Ask Susie – Episode 6

by in View All Posts, July 10th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 6? Now you can ask her!

Susie will pick a few of the best questions entered in the comment section of this post and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 17.

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Comments (1,009)

  1. funcook says:

    I wasn’t surprised or upset to see Jamika go, she was pleasant and had a great smile, but that is about all. Melissa could be groomed into a fine host; like another person posted, RR was pretty hyper in the beginning and while she seems to be getting tired now, has had great shows for a long time. Jeffrey is not very interesting and I agree with evreyone else that I’d never watch a program with Debbie as host. Interesting shows with hosts being serious now and then isn’t a bad thing at all. Good grief a person can’t smile all the time.

  2. Mary says:

    Deb continues to lie and try to make herself look better by undermining other contestants. I would be so upset if FoodNetwork made someone who comes across as so many character flaws a star.

  3. Mary says:

    Deb continues to lie and try to make herself look better by undermining other contestants. I would be so upset if FoodNetwork made someone who comes across as having so many character flaws a star.

  4. Jan Freeman says:

    I can not believe that Debbie is still on this show.
    Anyone can have a bad day, make a real mess-up. But this gal has a “bad day” every single episode! I can’t believe she is till standing when others with much more talent are gone. If I hear “I am of Korean, raised in the South” one more time, I think I might gag! Sorry, but I would never watch any show that she hosted. I don’t even like Korean food! (Sorry to my Korean sister-in-law).
    Jamika might have had a really bad time but at least she was helping get the food of the others out where Debbie did NOTHING!

  5. Emily says:

    The previews for next week’s show indicate the remaining contestants will be doing another large catering job. I don’t understand why you are focusing on these skills when what you are looking for is someone who can relate to viewers and can cook and talk while on camera. If you want a great chef and caterer, you need to pick Jeffrey, but even though I really like Jeffrey, I would watch Melissa more than Jeffrey since I (and most viewers) can relate to her skills better, but she probably won’t do so well with the catering challenge. Those aren’t her strengths.

  6. Joanne K says:

    Ok I love cooking and I love food network,But can you tell me one thing.I know when the stars taste there foods and when they speak is it really a nessisary thing to have then chew extreamly loud or smack there lips every time they talk.Sorta like you do.I can talk and chew without making disturbing sounds,And so menny other people can too.What is goin on here.I have noticed im not the only one asking about this here I have seen on other areas of foodnetwork asking the same thing.I mean in person it might not be that bad but if your pc or tv is loud and omg you can hear it and it is nasty.You are suposed to be a pro at the camera same with everyone else.we do not need to hear you chew or swallow your spit.Thanks.

  7. al says:

    I understand that we may not have seen the best side of Debbie, but why was the side we saw shown ? Don’t the producers or editors at Food Network TV have the ability to accurately represent their finalist ? Why is it is necessary for the judges to explain how the evaluations reaaly go. Aren’t we shown that ? If having a personality good for TV is required why do the judges need to explain the behavior of any finalist ? Finally, there is chatter about Debbie’s TV challenge being less difficult than the others. What do the judges think ?

  8. Donna says:

    In the beginning, I am sure that the viewers looked at the some of the contestants and wondered why some of them were even chosen. While we realize that you are trying to pick people to complement the list of other shows on the network, their onscreen persona and culinary background are not the only reasons why we choose to watch someone.

    We love our favorite chefs, not only for their ability to explain what they are doing when cooking, but for their wit, their friendliness and who they are as a as a person. “Who they are as a person” is very important to a large part of the viewing audience. We want someone who “we” would love to have as a personal friend.

    I don’t think that Debbie would ever be wanted as “that friend”. Her lack of integrity, her willingness to throw others under the bus and her ability to produce those “instant tears” when she feels threatened do not endear her to your viewing audience. Quite the contrary, they make us untrusting of her. Unfortunately, if she is continues to be kept on the show and ultimately chosen as the “Next Food Network” star, the viewing audience will become less trusting of the Food Network and the judges on the show. I know, personally, I will NEVER watch her show, nor any show that she would happen to star in. In fact, I probably will not watch your next “Food Network Challenge” if she is chosen because it will be clear to me that you truly do NOT care what “your viewing audience” thinks or feels.

  9. Nancie Lively says:

    I have watched “Food Network Challenge” for 3 years now. This is my first comment. I acually got on line tonight to see if the was any “buzz” around Debbie. Glad I am no alone in my very negative reaction to her lack of integrity. On the very first show, I was surprised she was not eliminated; actually I was disappointed that she was not eliminated for lying not just once but twice. The Angel Food Cake
    fiasco was the last straw. Why she is still on this show I can’t understand and like so many others if she should win…”ready to go or not”, this viewer will not only not watch her show but will be exetremely disapointed in the judges for putting aside good old common sense…if she is doing this in the contest…what will she do once she has the “power” of her own show? I could not even imagine what it would be like being one of her supporting staff. Why would you even subject anyone to Debbie, a person who continues to show week us after week that she lies, cheats and takes NO responsibility for her actions. This last episode showed once again what she is made of…please get a clue!

  10. sbwritergirl says:

    Susie – you ask us to trust you with regard to Debbie because we’re not seeing “everything.” But it seems obvious from what we DO see that regardless how comfortable Debbie is on camera, and how easily she could step into the role of television host, if she isn’t likeable, no one is going to watch.

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