Susie’s Answers – Episode 1

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Comments (59)

  1. Lauren says:

    Susie, is this equivalent to your vlogs?!?! If so, I so excited! It is always good to hear from more than one perspective – it really lets the viewers know what is going on behind the scenes. Plus: you’re reading our comments?! Oh, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to start a conversation with you!

  2. Stacy M says:

    Frankly, I was disappointed that Debbie felt the need to lie about the situations in episode one, and I felt even more that they should have trashed the angel food dessert rather than serve something substandard.

    That being said, Debbie is one of the more interesting personalities on the show and one that I would watch. I like her much better than any of the guys (except Michael) and she’s got more far more chops in front of the camera than any of the other women.

    I, personally, think it’s worth giving her a shot since she shows so much promise. If you’re going to judge strictly on “honesty and inegrity” then our nutritionist is the only contestant who’s being steadfastly true to her beliefs and viewpoint. I don’t here anyone clamoring to make her the NFNS.

  3. Leslie says:

    Since the gourmet next door is in france

    whatever happened to Lisa from Season 4?

    she is conspicuously absent from where are they now

    we need a replacement for the gourmet next door –

    Thank you

  4. Shoes Mom says:

    Since you are commenting on last year. I DVR “Big Daddy.” I watch him because he’s a nice guy. But really, “Will Work for Food,” it’s like putting a comedy on FN. I DVR him, too. I LOVE to see him beat-up. I hope you don’t get rid of him. I, also, DVR Jamie… I feel retro… & Alton… I love that, “I didn’t lnow that feeling.”

  5. luvcookin says:

    Stacy M.,
    I don’t think anyone here is judging strickly on honesty and integrity. However, those are very important qualities to have in a network personality. The winner of this competition naturally needs to be able to cook but the viewer also needs to be able to trust that the winner is telling the truth and disclosing everything we need to know to make the dish. Personally, I can’t get past Debbie’s lies and deceit. Also, the last episode everything she cooked was Korean. And she had Mardi Gras as her holiday!!! Korean pot stickers for Mardi Gras just doesn’t cut it.

  6. luvcookin says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Apparently, Lisa is in talks with another network for a show. You can “google” her and get links to all sorts of information. I think Shane Lyon also has a show on another network.

  7. Mary Beth P says:

    I was disappointed that you kept Teddie(and Debbie). Their lack of integrity is leading me to believe that you all would rather have the drama they bring rather than true ‘star’ material.

  8. Susan N. says:

    Should Eddie have been sent home after episode 3? Yes. Good call. Do I agree that Teddy should have cleared out, too? Yep. Why? Because of what he did to himself.
    I noticed in some of the posts that people believe Debbie set Teddy up with the dessert. Considering that they were told to shop independently for a $5/person dinner party before they knew they’d be working in pairs and the teams were randomly paired (with the exception of Jeffrey and Michael), I don’t think Debbie could have orchestrated such a scheme. It would go to figure that the same woman who thought store bought angel food cake was a good deal even if it meant other teammates wouldn’t get necessary supplies would go back to a store bought dessert for a budget dinner. Teddy also had ideas for a dessert when he shopped. Why didn’t he push his ingredients more if that was to be his signature dish?
    I don’t think Teddy realizes how he’s coming across. Things could have gone far better for Teddy in the evaluation. If he had stepped up and said, “You know, I really should have put more attention on my own dish instead of the meatloaf, but desserts intimidate me, and I just didn’t know how to pull it off” he still would have caught the judges’ attention (“We can’t have our NFNS afraid of making a dessert”), but he wouldn’t have committed character suicide.
    While many are still locked on Debbie’s dessert from ep. 1, I do believe we need to look past that now. She’s there, Jen isn’t. Brett earned his dismissal, and so did Eddie. Debbie did Teddy a great favor passing on her Zen vibes so Teddy didn’t come off as the frenetic caricature of a food salesman. Besides making bad dessert decisions, she has made some lovely dishes and has a strong people-friendly presence.
    Of all those currently running, I’m most impressed by Jeffrey and Jamika. I like their food and their presence. They seem to take direction well. Michael is quite a character with unique charm and color, but I think he’d need something to offset the supernova energy so I wouldn’t feel the need to hyper-caffeinate before watching his show.
    Susie, you mentioned earlier that it is easier to teach a person how to cook than to be likeable. In your experience, what common traits do you find in the most successful FN personalities?

  9. Michelle Locke says:

    i totally agree that debbie should go! I think Melissa is outstanding. i learn something new every time i watch her. she is so easy to understand, she makes you feel like you are right there in the kitchen with her cooking along side her. she is refreshing, fun and has a very pretty smile. i think you would be surprised at how easily she will conform to the New Food Network Star. The contest itself causes an extreme amount of pressure. I truly believe working or stay at home moms will absolutely love her. she has so many tricks, and knowledge to share with the viewers.

    • Roxanne says:

      I totally agree with everything you said about Melissa. She will add joy to watching the Food Network, and I too learn from her and enjoy watching her so much. I love her smile also, and she is always smiling, that's what I like most about here. When I watch her I always want to go and find the recipe of what she makes. She seems to make it look easy too. I am so glad they finally booted Debbie out. I was screaming as if the winning team scored a touchdown. Why did they wait this long? She did not deserve to be in the finals.

  10. Camille says:

    Although I find Debbie to be a very questionable individual, I can understand in part, why the judges would have a hard time in letting go of her. There really is a wide open space to be filled in regard to Asian cooking. However, there are really wonderful Asian chefs out there who have such wonderful screen magnetism and incredible food chops. I can't understand why FN does not develop shows with chefs like Ming Tsai or Martin Yan. Go for it guys! They have shows on Public Teleivision, but hey you never know when they might want ot move over.

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