If you could ask Ted Allen ANYTHING…

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Knock over your television and climb right onto Ted Allen’s set. Fine. Not really to his actual stage spot… BUT, now is your chance to talk to the quirky food personality instead of begging the screen to respond.

tedallenHere’s the deal: I scored an interview with Ted this Monday to chat about hosting the new Chopped episodes premiering next week. So…. Ten, Nine, Eight step away and fire your questions to me for culinary guru Ted Allen, and I’ll pick a few to ask him. If you’re curious as to what top three Chopped secret ingredients Mr. Allen would choose, or what guest judges he’d like to see on the show – now is the time to ask. Send away. You have until this Sunday (6/14) at midnight.

Yours Truly- The SC

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Comments (19)

  1. Kazelmwh says:

    Hi webmaster! vtj

  2. John Feist says:

    Mr. Allen, this comment is in reference to “Chopped,” and the episode in which I think The Food Network was the loser. My question is, why weren’t there enough eggs for the two finalists to use in their deserts? I thought at first it must be a way of handicapping the contestents to test their spirit of competitiveness v. congeniality, but, no, even though the contestants shared the two eggs voluntarily, there was no comment from you or the judges about the matter other than to say that each dish needed more egg! I think the show shot itself in the foot with that one.



  3. foodie60 says:

    Ted, looking for a recipe for chicken stuffed cabbage you presented on The Best Thing program–looked great,need some help in locating it–thanks.

  4. Patricia says:

    Ted, I would LOVE to know…why do the chefs need to prepare FOUR completed dishes, when there are only THREE judges…what happens to the other dish?

    • bobby_fillet says:

      Hmmmmm, have you watched the show closely? The fourth plate is the one they uncover to reveal the one who was chopped.

  5. Angel says:

    Why does the FN keep having Penny back!! I was so happy when she finally got booted on the Next FN Star and now to have to see her again. She thinks she is all that and a bag of nuts!! She got the last half right she is NUTS!! She said she got a bad wrap last time — ahhhh no she didn't – she got what she deserved. She is rude nasty ucky person! She says she wants to compete on Iron Chef — UGH

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