Ask Susie – Episode 5

by in View All Posts, July 3rd, 2009

Questions for this episode are CLOSED. Watch Susie’s Episode 5 response: Susie’s Answers – Episode 5. To submit questions to Susie, go to Ask Susie – Episode 6.


Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 5? Now you can ask her!

Write in all of your burning questions to Susie about Episode 5 in the comments section within this post! Susie will pick a few of the best questions and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 10.

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Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 4

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Comments (701)

  1. Penny says:

    I’m sad to see Michael go. But he flat out said he wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. And it wasn’t the first time. That can’t happen if you’re trying out to be a TV personality. But I think Debbie should have gone. Her food was good, fine. But I didn’t see how she can be what she says she is in her bio.

  2. Mary Hilton says:

    Paulette Salisbury as for your RACIST comment.. I’m sure you do not have anything to say about Paula Deen’s accent or cooning “Hey Yawllll” and black momma southern recipes that she has admitted to on many occasions that she learned from other Black Mammies shall I say like your acestors did in slavery. Actually that Black Momma cooking is what made her and anyone else who copies her Rich Ms. Paulette Salisbury Ma’am or is it Sir

    Also, please don’t give us another black momma who can only cook ONE THING…barbeque or southern style down-home food. It’s past time for Jamica to GO.Can’t stand the Neeley’s either.
    Paulette Salisbury on July 5, 2009 at 11:09 pm

  3. Linda says:

    So let me get this straight…you eliminated Michael because he was too honest and overall his food was good. You kept Debbie because she is a master at deception and makes mediocre food…remember the angel food cake??? Do you really think we want to watch someone like Debbie any longer than we absolutely have to? Yes…she’s good in front of a camera…alot of liars are.

  4. Deanna says:

    I am a fan of Michael and am very sorry to see him go. It seems to me that deceit and grandstanding are rewarded. I would watch Michael any day over Jeffery, who is a manipulator, as is Debbie. Melissa is my second choice, so she will undoubtedly be next to go. I have worked with chefs like Jeffrey and Debbie and they are the worst, taking credit, sloughing work, blaming others and producing mediocre food.

  5. Brian Paterson, Los Angeles says:

    Debbie has no class. She threw her team under the bus tonight, lied to the judges and STILL got away with it! Even if Michael has camera trouble, what Debbie did tonight is inexcusable — she deserved the boot. Jeff looks like the kinda guy I’d have a beer with, while Melissa shares so many similarities with my mother its scary. Down with Debbie next week guys, PLEASE.

  6. Marie says:

    As unpopular (and dishonest) as Debbie is, Michael deserved being eliminated. You can’t succeed on t.v. if you are perpetually uncomfortable on camera.

  7. Jengi says:

    On last nights show, I too wished Debbie would go – my decision would bear more heavily on Debbie’s own words “integrity and character.” At least that’s how she felt when Teddy was in the mix.

    Also, under Debbie’s terms, she actually should have left in the first show. Last night she was quick to throw the kitchen issue back to the “team leader”. Reminding me of how she should have been cut for her disgusting dessert in episode 1. It’s also quite funny how two times, once on a cutaway and once in front of the judges Debbie actually stated her role in last night’s challenge: “I’m to expedite the food”. Jeffery did choose her for that role because she’s a “caterer”.

    The only reason, I think, the judges kept Debbie on the weigh-out between her and Micheal is: his food wasn’t great and he said he’s not good in front of the camera. Her food happened to be good in the party challenge. Funny though – she had all the time in the world to make it that good. I still wish she had been cut.

    One more thing…her food overall has NOT been amazing. At the airport challenge from the moment she said “spinach salad”, I felt it was one of two things: 1) A copout or 2) Lack of culinary knowledge and creativity. Turns out it was both. Debbie lacks cooking skills and has nothing to offer except calm in front of a camera.

    I love Melissa, and I really like Jeffery, Jamika not so much.

    Susie- can you tell us a little bit about next weeks show?

  8. Sue says:

    I thought that the Food Channel wants a good image; that you want the audience to respect your Chefs. It appears that the network is turning their heads and reducing their values by keeping Debbie. I’m sure she’s a good person, but she lies. Then last night she shows that she isn’t a team player. Of course her food would be delicious; that’s all she worked on–her food!

    Aaron had problems with the camera, too, and I was surprised when he’d make it to the next week–and then the next week, … Michel, too, admits his flaws about the camera. If Aaron could do it, I’m sure that Michael could too.

    I’m just wondering if the network is keeping Debbie around because of all the drama that she brings; hoping that she keeps ratings up. Unfortunately, you are disappointing a LOT of your viewers because by allowing Debbie’s lying and allowing her to NOT be a team player, that’s really the network’s approval of her behavior.

  9. Lizanddan says:

    I desperately want an Asian cooking show, but would never watch one with Debbie. Her dishonesty has been there from week one, and I hope that matters with a family network like yours.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I have been reading post that say that Debbie has been hand picked to be the winner. I would hope not. I would not want to watch her show. I would have rather watched Michael over Debbie. At least when he saw they were having trouble in the kitchen getting the food out to the crowed he stepped in to help. Debbie was asked many times to help and she just “helped herself”. I really think her goal is to make other’s look bad so she can therefore make herself look better. I will never watch a show she is on. Sorry.

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