Susie’s Answers – Episode 3

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Comments (105)

  1. Ruthanne says:

    Does Melissa have a husband?? Haven’t heard her say one word about him!

  2. Keith says:

    Other than Bobby Flay, who is basically there to add culinary credibility and I truly appreciate, the judging is awful in my opinion and the sole reason why they can’t find anyone who can sucessfuly maintain staying power on the network (other than Guy). I feel Bob and Susie are too narrow minded on how they provide contestants advice on connecting with the audience. I don’t care if you ate a burger when you were in college in Vermont and this harkens memories for you, or if you’re Korean who grew up in the south(which is already extremly stale after 4 episodes)or you once met a guy who knew another guy who used to eat peaches on Thursday afternoons and it inspired you to make blueberry pie…They need to focus on Culinary Credibility, and a little less about who can tell a story. Jeffery is the only person who would inspire me to look up a recipe he presented. I want to learn about new flavors, new ways to present old standards and no one else has that quality. Jeffery in my opinion can hold an audience’s attention purely on his food knowledge, you can connect with the audience on that level, and not solely on telling a personal story about how you used to go to your cousin’s neighbor’s home for potato salad. Since Bob and Susie are each complete bores they are going to keep choosing uninteresting uninspiring winners.

  3. Aliza says:

    I would like to get a proper answer on weather you can reduce a marinade to a sauce or glaze. Tyler told Jamika that you could kill people yet I saw quite a few “food network stars” do it. Do you have to be a “star” to cook a marinade or did Tyler just not like Jamika?

  4. Dianne from Texas says:

    Like most people, and for the same reasons, I am over Debbie. Send her home, please. The two winners are Jeffrey and Melissa. My faves on FN are Ina, Bobby and Giada. Jeffery and Melissa, in my opinion, have that kind of class and credibility, which is probably why Ina said what she did about Melissa. I felt the same about Lisa Garcia and was very, very disappointed that she didn’t win as I feel she had so much culinary knowledge which is what we are wanting from FN and she was pleasant to watch. No offense, Big Daddy. As much as I like you, your shows have begun to bore me. I’d like to see this season end right now with a finale between Jeffrey and Melissa. BTW, Bob, you are adorable but you tend to find something that bothers you in a person and you just end up running it into the ground. I love TNFNS so keep it up but please choose better contestants next time. Thank you!

  5. chocolate says:

    susie, i know you like Debbie you always make praises for her you did not commented about he food. I hate favoritism please explain. About Jeffery he was not lucky because the stove was not working good and the blueberries and lobster don’t really go together. so we cant blame him, i still like him to win.

  6. Shoes Mom says:

    Rose said “,I love his energy and he makes me want to deal with my situations as calmly as he does with his.” I think there is some truth to that. Jeffrey is for people that see the detail of a personality, the turn of smile, the squint of an eye.

  7. Foodie in Maryland says:

    I absolutely love Jamika, Michael and Jeffrey. I ct stand Debbie – something about her attitude makes me mute the channel when she is on (but it seems the Food Network staff love her). I also don’t trust her. Melissa is growing on me – she is just too spunky or perky or something.

  8. Jandenise in Gary says:

    I like Jamika she would be interesting to watch as the NFNS. I also like Melissa she is more down to earth with her cooking. Still love Big Daddy!! Love to watch his show.

  9. sherry says:

    Susie~~ I think this years Next Food Network Star rocks!!

    I scanned through some of the comments here and wow- I guess I have a different opinion than many of the others! I think that Debbie is doing a stellar job! Not only are her dishes fantastic, but it’s amazing how at ease she is in front of the camera.

    I like all of the contestants, but I’

  10. lynn says:

    Zow.. this comment section looks like “Diss Debbie Central”!

    I’m almost afraid to say this.. but I really like Debbie! Her dishes are fantastic and she’s incredibly at ease in front of the camera.

    My next favorite would have to be a tie between Jeffrey and Jamica. It’s just too hard to choose one of them over the other.

    Who in my opinion should go? Ugh— KATIE!! The queen of tofu and granola hasn’t made one recipe that I’d spend time jotting down the instructions for. Even for a “health conscious” show, we’re talking duldrums with Katie.

    Food Network crew: Is there anyway you can fix the section here where we can vote on who should exit next by adding AK for Alaska? The site has AL (Alabama), AR (Arkansas), etc.. but inadvertantly has left off Alaska. I’m able to shop at the Food Network Store w/out problem, so I know it’s just an oversight with that weekly poll. I’ve had to use another state’s two-letter abbreviation in order to vote. ;o)

    Thank you so much!!

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