Susie’s Answers – Episode 2

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Comments (62)

  1. Jake says:

    Dear Susie,

    It is easy to see that Teddy’s behavior was inappropriate when called out by the judges for his poor dessert. However, Debbie deserves to share some of the responsibility. She really didn’t give Teddy much of a choice to go ahead with this dessert. If she had to deal with store-bought pudding, I highly doubt that she would have come up with anything better. Plus, her calling out someone else on a lack of integrity is laughable. When will you all realize what a mistake it would be to give Debbie her own show??

  2. Gotta_Glow says:

    My Favorite is Jeffrey. I already feel a connection with him because he has an openness about him and is comfortable looking directly into the camera as if he were talking just to me. And, he has the cooking skills and the creativity to mix up tastes from different areas of the world.

    I am not one of the people fond of the family references – or having family and friends on the program. It seems very exploitive to me. I don’t mind the cooking with guest chefs or even viewers who have questions, but dragging family members into the show doesn’t make me connect more to the chef. Again, exploitation.

  3. Helloooo says:

    Think you sent the wrong person home.
    I was shocked that you kept the rude
    dude Teddy. Twice or thrice he has been
    rude, downright mean and a nanny, nanny,

  4. karen says:

    I agree with you Susie, Teddyeddie should have both gone home. I know the rules made you choose one and given that Eddie made the worst food of the two then he was the “right” choice to go. I like Melissa and admire her skills despit her lack of expertise. I am a good home cook also and am always happy when people appreciate my cooking besides she has a good screen presence. I like Jeffery but he seems a little lost outside the kitchen. Also his screen presence is not as intruiging as say Melissa’s, Jamyka’s or Michael’s.

  5. Sonia says:

    Debbie again proved that she is so manipulative and she will do anything make herself win. She left no choice for Teddy but to make a desert out of her store bought pudding and gave him no time for desert. I was surprised watching them cooking that Teddy was actually the only one making meat loaf while Debbie spent all her time in making her solo dish shine. What a betrayal. she got poor sportsmanship if any, no ethics, no morals or zero tolerance.

  6. c fleming says:

    I do not understand why Michael is still there..I’m not fond of overweight unattractive,bearded men refering to themselves as a “madwoman” He isn’t even that good Jeffery bailed him out.

  7. Peter Lyden says:

    I absolutely don’t remember Teddy throwing Melissa under the bus during the evaluation in episode 2. However, I’m shocked by his behavior in episode 3. How actually did he self-destruct in episode 3?

  8. Barbara says:

    I am curious to know…

    Are these finalists “judged” undercertain criteria with a scoring system- as like that of Iron Chef (creativity, taste, and plating)- or is this purely a subjective discussion- between and among Bob, Bobby, Susie and other FN Stars– that results in some sort of consensus as to who stays and who is eliminated?

  9. Judith says:

    Thank you for providing a Reality Show that is enjoyable and not total trash. In fact this has to be one of the classiest reality shows on TV. Love it.

  10. Janet Schmidt says:

    While I sort of like Melissa, her tarts from episode one look like a Martha Stewart recipe, I have been making them for years. So, if originality of recipes is a requirement, she has so far had two that weren’t hers.

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