show and let her go.

    • barb says:

      I agree she keeps making different reasons for why things happened.The others may have made a mistake then they jump all over them.There too far along for this foolishness.They had a finalist a few seasons ago and glamed up his credits alittle. Boom he is gone.

    • Georgia says:

      I couldnt agree with you MORE>……………..How can the FOOD NETWORK, allow such a backstabbing, lying, irresponsible, and self centered person remain in the competition. I for one would not watch her show. SHE IS NOT A NICE PERSON. We love the FOOD NETWORK and watch many of its programs; however, I am beginning to question the management of the network.

    • Ted says:

      I agree 100% with your assessment of Debbie and what seems to be her total lack of integrity–she is always whining about everone else and how they are always trying to make her look bad–remember how she was first to get all her ingredients in any of the team efforts? She was the first to make an "executive decision" and change another competitors' dessert by substituting a different ingredient than requested. She also bought instant pudding as a dessert ingredient throwing a team member under the bus trying to make a satisfactory dessert with that horror ingredient! Talk about integrity!!! While she can appear charming on camera I would never be able to watch a program that she hosted. She just seems to be a "one trick pony" — I am sooooo tired of hearing about her Korean heritage that I yawn everytime she mentions that tidbit–It's definately time for her to go!

  7. Judy says:

    Dear Susie,

    Please tell me what the New Food Network Star's duties on their show will be. Will the winner cook in teams in a competition or have surprise ingredients? We don't know the integrity of all of the other star's on their shows. All we know is what they cook and what is said while the show is being aired.

  8. rosemary says:

    Love Melissa!! Her recipes are real.
    I also like Jeffrey because he IS laid back. Frenetic energy is tiring.

    Debbie is just palin annoying and I don't like to watch her excuses.

  9. Carol Gama says:

    This is 2009 — most of us are self-conscious about our appearance and weight. I love The Food Network and watch it often; however, I could not watch a show hosted by someone who is grossly overweight no matter who they are. It tells me that this person has no self-control (we already know that Debbie is a liar) and cares nothing for her own appearnce — hardly "star" material. It takes more than cooking to host a show — personal appearce counts, too. Why would I want to watch such a person cooking — if I ate their food, would I end up looking like that, too?

  10. Pearl says:

    I agree with everyone. I cannot understand why the judges are keeping Debbie on the show. She has lied since the beginning with the angel food cake and the money. Then she lied again in Florida and now this week again with the capers!! My husband and I could not possibly believe that she stayed. She flad out lied to Bobby Flay, I mean does she not know there are cameras everything is being recorded?? She will soon lie again because that is her nature. It'll be very dissapointing to watch her advance to the next level. My husband and I enjoy watching most of the FN shows, but we will definately not watch Debbie! She needs to go…

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