Susie’s Answers – Episode 2

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Comments (62)

  1. Karen says:

    Wow the food network stars come off bad in this series. It just confirms what we think we know about them from their shows. Ina Garten is a pretentious snob who looks down on anyone she does not feel is her contemporary. Tyler Florence just gets a lot WRONG. Peroid. And Guy. The man just won this competition 2 years ago and you would think he was born looking into a camera and cooking. The more I watch TNFNS the harder is to watch the other FNS. Lighten up you “stars” you ain’t all that.PS Tyler ,Sandra Lee said on her show that you can use your marinade as sauce as long as it’s boiled. Would have been so critical of her?.Remember opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.

  2. Yolanda says:

    LOL Guy’s voice is too high all of the sudden.

  3. Doc says:

    Karen, I absolutely agree. By the time this is over, I may not watch the FN anymore!

  4. Venus says:

    I knew as soon as Jeffrey said he was making a spicy burger that the judges would say, “Jeffrey made a spicy dish again”, but I didn’t hear anyone say “Debbie made an Asian dish again”.

    I have to agree with several other posters, Debbie has no business questioning anyone else’s integrity. With the exception of pouring out the sauce she’d made, I didn’t see Debbie helping Teddy with the meatloaf at all. And how can Teddy be blamed for an awful dessert, when he was forced to use the garbage Debbie purchased (same as happened in episode 1)! I don’t remember Teddy throwing Debbie under the bus in episode 2 either, he looked sincerely surprised when Brett brought it up, and if I remember correctly, he didn’t really say anything.

  5. Rosaria says:

    I have an issue with Michael touching his hair and playing with his hat around food. If the tasters saw what we are seeing during prep they may question sanitation procedures… or is that not one of the criteria?

  6. Linda says:

    This last week you were pretty hard on Jeffrey, and it’s true he had a difficult week. However, he is still very engaging and I kind of like his “zennish” personality. I also like that fact that he stays true to his “sweet, hot” preference for dishes. I’m kind of hoping he makes a “sweet, hot” dessert! I hope that he wins it, because I enjoy listening to his food descriptions and watching him cook up new things. Melissa is also very good and easy to relate to–I’d watch her show. Michael is good in small doses, but pretty much he is just too over the top to watch for long.

  7. Rosalie Leo says:

    I have watched every episode (and reruns) of The Next Food Network Star from day 1 (3 years). Not every one I chose won, but that’s life.
    I love Jeffrey, and I hope he wins. I would definitely watch his show. My comments are about backstabbing Debbie. If anyone cannot be trusted and is a backstabber, it’s Debbie. Example, even though the meatloaf was to be a joint effort, she only made a sauce; Teddy made the meatloaf. Teddy was also stuck with making a dessert with ingredients that Debbie purchased. What was she thinking?, canned pudding? Believe me any cook “worth their salt” could come up with something more creative – strawberry shortcake would have been better and better tasting – a no-brainer.
    As for Jeffrey, why was he called on the carpet about another spicy dish? all Debbie does are Asian dishes and “pot stickers” for Mardi Gras give me a break!
    I did not care for Teddy, but he did not deserve the shaft from Debbie – she definitely needs to be the next to go. As for Katie and her “healthy, healthy, healthy” she turns me off.

  8. mark brennan says:

    Guy-home run
    Big daddy-a single
    This years winner-Strikeout
    Susie and Bob you two are the ones responsible for this years product, and it does not measure up….

  9. Molly says:

    Finally, you saw Debbie for who she truly is. Not suited to become a fellow chef/cook on the Food Network. The chefs on your network come across as friendly, caring, excited in what the do, and they treat everyone with respect. They love sharing their recipies, the camera loves them and so do the viewers.

  10. Molly says:

    I have never been one to really care about cooking at all. Since watching the FN, it has peaked interest in me. I'm disabled and unable to work, so my days have been very long and boring until I started watching. I record my DVR for all day long on FN and HGTV. If it weren't for these two networks, I would be greatly bored. Now when I go to the grocery store, I take a list of ingredients in order to make a new dish almost every night.

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