Ask Susie – Episode 5

by in View All Posts, July 3rd, 2009

Questions for this episode are CLOSED. Watch Susie’s Episode 5 response: Susie’s Answers – Episode 5. To submit questions to Susie, go to Ask Susie – Episode 6.


Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 5? Now you can ask her!

Write in all of your burning questions to Susie about Episode 5 in the comments section within this post! Susie will pick a few of the best questions and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 10.

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Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 4

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Comments (701)

  1. Pat M says:

    fter watching Sun 7/12 show, I have this mment. ENOUGH ALREADY OF DEBBIE. – I want to be able to see the eyes of my teaching chef, and I cannot with her. I want someone not really overweight – That’s not her. I want someone with honesty and a caring personality – she is not. I WANT ANYONE BUT DEBBIE.

  2. Cathy Rothe says:

    I agree with the last comment. I will neve watch her(Debbie) show….if she is chosen. She showed a side of her that I always thought was there and it was not so pretty.

  3. Joanne says:

    I also have Food Network on all day.Everything has been already said as to what I feel about Debbie. She must go. I will Boycott the show.I think Melissa would be a good canidate due to people strugging with bad economic times,she has money saving idea’s and is family oriented.Please get rid of Debbie,she is not television material.joanne

  4. Joan Hansen says:

    I would watch a FN show with either Melissa (preferably) or Jeffrey. Debbie does not meet either FN’s ethical reuquirements, or mine. If Debbie is chosen, I as a viewer will totally boycott FN. Rather, I will choose the more varied, non-formatted, programs of PBS on Saturdays. They provide a more authentic, genuine experience of food.

  5. Big John says:

    You let Mike go over Debbie? What are you thinking? Debbie, is a bold face liar, and she does not take responsibility for her own actions!! Watch the first show and you will see it. Second, she is no team-player. I would not watch any show that she would host. Please do the right thing and spare me this drama, get rid of her.

  6. Janice Lamm says:

    I was so furious when Michael was voted out on top of Debbie’s lies right under the panel’s nose! I am so irritated over Debbie, I use to like her and hoping that she will be the The Next Food Netword Star. It all went down to the drain… In my opinion, I think she deserve to be voted out than Michael. Michael perhaps didn’t make his food as good as Debbie because he work his tail out on the bar serving the guest and here come Debbie so busy working on her own tray. If the panelist given Jamesha a chance from kicking out Katie on the episode 4, I believe Michael should have given a chance and let Debbie go! Besides, I am sure she is not going to be the one anyway… I vote for the Mommy Melissa. I think she will definitely inspire a lot of mother especially with little children to cook and watch her on FN.

    Amen!hehe I think I get carried away with this Debbie thing…

  7. Faye says:

    I think you all goofed in letting Michael go and keeping Debbie. What does she have to do for you juges to get rid of her. Would never watch her if she had a program on tv. This is where my tv is tuned to most of the time but I do change channels when a few of the shows are on .Jeffery is the only one I would watch.

  8. Linda Nelms says:

    Love the idea of a Mexican/Spanish cooking show but Daisy’s is pathetic. Keep the kids out of it. The shreiking voice was at times hard to deal with. Everyone sitting down at the taking 2 bites and throwing all the uneaten food in the sink was almost comical.

    I would expect a show like this from Melissa ….. All chaos with no peppers

  9. luvcookin says:

    Love the idea of a Mexican/Spanish cooking show but Daisy’s is pathetic.
    Linda Nelms on July 16, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Well the fact that Daisy was “discovered” by Rachael Ray should tell you everything!

  10. Debby Briner says:

    Clothing, jitters in front of the camera, outward appearances can be worked with and tweaked as time goes on with the winner. What is inate and more difficult to fix , if not impossible, is honesty and transparency. Debbie appears to lack integrity and a basic sense of fair play. What's even worse is that she seems oblivious when she outright lies when challenged. I would not watch her show if she won.

    Jeffrey seems one dimensional and I really don't think his concept of cooking without borders matches how he actually cooks. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch his show. On the other hand, Jamika would have been really great. I love Melissa. She responds well to critical commentary and works so hard to take the judges comments to heart. I enjoy a little of her mania. I'm never bored with her. I get her perspective and I actually think it's time for someone like her. Once upon a time I enjoyed Sara Moulton. There's a place for her style of cooking still today. Too bad the powers that be didn't think so.

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